Careers in Online Marketing, Social Media in India for 2012 from OME Community Feb 2012 Meetup in Christ University brought to you by Web Marketing Academy, The premier training academy for SEO Courses, Social Media, Web Analytics, Web Marketing Management Hands -on One -on-One Training in India

Introduction by the members and attendees

  • How I reached there: Rajesh
    • Fresher who was intrigued by Web marketing
    • How I reached there: Suresh
      • Hotel Management graduate who is a self-learner
      • What do you do on a day to day basis
        • Sumathi- works for Vayama; on page  SEO, competitor analysis, Keyword analysis,
        • Manjunath- IT company-Avankya software; SEO, take an inventory of monthly activities, analytics, lead generation, CRM
        • Rachael- worked for big brand affiliates; 3 days in agencies & 2 days at personal affiliate; account management, outsourcing execution after strategizing SEO/web marketing for different companies; affiliate in the day
        • Rajesh- off page SEO; represent company on Online forums; infographics, study travel industry
        • Swati- on-page & off page SEO
        • Mark- owner of a startup, Strategizing, SEO for client’s E-commerce website
        • Randhir- online analytics manager; Dell-Canada, idea generation, benchmark websites, identify problem areas, ideas for optimization & testing them; big hits & a great success; Email marketing program;  end-to-end activities of OM,

Q: What pages do u pick to optimize?

A:Look at top landing pages; even a 1% conversion is huge; we test small concepts in usability

Q; Tools of Analytics?

A: Omniture & other niche tools; we get  reports from reporting teams & make strategies

Q: how much can u trust Google Analytics?

A: Depends on what you analyze; no tool is perfect- it is a comparative thing

  • Robin: @maximizer Directory submission, types of ; analyze traffic, conversion rate, drop in traffic, ppc, display ads, getting links through guest posts, sponsored posts

Q: How is the competition?

A:We were first to start directory submission. We get lot of direct traffic; we have an advantage

Q: Do you check domain authority? Not yet

Q:How do u find value of domains?

A: SEO Moz tools are there; depends on your field;

Q: if the domain has a specific keywords, is its value affected?

A:Exact match domains, dowell in India, as competiton is low

  • Praveen: Marketing automation, making clients understand, Proposals for clients




  • What is your biggest achievement?
    • Sumathi- on page  SEO, competitor analysis, Keyword analysis,
    • Manjunath- hits with SEO, 24 to 145 leads, increased revenue, increased traffic to website for pages on MS-CRM,
    • Questions on affiliate marketing: how to track visits. Flipkart situation discussed

Social Media Marketing


  • LinkedIn: Post in groups before 8:30 PST
  • Twitter: 15 min in the afternoon
  • Social media used for listening to customers; engaging them
  • India- 40% on traditional marketing; 60% on OM
  • FB
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Article directories
  • What to do to optimize a new webpage?
    • SEO techniques
    • Long tail keywords
    • Content with keywords
    • What medium to build a website?
    • WordPress
    • What medium for building mobile website


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