Hiring Digital Marketing Professionals ??

Its very important to find the right set of talent for roles in Digital Marketing. At #WMA, we did a quick dip stick into our past and current batches, and have jotted down a quick list of qualities that a Digital marketer should have, or you must consider if you are hiring a digital marketer.

Qualities of a Digital Marketing Professional & 10 Reasons Why a WMA-ite is Hired


1. Very fresh thoughts, young and extremely talented
2. Very passionate about Digital Marketing, always looking at further enhancing their skills
3. They have had hands-on practical experience in Digital Marketing through the course at WMA. They not only learn digital marketing but practice and absorb it in their day to day life
4. Not afraid to explore new opportunities
5. Each student depicts an unique talent, like some have been expert storytellers; some were superb motivators – very crucial qualities to have for digital marketing.
6. These students showcased good communication skills
7. Most of these students are extroverts, an extremely important quality to look out for to excel in the digital social space. People skills offline or online, always come handy.
8. Effective team players – another quality that a good digital marketer should portray.
9. They live and breathe technology and are always up-to date with the latest platforms
10. Most importantly, they are fun to work with.

Some other vital reasons we have seen in students getting hired from WMA:

  • They go beyond the class room sessions, to participate in networking events, both online & offline
  • WMA gives them a platform to interact with other professionals from varied backgrounds, like engineering, management, hospitality, etc. This enhanced the creativity in a batch, encouraging different thinking and different questions. This exposure has surely helped gain different perspectives, allowing an individual to grow into a complete digital marketer.

Below are snapshots of a regular afternoon class at WMA. This batch is expected to complete their Digital Marketing course in the next 30 days. With this batch, our Lead Faculty – Mr. Somesh Kumar also initiated a practice of ensuring that along with the course, each student picks one Social Media Site like Tumblr, Snap Chat, Medium, Instagram etc and becomes an expert in the same. These students then share their learnings with the rest in the batch.

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Thank you @Nilu Big Hair Loud Mouth for the pictures

I am happy to e-introduce you to a few of them:

If you are looking for passionate Digital Marketers here are some of their profile. And please do share




Shree Ranjani Dhevi



GauravGaurav Patil



Deb  Debashish Boruah


IMG_5866  Aditya Bhargava



vinay  Vinay Easwaran



IMG_5869  Satish Kumar



Kaushal copy  Kaushal B. K.



  • Richa Singh: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/richa-singh/21/562/4a9

Here are some of the videos of students who are already placed: http://goo.gl/6J3Lec

Matt Cutts in Pubcon

Matt Cutts in Pubcon


About the Author: Suresh Babu  is the Founder of Web Marketing Academy and the Founder of OME Community. He educates and mentors professionals, students, small businesses, corporates and organizations with SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing Strategies through Hands-On One on One training sessions, workshops, meetings, seminars and speaking. Suresh Babu’s Google+ Page

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