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45 Tools Online Marketers Use & How you can Use it too..

OME Community September Meet up brought to you by Web Marketing Academy
Come join our monthly meet ups in Christ University, where we share tips, tricks and how to’s of Online Marketing. Over 450 active online marketing enthusiasts discuss and share tips
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Pictures of September Meetup :
1.       Welcome note: Swati
2.       Introduction: Suresh Babu, Founder WMA, OME Community
3.       35 Tools Online Marketers Use & how you can use these tools: Suresh Babu
4.       11 more tools: Shartaj
5.       Questions – Answers
6.       Visibility magazine goes to top participants
7.       Group picture & Adios!


Q: How are Google Insight & Google Trends different from an average Google search?
A: Google only gives results in form of websites with those keywords. The others help analyze, research & gain additional knowledge.
Q: Does Google Insight give demographic data?
A: Yes it does. If the domain name is given under the website option, then demographics are shown.
Q: How reliable are the Google tools?
A: They are close to accurate; It takes data used by users who have entered their details
Q: Can I customize my Ads, as per my requirements?
A: Yes. Exactly as per requirement depending on product, timing, geographical location, revenue, discounts & target market.
Q: What is the customer psyche on seeing same ads in separate websites? Can I use this technique for my Ads?
A: Trying & testing on different websites needs to be done to see how the Ad performs in separate sites. Tools like website optimizer or A/B testing could be used.
Q: During retargeting, or offering something on a discount can I enable/customize it based on time or give it a time limit
A: yes. It can be done
Q: Can we us Google Insights with filters of the type of Muck Rack?
A: Yes
Q: Isn’t Spy Fu an infringement?
A: No. It takes data that websites offer openly
Q: From where does get the data? What is its source of income?
A: They have internal archives & libraries
Q: Google Trends Vs Google Insights?
A: Google trends: day to day activity; exact data; has data for 3 countries-US, UK & India
Google insights: overall analysis

Videos speak louder than words

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One of the best things about videos, is that people give their full attention while watching it, which makes it one of the best ways to educate and entertain people.

In this blog I’m gonna let the videos do the talking instead of me typing.

Here are a few videos based on different categories.

HISHE (How it should have ended) – Animation

This is one of the most popular channel when it comes to creating alternate endings for Hollywood movies/tv shows using animation.


The Richest – Top 10 related to anything

The Richest is a YouTube channel that’s all about posting Top 10’s for almost anything and everything. It’s simple, informative and short.


PES Film – Creative stop-motion photography videos

PESFilm is a YouTube channel that make stop-motion photography videos. It takes a lot of time to create a video like this since the whole video is made of individual pics and put together with a good soundtrack and it’s a fun thing to do and in this the possibilities are endless.


NPR Music – Music channel

This channel is fully dedicated to music and they do really good videos.


Vat 19Creative Marketing Ads

Vat 19 is an online shopping portal. The products they have are out of the box and the way they market it on their YouTube channel is one of a kind! It’s funny, hilarious, serious, and amazing because the products they market is very hard to advertise but the way they come up with a video and show it will make you want that product.


Out of the box creative videos/ads

These are a few random videos done by companies/people which are a bit out of the box.

About the Author: Aditya Gupta is the Social Media Specialist and content-writer in Web Marketing Academy.

Digital Marketing A to Z – Part 2

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Digital Marketing is a field born out from jargons, terms & short forms. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has encountered this problem or struggled to understand these concepts as a digital marketing fresher. There are these old terms, which you just can’t do without, in the digital spectrum and then there are those that keep popping every other month, thanks to Social Media, that we all have trouble getting a grip on. Here an A to Z list of what I feel are some terms that commonly occur and had bewildered me as a digital marketing fresher.

In case you missed the Part 1, here’s the link.

In this week’s edition I will be covering only G-L, hope you all enjoy learning while you actually put it to practice. There’s no other way to get better and know better unless you have tried it out yourself. So let’s learn & let’s experiment.


Geo targeting is nothing but determining the geolocation of a website visitor and delivering different content to that visitor based on his or her location, such as country, region/state, city, metro code/zip code, organization, IP address, ISP or other criteria.


Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. Gamification taps into the basic desires and needs of the users impulses which revolve around the idea of Status and Achievement.




hashtag is a word or an un-spaced phrase prefixed with the hash character (or number sign), # , to form a label or a word/phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media sites such as Twitter to identify messages on a specific topic.




A development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. The Internet of Things is a scenario in which objects, animals or people are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. It has evolved from the convergence of wireless technologies, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and the Internet.




A scripting language developed by Netscape to enable Web authors to design interactive sites. Javascript can interact with HTML source code, enabling Web authors to spice up their sites with dynamic content.  For an easier understanding, it is an object-oriented computer programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers.




The Klout Score is a number, between 1-100 that represents your influence. The more influential you are, the higher your Klout Score. When you share something on social media or in real life and people respond, that’s influence. The more influential you are, the higher your Klout Score.




Link Builder also known as URL builder helps you add parameters to URLs you use in custom campaigns. When users click on one of the custom links the unique para meters are sent to your google analytics account, so that you identify which URL and which platform are the most effective.

Stay tuned for more of ‘The Digital Language 101.’

About the author: Kaushal BK is Social Media Strategist at WMA and a content-writer.


Heroic Public Speaking 2015 – Key Takeaways Day 3

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Heroic Public Speaking 2015 – Key Takeaways Day 3

Day 3 of Heroic Public Speaking 2015 was all about content. As is the case in all aspects of digital marketing that we train you in at Web Marketing Academy, content rules in a speech as well.

And so the day started – all about how to come up with content and how to structure it. We were creating content through the day.

Without going into too much detail, I’ll share pointers that could help when you write your speech :)

1. How do you start?
Build a structure (framework) – Develop the story – Process – Content Mapping – Rehearsal.
What is the big idea? Your story starts with big idea.
What’s the conflict – challenges, struggle.
What was the solution – the change.
What were the benefits – by doing what was done, what did you and others get.

2. There are types of speeches:
Message based – Seth Godin Speeches.
Curriculum based  – John Janscth speeches.

3. There are types of audiences:
People who are on other side of your view (they may not be interested in your view).
In between (in agreement with but also in doubt).

4. Your framework could also be dynamic:
Problem solution.
Compare and contrast.
Numerical (lists).

You can use one framework or combine frameworks for your speech. If it is a keynote it will be different from a workshop or a speech or a panel.

5. Building the content for the story:
Create a script for the story.
Read the script several times.
Identify the words.
Note pauses.
Identify transitions.

6. Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse:
Do an open rehearsal.
In front of 10 or so people.
Then with a larger group.
Give attention to the technical aspects and dress.

Remember, rehearsal is an experience!

Heroic Public Speaking 2015 – Day 2 – My Learnings

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Heroic Public Speaking 2015 – Day 2 My Learnings

Day 2 started as early as 7am. The first session was on Pod casting with Omar. The second a session with YouTube.  Both sessions had chockfull attendance.

Heroic Public Speaking 2015 Day 2

Let me put it all down as the day went by. Maybe, I’ll keep a diary of these moments to take me back to the wonderful experience I?m having here.

1. We took off in a shuttle to Broward Center for Performing Arts. The whole days sessions were scheduled in the theater. Michael and Amy wanted us to give a performance – note a “show” not a speech. So we rehearsed for it and believe me, it took a LOT of rehearsals!

2. Participants from before had been practicing for their show (just one show) for almost a year and they were still rehearsing!

3. A question from the audience on how much time should we take to prepare got this answer :) – a powerful answer from one of the participants themselves.

“Speeches are like acting and we become actors. If we tell a story, we must feel that exact moment.”

As an example, there was one performer who talked about her happy married life till she got divorced a few months later. Her husband took all her wealth and credit cards. She was asked to show how she lived that happy life, express the happy times and build that story. She had to detail specific times and then transition to the divorce – how it happened on the day, feel and share the exact moment.

4. It started with some basics of a perfomance – objective, passion, eye contact with the camera, neurons (rythm, tempt), the need to be open and to know your subject.

5. This was a master class in front of a live audience. As we took the stage to perform, Michael would stop every few moments, give instant feedback and make us do it again and again.

A well known speaker from the financial industry started. The whole story was of 20 minutes but he had to go through the moments again and again. The opening story alone which was about 1 minute long took 1 hour of rehearsal to perfect. He rehearsed almost 35 times – every word, every sentence!

6. The play started. One person introduced the speaker with a bio. This is another art altogether – how to introduce. And what should the speaker do while the introduction is going on. Should he or she stand on the stage at the time because really, the audience would be looking at the speaker at the time, not paying much attention to the intro? How do you look, where do you stand and what do you do while they are introducing you?

7. A bio must be short and simple. You are there to tell the story so don’t include everything in the bio. Just a few words about who you are, maybe just one sentence.

8. When the audience looks at you during the intro, be happy, SMILE, even wave. Don’t just look down or have your hands in your pocket. Make eye contact.

9. Stay still in one place.

10. Use the stage fully. Not only the stage but the entire room is in your control now. If you see something on the stage clear that before the performance.

11. Be aware of your body language – the movements, your hips, knees. Stand straight.

12. Bring both personalities to the fore – soft and confident. Show both compassion and power. Contrast.

If your personality is powerful, tall, well built, can you show compassion in your speech? For example, if you are teaching your child something important in their life, how would you tell them? Show the same gentleness and the audience will feel it. (Contrast with your personality.)

13. The story and moment has to be real for you. You must feel it to share it with others.

14. Be honest and real.

15. Pregnant pause is a term used to define a long pause – often used in the theatre. Use it after you complete and during transitions.

16. Plant your feet firmly on the ground when using powerful words. Stand and land.

17. Dont say “Stay with me.”

These are some of the tips I’ve learned that could make you better speakers as well. But my time here was not done yet. The final event for the day was a panel. Another invigorating period of learning! Will post some clips soon. Stay tuned.


What I Learned from Chris Brogan

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What I Learned from Chris Brogan

I was at the Heroic Public Speaking Conference in Fort Lauderdale in February 2015. It was an amazing experience and not only because of the organizers but also the people I got to meet. Out of the many key takeaways (here are the takeaways from the conference), there are those that come from industry thought leaders and influencers I’ve always respected.

Let me share the conversation I had with Chris Brogan. For those who dont know who Chris Brogan is, check him out on Wikipedia Chris is author, journalist, marketing consultant, and speaker on social media marketing.

Being a leader in social media and one of the most respected persons, I was lucky to get some time with him and share my story on how I got into search and social from being a cook.

Chris said one thing that stays with me. He said he learned how to be humble by a good man named Gandhi. We also discussed India, Culture, Food, Management and his experiences with some of his Indian friends and colleagues. And also how he practices Buddhism among many other things.

What’s fascinating about Chris is his humility. He was at the event as a speaker and panelist. Now, the conference included a lot of exercise, art, and performance. And Chris was part of it all. Most speakers who come for events like this are not seen around till the time of their session but Chris was with us through all the sessions from Day 1 to Day 3 – and not just as observer but as a full participant like all attendees.

Heroic Public Speaking 2015 got together 250 participants from diverse backgrounds. The event was all about performing which means you bring out all your real stories, struggles etc. It’s not easy to open up and share everything with 250 people but Chris was like one of us. He was so humble, sitting on the floor, interacting with new people, sharing his stories with everyone. We loved it.

I asked Chris if it would be possible to do a 5 minute video with him. He just said, “Whatever you like I am ready”. That’s the kind of man he is. In spite of his busy schedule he gave some time, not just talking about social media but life and everyday things.

In the video, you hear him talking about the virtues of planting a seed versus eating it. Allowing something to grow and flourish rather than having short-term vision. Chris also spoke about Hanuman and how he loves our Hindu deity! Video Interview with Chris Here:

Once again, I’m thankful for meeting Chris. He has made my life and memories a little richer by being … well, just Chris Brogan.

Thanks, Chris!

Social Media Marketing Workshop at Welingkar Institute, Bangalore #WEatSMW

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February 28, 2015, the fourth day of Social Media Week, Bangalore (#SMWBangalore) and Manasi and I were all pumped up about the social media marketing workshop we were driving on behalf of Web Marketing Academy at WeSchool in Electronic City, Bangalore (Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research). WeSchool is one of the few colleges in India that have incorporated digital marketing into the formal curriculum.

WeSchool decor for Social Media Marketing, Bangalore

SMWBangalore at WeSchool

We reached the venue in the afternoon, just before the events for the day started. Speakers for the day included online marketing industry experts such as Subhamoy Das (Head of Communication, Ebay PayPal), Anusha Shetty (CEO, Autumn Worldwide) and Nidhi Bhasin (Associate Director, Flipkart (Mobile)).

Social media marketing event at WeSchool

Rise of the Connected Class #WeatSMW – Anusha Shetty (CEO, Autumn Worldwide)

Nuggets of social media marketing 
To be honest, we were slightly apprehensive about the student’s interest and energy sustaining through all the events to the end of the day when our workshop was scheduled. But they more than surprised us.

As the day unfolded, we got to hear the industry experts share their experiences. I also had the pleasure of judging a mobile app ideation and strategy event that the students had put up. I was impressed at the thought and creativity put into the content, strategy and execution. Great effort @We_MPower!

There were also rooms the students had turned into social media rooms with each room dedicated to a social media channel. Again, very impressive display of thoughts, ideas and facts.

Social media marketing workshop
Since the topic of our workshop had been slightly volatile through the days, Manasi and I came up with some last minute improvisations. I was there more as a learner and Manasi (WMA trainer and digital marketing consultant @consultmanasi) is a fabulous person to learn from.

Social Media Workshop #We_MPower by Web Marketing Academy

Social Media Workshop #We_MPower by Web Marketing Academy

After a quiz on digital marketing news and events that the students participated in actively, the audience was divided into eight groups for some hands-on activities. Each group was asked to come up with a business domain along with a budget and resource plan. The premise was given by us ranging from local business, small and large B2B and B2C, rural business to JCB.

The idea was to have the students come up with plans for either building awareness or improving on existing market share.

I must say, the students did beautifully. Not only did a few of them come up with innovative ideas for the business itself, they came up with pretty neat marketing strategies. Budgets and resources were shaky but hey, most of these students were just in the first year of business administration! It was amazing to see how well they presented their ideas and the interactions that ensued.

Twitter feed from Social Media Workshop by WMA at WeSchool

Tweets on Social Media Workshop by WMA and other events at WeSchool

Manasi shared valuable tips and practices for each of the use cases and talked about the importance of preparing for the future. I added a few tit-bits of information based on my trysts in digital marketing.

The day ended well for both us and the students. While the students got value out of our learning and experience, we learned a lot of stuff from them. Rounding it off, Manasi invited the students to connect with Web Marketing Academy institute and faculty to enrich their digital marketing journey.

All in all, a wonderful experience!


About Monica

Monica is a digital marketing enthusiast, blogger and technical writer. She has helped small businesses with content development for the last 5 years and is now extending the value with online marketing. Her goal is to introduce more businesses to this exciting and profitable marketing medium. She is a regular blogger for WMA.

Connect with her on Linkedin or Twitter for digital marketing assistance or to say hello!

Workshop on Podcasting for Social Media Week 2015

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On 24th Feb 2015 we conducted a workshop on Podcasting and How podcasting can help your career path for Social Media Week 2015.

Although Podcasting is a new thing for people in India, they would have heard about it somewhere at some point. But they have no idea what it is or how it can be used. This could’ve been one of the things that made people curious to attend our workshop and we got a great turnout! Over 50 people attended our workshop on podcasting and it was overwhelming. The audience asked really good questions and it was a very interactive session.

We gave an intro on what’s a Podcast, how it can be used, what are the tools required to make one and recommended some of the shows that they could listen to, to start off with. Our presentation went on for around 20 minutes and once that was done we went into the practical part of it by calling in a few volunteers to be a part of our Podcast. One of them that was a part of our Podcast is Mr. Vikash Singh who is a Blogger and has a website called DigiHooks.

Below are the slides that we used for the presentation and the live podcast session.
















Live Podcast Recording:

Heroic Public Speaking 2015. Key Takeaways Day 1

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Heroic Public Speaking 2015

Let me start by saying I wish you all get a chance to be part of the Heroic Public Speaking event some day. I am in Florida to attend this amazing event and it’s even better than what I imagined! Yes, I flew all the way from India to attend this event and sure don’t regret it! FYI, the cost for the 3 day conference is from $3000-$5000 based on the VVIP status.Disclaimer: This is an account of my personal experience only.

Prepping of participants before the Live Heroic Public Speaking Event

Some 3-4 months into registration, Michael Port (Top Ranked Speaker and TV commentator) and Amy Mead (Top Ranked Public Speaking Coach) began preparing the participants for the event by sharing various resources, videos and other materials. (Since I signed up a month back I missed watching the videos in the scheduled time but the resources are amazing!)

A day before the event, there was a networking event at a pub – an opportunity to know people before the event. Good ice breaker! I met some young talented people including Jay and Lisa.

(I plan to dedicate another blog post to Jay sometime. He’s is a 23 year college student who is attending the event and has his own product coming soon. Talking to him and seeing his passion to learn new things, spending $4000 to attend an event when other kids his age ware having fun – I was impressed! Hats off to you Jay! Will connect you with @Ashwin_Ramesh as discussed.)

Of course, the day was full of takeaways but can’t jot them all down. However, here are a few I’d like you to read and absorb. Once back, will share examples and details.

Key takeaways from Day 1 of #HPSLive Heroic Public Speaking Live
  • Complete your words.
  • Apart from knowing a topic, you also need to know the techniques of powerful speaking. Even if you’re stuck, it’s the techniques that’ll back you up.
  • Tell your story to one person who matters.
  • Excited? Don’t say you’re excited, show it!
  • Don’t look down.
  • Don’t wander from the point.
  • When sharing your most important point, stand firm. Don’t move around.
  • Use your body language to illustrate significant points, measures, percentages, etc.
  • While asking people to do something, give clear and specific instructions.
  • Bring your personality to the floor. Be your natural self.
  • Don’t point. Use your palm to call attention to people.
  • Break the rules.
  • Articulate.
  • Build patterns.
  • Create contrasts, emotionally, physically and structurally.
  • Tips on reading a bio: Practice with the person who reads your bio. Your speech starts when someone reads out the bio. Shorten it and design it to serve the speech.
  • Stand in front of the lights.
  • Point, finish and move to the next topic.
  • Own your place and space.
  • If stuck, don’t lose focus. Stay with the moment.
  • Use stories.
  • When sharing your story, give the situation, conflict and resolution.
  • Great stories are those that come naturally, without your realization.
  • When talking about big moments, stand center stage.
  • Gaining the audience’s trust is critical. There are techniques to this, takes practice but can be learned.
 Heroic Public Speaking 2015 Pictures
 Heroic Public Speaking 2015 Reviews
Chris Brogan & Suresh @ Heroic Public Speaking 2015
Day 1 – Exhilaration & Energy
Michael and Amy had mentioned that there’d be a lot of exercise so we were to come in comfortable clothing and shoes. I wore a jacket because it was cold but didn’t need it after a while!
Day 1 was as promised, Heroic Public Speaking 2015 – full of physical and mental exercise. We warmed up by literally jumping and running across the room. Imagine that with over 250 participants! The entire room was bristling with energy! And so the day unfolded:
  1. Michael and Amy arrived at 9:00am sharp. They started off with a few minutes of silence, just staring at us all. They then shared how lucky they were to meet and interact with us.
  2. Next, they called the entire team up the stage, thanked them and the speakers. Check out the line of speakers here:
  3. They explained the flow of activities for the day.
  4. Michael’s teacher started with games. He asked us to introduce everyone in a different way, unique to their style – the crazier, the better. I began my intro with Balle Balle :)!
  5. And then, we were sitting on the floor! Yes, the chairs were removed!
  6. Michael shared the importance of time. No one will be late for sessions after that :)!
  7. We were divided into groups and asked to share a story about the most important person in our life – remember that person.
  8. Again, we were divided into three larger groups and then one whole circle with all 250 participants. We had to create a combined story with one word per person.
  9. After a break, we had a powerful Voice & Clear Speech session. Amy started with the physical warm up session – jumping, running, literally, speeding up.
  10. Then loosening exercises for neck, shoulder, and hand; breathing through the lungs and more breathing exercises.
  11. And vocal exercises from jaws to tongue.
  12. Then a Word exercise – completing enunciation, in Michael’s words “chewing on words.”
  13. There were facial exercises – making crazy faces to release the tension in the face, jaw and mouth.
  14. And then, a specific speech for a purpose. The JFK speech, first sentence.
  15. Michael invited volunteers to come up on the stage to show and practice the breathing exercise. Three of us volunteered (including me). Believe me, going up that stage, standing in front of that audience was not easy! On top of that, making sounds resonating from nasal, skull and chest cavities … took some doing but with Michael showing us how to breathe and talk, we all experienced a significant difference.

Ta-da! #HPSLive

After a break for lunch, next on the agenda was a live speech where 3-4 of us had to come up and make a speech, and get live feedback on how to make it more powerful.

This post is a small start. Will keep updating … Stay tuned!

Digital Marketing A to Z – Part 1

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Digital Marketing is a field born out from jargons, terms & short forms. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who has encountered this problem or struggled to understand these concepts as a digital marketing fresher. There are these old terms, which you just can’t do without, in the digital spectrum and then there are those that keep popping every other month, thanks to Social Media, that we all have trouble getting a grip on. Here an A to Z list of what I feel are some terms that commonly occur and had bewildered me as a digital marketing fresher. There’s only one way to get a grip on your muddled digital thoughts and that’s by learning & understanding what each term really means and having some fun while imbibing them.

In this week’s edition I will be covering only A-F, hope you all enjoy learning while you actually put it to practice. There’s no other way to get better and know better unless you have tried it out yourself. So let’s learn & let’s experiment.




A process, a formula or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, mostly by a computer, coded by a software developer.




A  regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. A blog can be informative, perspective based, entertaining, instructional etc.




Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content (social, web, mobile) on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. The work involves sifting, sorting, arranging, and publishing information.




Reaching a dead-end can also be described as searching a web page on Google and being redirected only to find out ERROR 404, which means page not found or otherwise indicating that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested. 




EdgeRank is the name commonly given to the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what articles should be displayed in a user’s News Feed. Facebook calls these actions “Edges.” That means whenever a friend posts a status update, comments on another status update, tags a photo, joins a fan page, or RSVP’s to an event it generates an “Edge,” and a story about that Edge might show up in the user’s personal newsfeed.




Followers, simply put are those people who have chosen to like your page, post or presence and have chosen to receive your updates, posts and happenings.

While Follow is the action required to be performed by the individual to start receiving a particulars user’s post on either Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter Google+ or Instagram.

Stay tuned for more, this is just the beginning to the Digital Language 101.

Here’s the link for Part 2.

About the author: Kaushal BK is Social Media Strategist at WMA and a content-writer.

Myths about Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is ‘THE’ next big thing in the field of advertising and marketing. It’s a very broad subject but I have simplified it for you in my previous article “Digital Marketing Simplified”. Misconceptions about ‘digital’ in digital marketing is plenty and in this article I am talking about a few and trying to explain the concept behind it.


  • Myth 1: Digital marketing is advertising on any digital screens
    Lot of people have this misconception. They think that digital marketing is advertising on TV or Digital Billboards or anything with a screen but it’s wrong. Digital Marketing is advertising online over the internet using various aspects like SEO, PPC, Social Media, E-mail, Mobile, etc. For more info on that you can read my article “Digital Marketing Simplified”.
  • Myth 2: Instant results because it’s Online
    This is a very common misconception people have when it comes to Digital Marketing. This is false because it takes minimum 3-4 months for you to get results. Although it takes that long to get the results, it can be measured though during that time period. Be it PPC, Social Media, E-mail, etc. you can measure every single one of them to see how it’s working out using various analytics tools. If you’d like to know few of the free tools that can be used for your digital marketing you can visit this link.
  • Myth 3: Costs more because it’s worldwide
    The truth is, it doesn’t. Compared to Traditional ways of marketing Digital Marketing is very cheap and much more efficient. In traditional ways you’ll have to target everyone who’s in a particular place or is subscribed to a particular channel, newspaper, etc. But with Digital Marketing you can target Demographically, and this gets your more results and less investment. And some of the aspects of Digital Marketing are free like Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc and SEO is another thing that’s entirely free.
  • Myth 4: Digital marketing is only for techies/engineers
    This is false. Anyone in the field of Advertising, Marketing, and anyone who’s interested in the internet platform like Facebook, Google, Analytics, etc can do Digital Marketing with a little bit of training.
  • Myth 5: Digital Marketing is only for Established businesses and not small scale
    Any sort of business can do Digital Marketing based on their goals and objectives. For eg – every small scale industries wants awareness so they can use SEO and Social Media to raise awareness for the product, large scale industries want conversions so they can use PPC, E-Mail, Mobile, etc. Basically any type of Business can do Digital Marketing based on what they aim to get out of it.

Now that the 5 myths of Digital Marketing has been busted it’s time for you to move into the world of Digital Marketing. If you have any more questions related to Digital Marketing feel free to write to us at

About the Author: Aditya Gupta is the Social Media Specialist and content-writer in Web Marketing Academy.