25 things I learnt in the process of setting up the all New WMA Office @ Indiranagar 12th Main

4 months, & our new office @ 12th Main, Indira Nagar Bangalore, is finally ready. We were lucky to find a  place as spacious and  easily accessible as this. Do drop by, we would love you to come and see it. Google Maps Link: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=z0mU4KHtu7EA.kKebyRgM1iLA

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During these 4 months, I learned quite a bit about design, renovation, working with contractors, coordinating and getting our hands dirty. Here are a few quick learning’s, I would like to share with you if you are planning to move, renovate or build a new office.

1. Like SEO, getting close to having your perfect office is an on-going process. Be ready to launch at a fixed time

2. You will need to invest, sometimes even more than you budgeted for, if you are want the desired results, i.e. – the office to look the way you like it

3. Like every marketing campaign, the start is to do a good and thorough research. Research for good contractors. Word of mouth works and that is the best resource you can get to find a good contractor.
Resources: Put Me In Touch Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/grope/

4. Spell out the expectations. Clearly communicate your expectations with the contractors, vendors

5. Measuring a marketing campaign at timely intervals is a good practice of a marketing manager. Similarly, in constructing a new office, timely interventions of measuring various factors like the quotes given for materials, etc helps.  Example would be in the case the old/ existing wires are worn out & they have to change it, an in time. Measurement of this would surely help speed the entire process.

6. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a time consuming process. And in the construction of an office, it could not be more true. Keeping a buffer, of at least twice the expected finish time, should help in realistically measurement.

7. We need to be fully aware of what is being offered and what we are paying for. So, read the contract carefully before you sign and clarify things up front.

8. Be careful of payment terms. In my suggestion I’d say that a known person taking full advance payment is acceptable, but to an unknown contractor I’d pay not more than 25% as advance payment. This is similar to a marketing campaign, where we spend an experimental amount on mediums/platforms lesser known to us, to sew how they perform and what the outcome is.

9. One. Should define their own terms & conditions. An example would be to give 25% as advance for a particular material, & balance once the material is there

10. Like each medium of advertising is specialized to deliver what its best at, similarly there are different specialized sources for different things. Find the time to locate them. Ready made materials like carpets, blinds, Glass etc have their own people, if you can dedicate some time to find these people, you can save a lot of money. They will bring the sample & install it for you

11. Let the experts handle what they are good at. If you are using glass partition, let the folks specializing in glass partitions take the measurement rather than the contractors. I learned this the hard way, the measurement given by the contractors to the glass people and ceiling dint match, & we landed up having to redo

12. Some things are best left for the last. Carpeting is surely one of those things.

13. Details matter. Whether you are building a marketing plan, or constructing a new office.

14. Like in your marketing plan, being hands – on, is extremely important even while getting your. New office constructed. I am not saying you should micro manage but just being there will make a lot of difference in detailing out things.

15. People skills matter. Treating people correctly can work wonders. A word of appreciation and sometimes doing little things, like getting something for them will work to your advantage.

16. Technology everywhere. Encourage your people at the office site to use whatsapp to share the progress of the project, samples etc. It was great to see people at my site doing so. Communication always helps.

17. Use visuals to show them what you expect. Pinterest, Google Images are handy resources.

18. If it is a residential area, ask them to stop by 8 pm or before. You don’t want to bother your neighbors while they are relaxing

19. Keeping a back up plan is as good to have on construction of an office, as it is to have while preparing your marketing plans. Always keep a plan B. In case you are not satisfied with the contractor, it will be a handy tool to execute without any further delays

20. Clearing up the mess of the day, in that day, is a good practice. Ask of them to clear the days scrap as and when they finish. This will show you that the work is progressing.

21. Keep 3—5 days for cleaning, moving and setting up

22. Dry runs are as important.  Conduct some meetings, classes before the final move in, so that you can see what is working, if there are any problems you can fix them before the official launch

23. Sign off with the contractor after completion. Let the deal be complete

24. Keep the contact details handy, not just the contractors’ number but those of the carpenters, painters, plumbers, etc

25. Lastly and most importantly, coordinating within their team is crucial; it is like integrating digital to traditional marketing. The goals, objectives, vision should come from the top and the same vision should be throughout the organization. Like Social media, it is a holistic approach

I am really grateful and thankful to my wife, #wmastudents #faculty, #friends and everyone who helped me & WMA.  – & this is the bonus tip – To always be genuinely grateful & thankful to people who have stood by you.


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