26 Digital Marketing Tips + Google Day Bangalore Takeaways

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26 Digital Marketing Tips + Google Day Tips & Pictures

Web Marketing Academy & OME Community Online Marketing Workshop Series – 28th July 2012
(Thank you Lopa for the minutes of meeting)
Missed July Web Marketing Academy, keyword research workshop in Christ University ? Here are the key takeaways from the event:

Digital Marketing Keyword Research event started off where Suresh asked the attendees to write down the 5 keywords that they think they should optimize their website for and asked the person next to them to write down 5 keywords they would use to search in Google for the industry the person next too into. (Think of keywords that users would type to find your website! not what you think you should optimize for)
Keyword research – For SEO

Choosing the right keywords is the first and foremost step to succeed in SEO. If this goes wrond your entire SEO process will fall apart. What is a keyword ? A keyword or key phrase are words that a user types into Google or any other search engine to find the information they are looking for.
How to do keyword research the right way ?

  • Start of by brainstroming with your friends and family, we get so obessed with tools and machine, we forget that we are trying to optimize for humans, so ask your friends and family what keywords would they use to find your business
  • Do a Google search and find out the results, see if you are seeing information based websites or your competitors, this will throw up some good ideas
  •  Consider Google insights www.google.com/insights
  • Keywords 3 types – short-tail, medium-tail, long-tail
  • Avoid general short tail keywords/key-phrases
  • Try to use long-tail keywords/key-phrases including the location for better results
  • Use Google keyword research tool after all the research and finalize your SEO keyword research

Pay Per Click (PPC) – Keyword Research
Google call it Adwords, Bing call it Adcentre
• The groundwork starts from understanding your own product, target and competitors
• First decide on the ‘Base’ or basic keywords and then put it in keyword research tool
• Positive results of the campaign happen when it leads to conversion
• Conversion is measured as per your business model and target
• Negative results happen when it does not lead to proper conversion as per business model
Parameters of placing ad
• CPC – Cost per Click – paying after every click
• CPM – Cost per Thousand Impressions – as per 1000 display of the ads
• CPA – Cost per Action – after any action is taken like filling up of form etc.

Mobile Marketing
Mobile based websites are only required if there are lots of searches from mobile devices or there is a possibility of getting a lot of searches in near future
• Use Google keyword research tool even for mobile marketing
• Mobile websites should have good, precise and quality content
• For these websites have to take shorter keywords, more of a combination of 1 or 2 keywords
• It is not required to have too much of content but the main info put smartly, for detailed info it can lead to the main website
• Content should have clarity and easily understandable
• Mobile based websites can also have forms but not too lengthy one
Upcoming Workshop – August 3rd weekend – All About Mobile Marketing. How to get started with Mobile

Topics to be covered:
1. Mobile Landscape
2. Evolution of Mobile Technology
3. Smartphone vs Laptop
4. Smartphone Landscape
5. Mobile Website Need
6. How to optimize a Mobile website
7. How to go ahead with Mobile
8. Q&A

Google Day Aug 2, 2012 Takeaways:
Pictures of G|Day : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151133976646798.493950.537756797&type=3&l=bba2812ff0

Google is sharing knowledge about online opportunities in India by bringing its g|day events to the country. Events held across Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai,

A 2 day events, the first specific to Business followed by a day for developers. Covering topics part of our sessions on Business was about Adwords, Adsense, Youtube, g+, google apps among others while for developers day thoughts on Android, g+, Google Apps, APIs etc.
Started of with the Auto Rickshaw meter count down. The entrance was filled with traditional Indian games with colorful and fun activities; there were 2 auto rickshaws near by the entrance with Google color themes. Great food, music and a lot of interaction kicked off.

Nelson Mattos Google VP, Emerging Markets Discussed the following:
• Talked about Britannica 244 yrs Internet Fad
• 2 billion Internet users in world
• India has 120 million users online – 300 million by 2015
• 3rd largest internet market globally
• 70 million mobile internet users
• Expected 40 Billion Ecommerce by 2015

The Google Internet Bus project: http://www.google.co.in/intl/en/landing/internetbus/
• 8 million first time internet users through Internet Bus Project
500000 kms 140 town, 12 states (Correction, it is actually 50,000 kms)
About Google Internet Bus : The Google Internet bus is a free, mobile cybercafe dreamed up by the search giant and run in association with BSNL, a large state-owned internet service provider (ISP). It hit the road on February 3rd, 2009.

Small and Medium Business Importance of Online presence
• 3rd largest base of Small and medium businesses
• 47 million Small business in India
• only 5 % have website online ( 400 k with some websites)
• Google automobile research with Nielsen:
50 % researched online for auto and 54 % changed their consideration
(95 % did Google search)
Mobile 1 in 3 mobile users in india will access internet by 2015
Smart phone users are searching to buy decision, 40 % call the business 30 % end up buying transaction via MOBILE phone

Growth of You tube in India
Online Video is big in India:
• 9.1 billion minutes spent on online videos every month
• 825 private satellite TV channels
• 70 million online videos are being watched in India every day
• Montly Unique viewers of 43 million
• #1 videos site
• 2nd largest search site, TV station
• You Tube is the 11th biggest channel above Sun TV
• IPL 2012 18 million videos played, 100,000 subscribers,
• 1500 Indian movies on http://YouTube.com/boxoffice