Mastering the Art of Becoming an All Star Digital/Social Media Marketer

Digital Marketing  – It’s Digital. It’s Online. It’s dynamic. It’s on-the-go marketing. It’s measurable. It speaks ROI. It’s today. It’s NOW.

The above facts are known and well established. They speak a lot of what digital marketing stands for. To achieve this, there is a lot that needs to be done.



The below post will help give an insight into what it really takes to get close to mastering the art of Digital Marketing and becoming a star in digital marketing.

Here is a quick synopsis of these points, for those of you who do not read (a sign a good digital marketer would want to change, starting now). There are a few resources and links included, and a tip from WMA which you may wish to follow.


  1. Relevant, detailed reporting and analyzing reports
  2. A good communicator can go a long way
  3. Industry leaders, a small list of must follows
  4. Attending Relevant Conferences. At least one a year
  5. Be a team player within your team and outside your team
  6. Build Content. Document everything you do, especially failures
  7. Learn at least one new skill
  8. Do one thing that you fear the most – daily.
  9.  Don’t forget to say Thank you/Sorry
  10. Be passionate and humble
  11. Share your knowledge
  12. You won’t be perfect in everything. Correct course as you go

1.  Relevant, Detailed Reporting & Analysis


Analysis Website Relevant reporting has been a long standing methodology to help analyze how well spent was the business money. To prepare reports, one must have a thorough understanding of the business objectives, goals/campaign objective.

In Digital Marketing, reporting and analyzing the reports is of utmost importance. There are various channels through which reports can be obtained, which give a clear understanding of how the campaign was performed, the target audience reached, the conversions (if any).

A WMA case-study:
Problem Statement:
A client of ours recently wanted to know how effective will Google ads & Facebook ads be, and how would ROI be measured?

Our Suggestion: What we told them was simple. We dint want them to spend their money on something they were unsure of. So we suggested that they allocate a limited budget and test these ads for one month, and based on the results, they can go for the execution of the complete campaign.

Our Solution: Based on research and industry standards, we came up with approximate website clicks, and ran Google ads, display ads & Facebook ads for the limited budget. At the end of the month, we were able to present a detailed report that showed the number of clicks, what was done to achieve their goals, visitor’s trend, location and what action they took including conversion and revenue from these channels. We analyzed these reports and gave insights on what could possibly work for future campaigns and also what would surely not.

Reference material to go through:

 ” Do Something Surprising: Don’t Puke Data Out “– Avinash Kaushik.

In this blog post “How to excite people about web analytics Avinash gives 5 tips

 Avinash’s posts will delight you and mesmerize you into the world of Analytics

WMA Tip for You : Focus this year of 2014 on analyzing and reporting that matters, instead of just sending downloaded reports to your clients. Eye for detail is what will help you get better analytics. It’s time to surprise your clients with some awesome reports and deep dive analysis into them.

2.  A Good Communicator can go a long way

IMG_0499The art of story-telling. How many times have we been told the importance of this? Here is once more. We cannot stress on this enough. It’s all about how you tell your story. Period.

Be it internal or external communication, learning to tell the story in the most interesting, charming and clear manner is the trick.



–     Join a local toast master club

–       Join a local meetup where you get an opportunity to talk to the group.

–       Join the OME Community.

–       Story telling resources:

–       Easily Learn 100 TED Talks Lessons In 5 Minutes-

–       Read this book:  Gary Vaynerchuk

WMA Tip for You: Content is of utmost importance. Focus on selling that content in the most exciting, motivating and clear manner. Keep it short and smart.

 3.   Industry Leaders, a small list of must follows.

Matt Cutts in Pubcon

Matt Cutts in Pubcon

Influencer’s. Motivators. Thinkers. These are people who have the ability to think differently. Do things differently. These are people to get inspired by.

–      Matt Cutts  –
–      Gary Vaynerchuck
–      Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal–       –       Kiruba Shankar

WMA Tip for You: Following industry leaders and successful people helps us fine-tune the way we think, the way we speak, the way we present ourselves to the outside world. So let’s focus on learning from them, imbibing their skill sets, and practicing what they do best.

 4.  Attending Relevant Conferences. At least one a year.

SES Conference New Delhi

SES Conference New Delhi

Attending a conference to gain knowledge is as important as attending an event to interact with like-minded people and network with them.

Last October I attended Pubcon, where 2500 marketers meet for almost a week. It was my big opportunity to meet Matt Cutts  & interview him along with a few others


–       Pub Con   –

–       Social Media Week

–       Start up Saturday

WMA Tip for You: Attend a relevant digital marketing conference and atleast 3 events in this year. Grow your network by at least 3 new key contacts from the industry.

 5.   Be a Team Player within & outside your team

Digital Marketing Session in B Schools India

Digital Marketing Session in B Schools

Yes! It is all about socializing
. On the social world and in person too. A good digital marketer is a great team player. They interact with people, exchange ideas, learn and share new methods to how to best connect virtually with your target audience, industry trends, etc.


–       Managers Tool   –

–       Michael Hyatt –

–       Forbes –

WMA Tip for You: When you have team meetings, make it a point for everyone to share five things they learned something new that week and document that as an internal knowledge hub. Today digital marketing is not your team, it’s a holistic approach from customer support to HR. Also, meet one person a week outside your team and spend some time with them, encourage your team members to do the same too.

6.  Build Content. Document everything, especially failures

Digital Marketing in Christ University

Digital Marketing in Christ University

Documenting your progress is an excellent way to self-learn and unlearn. Yes, unlearn too. Document all your campaigns, the reports, the analysis etc. Make sure you document the process of doing all these too.


–       David Allen. Getting things done  –

–       37 Signals –

–       Rework book –

WMA Tip for You: Convert these documents into content. Into case-studies. Into success stories. Into how you learnt from your failures.

7.  Learn at least One New Skill.

Google Day

Google Day Auto

Apart from your regular learning, make it a habit to learn one additional skill. If you are an expert in SEO, learn web analytics, photo shop, social media, anything that will add to your networking skills, or your digital marketing skills, or your personality. Because a good digital marketer, should also be a good networker, a good content generator and a great story teller.


–       Google Analytics  –

–       Moocs  –

–       You Tube Edu –

–       Enroll in a creative workshop-photography, theatre anything

WMA Tip for You: Learn a new skill like Web Analytics in the first half of this year. Let the second half be a skill you pick up in story telling.

8.  Do One Thing that you fear the most – Daily.

This one is from Tim Ferris book the four hour work week. “What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.”
Timothy Ferriss


–       Tim Ferris  –

–       4 Hour work week –

WMA Tip for You: Don’t think. Just go for it.

& these are pretty much as straight forward as they could get…

9. Don’t forget to say Thank you/Sorry

10.  Be passionate and humble

11.  Share your knowledge

12. You wont be perfect in everything. Correct course as you go


Additional Resources:

13. Subscribe to these Podcasts (Listen to keep up with the Industry) :

  • Web Master Radio:

14. Listen to Audio books:


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