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You’re probably trying to wonder what the title means?…. Let me get straight to it, this is a blog series that I’m publishing on how I feel, ‘Digital Marketing shares its symphony with Cooking’. I’m a huge foodie and I love investing any spare time I get into cooking. I hope this blog helps in capturing the digital marketing concepts and hopefully provides the confidence for you to go out there and try your hand at preparing an excellent tandoori chicken.

The tandoori chicken dates back to almost a century ago and was born in an Indian restaurant, The Mothi Mahal Delux Group. That’s the reason why every non-vegetarian-Indian savors this precious dish so much. It forms an unbreakable bond between the human eyes, your tongue and that earthly smoked chicken. If you’re a #Tandooratarian  you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Let’s start than shall we!

RECIPE:  Every great Tandoori Chicken dish involves a simple recipe for its success. The recipe simply involves freshly procured chicken, not frozen, with simple but loud aromatic ingredients like ginger, garlic, red chili, salt, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, yogurt and turmeric. Make sure the chicken is fresh and the ingredients too.
DIGITAL RECIPE: Just like how you don’t want to stray from the basics of cooking a good meal, the same applies for Digital Marketing. Not everybody needs to go all out on their spice rack when it comes to advertising digitally. If you don’t seem to have the access to the budget sometimes, organic and original ideas will always fetch you results.

  • Simply get to know what the people want & find what they want to hear from you? It’s the social age of the digital phase.
  • Never shy away to communicate, there’s nothing to lose.
  • Send messages to them on channels they most prefer, don’t be picky, use what others use for your own good.
  • Always keep them engaged and you’ll reap your benefits, just like how the tandoori chicken takes time to cook and char to beauty.

That’s the end to the first episode of “CHICKEN DIGITAL MASALA”, like they ‘say start slow but make it count’ and my blog is going to follow the same principle, stay tuned for the next episode to uncover another cooking tip and its symphony with digital marketing.