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B2B Digital Marketing Best Practices- OME Bangalore – Takeaways, Tools & Links

The cream of digital marketing and entrepreneurs gathered at Christ University on 21st of April as Online Marketing Enthusiasts meet up. The event started with an introduction of attendees and members followed by a small introduction about OME Community by Suresh Babu. Mr. Manjunath G then took the podium to preside this event on the topic “B2B Digital Marketing Best Practices”.

B2B Digital Marketing Workshops Bangalore, Web Marketing Academy Bangalore

B2B Digital Marketing Workshops Bangalore

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Manjunath G is currently the Global Marketing Manager at a global corporation and prior to this; he has contributed in organizations like SAP Labs, Wipro and Redington in various marketing functions from product manager to Global Marketing roles across various geographies. He has more than 10 years of experience in various marketing functions like strategic & product marketing, digital marketing, B2B lead generation, social media, search engine marketing & sales enablement in Information Technology & Services Industry. The engineer from Bangalore University and manager from IIT Madras, Manjunath is today a Certified Digital Marketing Professional from Web Marketing Academy.

Certified Digital Marketing Professional Web Marketing Academy

Power Tips Session:

  1. Sagar Mandal : Quantcast – (www.quantcast.com)
  2. Name Not Known : BulkPing – (www.bulkping.com)
  3. Suresh Babu :
    1.  LuckyOrange- (www.luckyorange.com)
    2. Google Internet Stats –( http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/landing/internetstats/)
    3. Live Fyre  (www.livefyre.com)
    4. Conver Social (www.conversocial.com)
    5. SGPlus (http://sgplu.me)
  4. Name Not Known: Using Images in terms of graphs and star ratings to appear on SERP for more clicks.

 Minutes of Meeting:

The presentation started with a brief interaction between the presenter and the attendees on the question – “Is B2B Digital Marketing Different or Difficult?” The various inputs gathered veto the fact that B2B Digital Marketing is different because:

  • Sales Cycle is very long compared to B2C
  • Too many touch points within a department and /or  enterprise
  • Involvement of many individuals  in the Sales Cycle
  • Limited Budgets
  • Lack of alignment between sales and marketing


The next slide was even more interactive as Manjunath asked the attendees to write down “3 Goals & Objectives from Marketing Perspective”. After the discussion Manjunath, defined the B2B buying persona as consisting of: Users, Decision Makers, Influences and Stakeholders.

Manjunath then expertly narrowed down to the various methodologies that can be followed to reach the goals and objectives:

  • B2B- Search Engine Optimization: It is important to know what are the keywords used by your target market and what type of transaction takes place for those particular keywords. According to the consumer behavior, the website should be optimized for those particular keywords.
  • B2B – Social Media: Organizations should use social media as a way to increase brand awareness and communication for the benefit of the organization by revenues, sales or understanding demand for new products. The importance should be given to engagements with the online community to meet the goals and objectives.
  • B2B – Email Marketing :  For B2B email marketing it is important to look into the three factors – deliverability i.e. the email should reach the inbox instead of spam ; relevant content with a Call To Action to meet campaign objectives and understand the perfect day and time to send the email to your target market.
  • B2B – Blogging: Corporate blogs can be a face of your business as a thought leader in your sector of industry. An amazing way to interact with your employees, stakeholders, suppliers and consumers.
  • B2B- Google Ads & Videos: There was a lot of discussion on the effectiveness of the Google Ad words and Videos for the purpose of meeting the marketing objectives of the organization.
  • B2B- Webinars: According Manjunath, this is a very much sort after methodology to generate leads to sell products and create a buzz about the new products/services.
  • B2B- Media Pitching: Numerous organizations publish news articles and cover stories based on new products/services on various websites visited/read/followed by the target market.
  • B2B- Marketplaces & Testimonials: Listing products/services on various online marketplaces helps in brand awareness and the online user’s comments/reviews contributes to decision making of the consumers. Provided the reviews are positive for the product/service.
  • B2B – Press Releases, Newsletter, Case Studies & Whitepapers: Sharing is caring and when enterprises spread information through the various mediums, they become a part of community interested in the products or services of the enterprises.

After the interactive presentation which involved both the presenter and audience come together to share their views, Manjunath came up with the case study. It is based on a real life success story on the ability to make a webinar go viral using 360 degree Digital marketing.  Manjunath faced many questions both technical and strategic to which he gave his best shot. He concluded the presentation by presenting the Tip of the Day – “In Digital Marketing Never Stop Testing”.


Ensuing Questions & Answers :

Q:What is email marketing ?

A: Information to your target market in terms of deals, information about your products.

Q: What type of contents in the email?

A: It depends on the type of campaign and relevant content for your target audience.

Q : What are the open rate best practices?

A: It should not land into the spam folder, should have relevant title and content for the target audience.

Q : How to prevent spam?

A: Headline should be clear, should   not contain spammed keywords, content should be proper format and it should have option for subscribers to un subscribe from the mailing list.

Q: Is it possible to extract email address from facebook Likes

A: No

Q: How much content should be put in the email marketing campaign?

A: Content is important part in every email marketing campaign and should be relevant to the profile of the target receivers.

Q: What are the uses of blog marketing for a brand?

A: It is a window for the brand to showcase its thoughts & success stories directly with the target audience. The brand can later utilize them for understanding trends and creating new products.

Q: What kind of people can be involved in blogging for B2b?

A: Blogging can involve the brand mangers, executives , employees and part of the B2B buying persona who can share their experience and success stories associated with the brand.

Q:  Any free tool for webinar?

A: AnyMeeting (http://www.anymeeting.com/) provides free webinar services for a maximum of 200 attendees.

Q: What are the idle times for conducting webinars?

A: India – weekends US – Morning

Q: What is tool to measure traffic on marketplaces?

A: Marketplaces provide info about number of views reviews and downloads. Google Analytics can be used to track the number of incoming traffic from the marketplace.

Q: What is the use for Whitepaper and Case Studies?

A: It can be used to showcase the brand as a thought leader or expert in the industry. Enterprises also use it as a tool to generate leads about interested prospects.


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