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45 Tools Online Marketers Use & How you can Use it too..

OME Community September Meet up brought to you by Web Marketing Academy
Come join our monthly meet ups in Christ University, where we share tips, tricks and how to’s of Online Marketing. Over 450 active online marketing enthusiasts discuss and share tips
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Pictures of September Meetup :
1.       Welcome note: Swati
2.       Introduction: Suresh Babu, Founder WMA, OME Community
3.       35 Tools Online Marketers Use & how you can use these tools: Suresh Babu
4.       11 more tools: Shartaj
5.       Questions – Answers
6.       Visibility magazine goes to top participants
7.       Group picture & Adios!


Q: How are Google Insight & Google Trends different from an average Google search?
A: Google only gives results in form of websites with those keywords. The others help analyze, research & gain additional knowledge.
Q: Does Google Insight give demographic data?
A: Yes it does. If the domain name is given under the website option, then demographics are shown.
Q: How reliable are the Google tools?
A: They are close to accurate; It takes data used by users who have entered their details
Q: Can I customize my Ads, as per my requirements?
A: Yes. Exactly as per requirement depending on product, timing, geographical location, revenue, discounts & target market.
Q: What is the customer psyche on seeing same ads in separate websites? Can I use this technique for my Ads?
A: Trying & testing on different websites needs to be done to see how the Ad performs in separate sites. Tools like website optimizer or A/B testing could be used.
Q: During retargeting, or offering something on a discount can I enable/customize it based on time or give it a time limit
A: yes. It can be done
Q: Can we us Google Insights with filters of the type of Muck Rack?
A: Yes
Q: Isn’t Spy Fu an infringement?
A: No. It takes data that websites offer openly
Q: From where does get the data? What is its source of income?
A: They have internal archives & libraries
Q: Google Trends Vs Google Insights?
A: Google trends: day to day activity; exact data; has data for 3 countries-US, UK & India
Google insights: overall analysis

Web Marketing Academy Fees (Digital Marketing Fee Structure)

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What is the fee structure for Digital Marketing Course at Web Marketing Academy Bangalore?

Here is the fee structure:

  • The course fee is Rs 65,000 + tax = Rs 74,500 which can be paid in 3 flexible installment
  • The fees covers for all the topics from Website design, Content for website, SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, content creation, marketing and optimization, Google analytics
  • Certificates (optional) – Inbound Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, You Tube, Content Marketing
  • With more than 200 hours of sessions, practicals and exams
  • Apart from course, you get to meet Industry Leaders, Interaction with Thought leaders, Socializing with other students and practitioners in the industry
  • Monthly events, meetups like Social Media Week, OME Community
  • Exposure to International Podcasts
  • Create your brand story telling

To talk to our counsellor call: + 91 – 8792299538 or email


The Coolest Perk an Employer can offer to their Employees!

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Training is not a Cost, it’s an “INVESTMENT!”


Often when we are asked why is training important? What comes to our mind – to acquire new skills, develop the existing ones, learn new techniques to perform better, achieve career & organizational goals or to become a great leader or influencer, isn’t it? Are you thinking on the same lines? Well, that is how our mind is programmed J and it is true in all senses.

In Today’s era things are changing dynamically. And to keep pace with it, one needs stay current with market trends. Training & Development is one Great source for enhancement of knowledge, validation of knowledge, adding value back to oneself & to the organization.

Do you remember when was your first training? Who was your first trainer? Many will agree when I say this – we go back and think of our first job, first day at work, new employee orientation session, etc. which is beginning of the career. In my opinion Training & getting trained comes naturally to human beings. Wondering how? Let’s look at some relative instances:

New Hire:

New Hire is like a “new born”. The way parents teach & train their new born from the very first step – how to walk, how to talk, what to talk, etc. They nurture, guide the kid, help them build on their strengths, work and overcome their weaknesses, hand hold them at all stages in their growing years for a better tomorrow. Parents are your first set of trainers who invest their time and energy, inculcating values into the kid so they come out successfully in their respective careers. It’s an emotional bond that’s get developed over a period & we all know how strong it is.

“Training is not a Cost, it’s an Investment!” You can also refer 10 reasons why employee training is important

Similarly, an organization should invest in the careers of their Existing employees. Here is how:

Existing employees:

People work at organizations for primarily two reasons – they like the company / brand, culture and they see their future there. All of us have our own strengths, weaknesses or shortcomings. What is important is the willingness to learn, adopt & implement. Organizations play / can play a vital role here which can help not just the company but will also provide employee satisfaction.

Why does parents send their kids to school & college to study & encourage them to take up extra curriculum activities of their choice? It’s not just to study but its gives an immense opportunity to the young souls to go out face the world, understand and acquire new skills, meet difference people from various culture and background. Why? So that they relate themselves as one among the population, they learn the art of grasping things happening around them, adapt to the circumstances & perform accordingly. Its natural! And everyone goes through the same process. This becomes a critical part of our growing days where individual learn every day, every hour, every minute, second and mold themselves. We make friends on the way, learn how other people behave & react to things and unknowingly we learn people management. When it comes to the work life we start considering people management as a Skill set required to perform a role & wonder if an individual is fit do so. Strange but the same came naturally to us when we played a game of football or cricket or any other game on the field. Isn’t it?

Company that values & understands the Importance of Training & Development can help with some continuous and never ending in nature employee Training programs which will have some of the following fruitful results to both the employer & employee:

  1. Amplify existing strength
  2. Acquire new skills
  3. Address weaknesses & shortcomings
  4. Team Building activities for cross collaborations with relevance
  5. Industry Specific Trainings, Conferences, Seminars, etc. that can benefit the employees career
  6. better productivity,
  7. improved quality of services & products,
  8. Cost optimization,
  9. less supervision,
  10. chances for promotion and better opportunity

This will boost employee’s confidence & satisfaction and help them keep pace with ever evolving technology, new methods & procedure. Who doesn’t want to grow & become better! Everyone wants to taste success in anything that they are good at.

Here is a real-life scenario – Story of Suresh Babu, a chef Turned into a Digital Marketing Trainer | Corporate Social Media Consultant | Founder, CEO of Web Marketing Academy | B-School Visiting Faculty, in his own words:

“It was October 2006, I went to John’s office told him that I need to talk to him about an upcoming conference – Pubcon in Las Vegas. Explained to him how I would love to attend this event and it will be useful for me and the organization. At that time, I was working for GravityFree with my good friend John Barron, in Florida.  

The registration fees of the conference were around 1500 USD plus travel and accommodation which would cost another 1500 USD. I asked John if the company would help sponsor me. He said, let me discuss with Scott “who is his business partner”. After a few days, he came back told me that they can’t completely cover the fees but half of the cost can be covered. That’s it, I was so excited and today I would say that it was the best perks I ever received from my employer, I learned so much in that 5-day conference, built relationship with a lot of Industry leaders. See below a video where I met Matt Cutts and Interviewed him. Till date I am loyal to John, Scott and GravityFree.

Most companies perk to their employees could be paid vacation, Insurance, Food, instead how about giving the gift of their career, which can change their life.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”.”

 There are certainly 2 ways of Training: On the job training (my personal favorite) and Off the job training

On the Job, new media training:

It is “learning while performing”. It is part of your daily work, where you learn by working on real scenarios. Very good way of saving training time & cost-effective approach. It brings in immense learning as you get exposed to challenges with limited turnaround time & better problem solving skills. One should have a “Never say NO, attitude”, ability to find a way out, ensure that the work gets done.

Fortunately, or unfortunately most of the times I was put into this type of training where I was on the job from day one. Why? As most of the times my boss went on work travel / personal time out or the peer was on sick leave soon after I joined 😊. Leaving me with a set of activities to manage & to ensure I hold the ship till they return. What it did to me – I was on toes all the time, figuring my way out, talking to multiple people, learning processes on the fly, action things in my control, helping people with information & details by collating it from different sources. It wasn’t easy to maneuver! Did I drop the ball anywhere? I tried not to and was successful as people did notice that I was new but never said no to them, took time but circled back with necessary. That’s is all that matters, peoples trust in you. I turned out to be super confident on the learnings I had during this course & it helped me build relationship with my peers & seniors. That’s why this on-the-job training is my personal favorite!

Off the Job new media Training:

This type of training is primarily done for the new joiners where large number of people needs to be trained in limited time. Usually it is done away from the actual work environment by duplicating the real scenarios for training, understanding & practice. Off-the-job training helps the new members to get familiar with organization structure, culture, Mission, vision, terms & conditions, rules & regulations and policy’s and the working condition. They are like the finished, Polished & trained products who are then exposed to the market to perform. Off-the-job-training has its own advantages – gives you the time & opportunity to Meet & learn from others about their ideas, perspectives, etc. as all individuals are different in their own ways coming from different backgrounds. It helps individuals to open-up, engage with people, spend creative & productive time doing some team building activities.


The Importance of Digital and Social Media Marketing Training in our corporate world:

The culture of corporate training is different in various places. In some cases, at the end of year most managers will look for trainings to exhaust the unutilized funds from the allocated budget. In the last month of the year, they rush to spend the budget and end up giving some training which may or may not be useful for the employees. Instead informing, educating, nurturing them throughout the year can make a difference. Or take a step forward and do some research on what trainings will help your employees career and the organization growth.

One of best gift employers can give their employees to help them advance their career & skill up on the latest market trends in their respective field is by:

  • Doing research on relevant training/ workshop – Not only the employer but the employee must also have the willingness & should express the interest towards taking up such courses as their investments into themselves.
  • Ask for referrals – find out from friends, family, colleagues about some references for industry events, conferences, etc. search online, today we have access to many Online events, webinars, Podcasts, videos, blogs, live sessions across the world to take reference and learn from, irrespective of your location.
  • Traditional form – Find out about the in-person workshops in and around you, if you prefer & value traditional type of training to seek knowledge and gain insights by interacting with an expert. Evaluate the course outline to find out if it is in line with your future career plans.
  • Choose a curriculum that will cater to your present and future needs, scenarios & will show the path of your growth and success. A course that could benefit both, your personal growth as well as will fulfil organizational goals.
  • Employer must ask for a strategy and plan for the next 6 months from the employee after they have completed their workshop or training. How effectively the employee can apply the learnings gained into strategic plans which is implementable and will impact the organization with greater revenues, brand visibility, etc.
  • Share what you learnt – great way is to learn & share, teach others, spread knowledge among your fellow colleagues, peers, friends etc.

We have often heard, “Old is gold” or “Old Habits die hard” and you must be thinking why am I referring to this? That’s because old or traditional form still leads & is most preferred way of gaining knowledge or imparting training in my opinion. Why attending an Interactive, live in-person training will be useful than an online course? Here are a few advantages:

  • Focused approach, less distraction
  • Instant clarification on doubts or Questions
  • Practical learning
  • Peer to peer learning
  • Sharing of experience & to validate what they worked on
  • Real time feedback
  • A mentor during and after the course


Traditional ways of learning, no doubt brings in its own flavors. Having said that, we should not forget that we are living in a Digital world with so many digital platforms available to connect with anybody & everybody from anywhere in the world. Hence, we all say – “it’s such a small world!” 😊 We take the world in our hand and in our pockets every day. Don’t you think we should know our digital world better & make it much more impactful. That’s is what people at Web Marketing Academy do. They impact people’s life and help them build, improve & grow their facet of Digital Marketing Management through a well-designed Course curriculum. They practice & believe in their unique culture, which is a constitution of in-house faculty, Alumni-guest speakers who hold strong knowledge if the subject which is ever evolving.

How a course in WMA will help:

We would love to work with you to design a curriculum that best suits your organization. Talk to Suresh at phone number or send an email to










Why Developers & IT professionals should learn Digital marketing.

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Why Developers & IT professionals should learn Digital marketing.

Why should Developers & IT professionals should learn Digital marketing?

A brief story, I meet a lot developers and recently I met with a friend who is programming in Python and for fun he has developed some tech products but was never aware of how to market it, somehow even graphic designers I meet are compelled with constraints when it comes to combining creativity with critical evaluation and the fusion of both brings out some true magic. Here is why I feel these skills are not difficult to learn and is very handy in practical work life.

Average International Package for Digital Marketing Manager = $ 81K 


Average Saalry for DigitalMarketer

  1. Discrete skills, dominant results

This is no rocket science, let me explain it this way. If there is a developer who knows a bit of marketing he can have less dependency on someone else to explain his product or service to the market. It would be an understatement to say digital marketing can exponentially improve chances of a new or existing product in succeeding to reach out to the right people.

  1. Hey critical thinking, say Hi to creativity

This is tough, the rational mind when it encounters creativity is left skeptical and perplexed for a while as the left brain and the right side need time to weigh down what is correct and funnel down what to listen to. It is the same as weighing between the head and the heart, though if given some time to understand that marketing a product is sometimes not marketing it at all and is a skill mastered by few and executed by fewer. Those that do are nothing short of hitting the tipping point and breaking the ice. You can find out what exactly makes a great digital marketer here

  1. Arrange marriages were never easy

Some people might go bonkers over this but yes it is more or less like an arranged marriage. At first, everything seems difficult and adjusting to a new skill set is tough, though I believe that finding out the point at which both of them merge and can help out each other is important. For example, an inbound marketing skill can help a SAAS product get leads but understanding their Facebook audience and potential LinkedIn customers is so underestimated and reaching out to them is so vital. This is more like direct revenue funnel and through my experience this will never be perfect but it will allow you to reach the right people. Here are 75 Digital marketing tips and tools for startups  

  1. The same Bean bag, different motives

If you are like me, you love writing code/content sitting on a nice bean bag with a cup of coffee, digital marketing provides an opportunity to sell or increase brand awareness digitally, moving away from the traditional mediums of print advertising which was and is still costly. You can pick up digital marketing skills and execute them without having to spend a lot of energy on resources and thus saving up a lot for you or your company. Here is how you can get started in Digital Marketing

Give us a call we would love to talk to you about your career options. Phone : 8792299538 or email us at

Mohak kapadia

Contributor at WMA

Love business class upgrades while flying? That is what digital marketing skills can do to your life if done right!

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Love business class upgrades while flying? That is what digital marketing skills can do to your life if done right!

On a recent flight I had the privilege to fly business class and while I was enjoying the great service I was wondering whether there is a way one can figure out if vesting digital marketing skills can prove to be the same for their life. In particular, this friend of mine in US who moved from traditional marketing to digital marketing was literally making 5x the money compared to his previous pay and a whatsapp conversation with him revealed how he found out digital marketing was for him. Here is how you can find out if Digital marketing can prove to be a catalyst for your career.

Digital marketing scope

My business class trip

Disclaimer: Might offend you!

The caffeine test- Does marketing ignite your creative soul?

This is something I ask all my friends before they jump into digital marketing. Are you someone who can understand market psychology and consumer behaviour which actually requires common sense. If so, can you create campaigns and content that would help a business grow and reach out to their potential customers? Digital marketing is not only about knowing the interface and the technical roots but also how you can actually co-work with creative designers, writers and build a campaign that is appealing and lucrative enough to capture attention on digital landscape.

Love for social media- Not as easy as it sounds

This love for social media that I am talking about is different, apart from the amazing selfies that you love to post this point is actually about exploring and making a difference in the digital world where it is overcrowded and there is no cookie cutter for it but if you love the challenge of creating a loyal audience on social media and as a result drive a continuous cycle of brand engagement and you have an affinity to maintain a healthy customer-business relationship on all digital footprints.

Ummm, it’s a Marathon not a sprint!

You love being a long term player and you have a vision for a particular product/service or the company you work with and you know that though online marketing campaigns can spark up some key metrics of a business but not actually turn into revenue directly and you can convince your team it is building up goodwill for the business and will eventually fall into the so called conversion funnel that these amazing CEOs love to hear all the time and are number obsessed. For example- SEO is a continuous process and brings result over a long period of creating great content ( I hear the CEO in background saying that keywords are important, yes they are )

You talk a lot ( At least with yourself if you are an introvert )  

You will have to communicate continuously with so many verticals of a company when you are going to be responsible for digital marketing and you really need to be an effective communicator and also love brainstorming new ideas for campaigns. If you like teamwork and you skip a beat everytime you hear an idea that could be the turning point for a marketing campaign, please go ahead and explore the scope of digital marketing.

Mohak kapadia

Contributor at WMA

Why a Career in Digital Marketing for me was like the perfect date night!

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Why a Career in Digital Marketing for me was like the perfect date night!

Why a Career in Digital Marketing for me was like the perfect date night!

Over the years, there has always been an evolution of current needs and the most demanded skill sets in an economy. Digital marketing seems to have a wild run with it. Here are 4 strong enough reasons to think of pursuing a digital marketing career if you want a life that is progressive and also have work that is enjoyable.

  1. In- Demand  

            The jobs that will be created are increasing in number as more and more businesses get online and there is currently a skill gap to fill for this profile. Gearing up for a career wherein the demand is greater than the supply is always a smart move. It is like being the guy with the guitar in a party!

Scope of digital marketing

For display purpose only

  1. No room for boredom!         

           Sometimes it is to good to believe that having a job where you actually want to put in the work and digital marketing is a complete whitespace for anyone who wants to have a creative job. And this blog that I am writing is a perfect  example of it. Here with a cup of coffee trying to let my creativity flow and allow me to write a compelling blog.




Picture Courtesy – DCU & WMA Events

  1. Getting a higher pay!

          For some, this is music to their ears. There is nothing wrong in it as well, everyone wants to have a higher pay for their work. To be a bit technical your work value of an hour can increase four folds given that you go ahead and pursue something specific you love. Here is an interesting survey for salaries





Picture courtesy – DCU & WMA events in Bangalore

  1. Oh wait, you can kickstart your own gig!

           So many career path demands a work experience before you can actually get into starting something of your own. Though digital marketing provides a space that will allow you to start something before you even have set a foot in workplace. Though I would love to point out something which might act as a disclaimer! Not everybody finds this creative and it very much depends on your attitude towards the course and how you build out a skill set suitable to you. Nevertheless, like that dream date I hope this also becomes food for thought and gives you a reason to think of digital marketing.


Mohak kapadia

Contributor at WMA

Why is Video, Live Videos Important for Business?

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The Importance of Videos for Business in India in 2016, 2017

The Current landscape is changing. In todays world everyone prefers a short video than a longer text. Facebook’s algorithm is such that if you upload a video, that video tends to rank well in the news feed eventually reaching a larger audience than text or Image. In this video, we share What is Live Broadcast, Why Live Videos, How Businesses can use Live Videos


Pinterest – Why You should be on Pinterest?

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Pinterest 101 – Basics of Pinterest and why your business should be in Pinterest?



digital marketing updates 26 Sept to 2 Oct

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in the week of 26th Sept – 2nd Oct 2016

Digital Marketing Update

Digital marketing world is ever-evolving and it is important for every marketer to keep track of the latest development. Staying up-to-date with trends aids brands to be more customer focused and build a strategy to stay ahead of the competition. This week’s update will help do just that.


  1. Snapchat is now Snap Inc.!

On 24th Sept, Snapchat rebranded to Snap Inc. Although it sounds nice and short, is rebranding now a good thing? Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel mentioned in his blog that they are expanding. They do not want to limit to just a messenger app but bring in new products.

Also with the rebranding, Snap Inc. announced their latest wearables to the world – ‘Spectacles’.  As per their blog “Spectacles are sunglasses with an integrated video camera that makes it easy to create Memories. We’ve created one of the smallest wireless video cameras in the world, capable of taking a day’s worth of Snaps on a single charge, and we integrated it seamlessly into a fun pair of sunglasses – available in 3 different colors!”

Snap Inc Spectacles

The Spectacles transfer the memories in the app by connecting to snapchat via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These memories will be played with their circular video format which plays on any device and any orientation. The highlight is that it captures the human perspective with 115 degrees’ field of view.

According to, they are planning to roll it out at US$ 130 in fall 2016. There are much cheaper than Google’s Glasses priced at $1000!

  1. Twitter’s Moment rolled out to all & launches interview series on Periscope in India

Twitter’s Moments

In August 2016, twitter had announced about Moments was being rolled out to select group of publishing partners, influencers, and brands.  Now, as per, Twitter is ready to roll Moments to all its users

For all those who are new to Moments – it is a feature that will allow users to compile multiple tweets around a topic of interest into a collection. One can collect content from various media and other accounts to create a story A Moment can include multiple tweets, videos, photographs, vines or even audio from SoundCloud. Twitter also shared tips & tricks for making a great Moment. 

Like Instagram & Snap Inc. Twitter users will also get a chance to use a story format. There are also rumors of Twitter being considered to be bought – Google and Disney are said to be some of the interested players along with salesforce

         2a. Twitter India’s Periscope move

As per, Twitter India, and digital video network, PING Network are coming together to create LIVE video interview series with Periscope. Govindraj Ethiraj, veteran journalist and founder of PING Network started off with the 1st episode called ‘Will India Remain A Fast Growth Economy’ with Adi Godrej, Chairman, Godrej Group.  This episode was streamed live on Periscope HD via BOOM a digital journalism platform on 28th Sept.

Ping Network’s and Boom’s Twitter account have promoted the same. You can also catch the episode on YouTube on Why Adi Godrej Loves Cinthol Soap & Is Bullish On India’s Economy. This episode on Periscope received 236 LIVE viewers and 757 replay views.

Boom Periscope

As per, Govindraj Ethiraj says, “#Megabites will bring India’s business leaders on the same platform as young India and have them interact on issues that matter the most to the economy, to the country, and to our future.” And Keya Madhvani, head, media partnerships, Twitter India, says, “Through #MegaBites, our newest Periscope series, viewers can keep a finger on the pulse of conversations at the intersection of business and technology. The idea behind a programmed Periscope show is to foster a new format of digital storytelling via LIVE video that is thought-provoking, conversational, substantive, and distinct from mainstream content.”

Nandan Nilekani, Entrepreneur and politician and Founder and CEO of FutureGroup Kishore Biyani  are scheduled to be on the show next.

  1. Google Analytics’ Google Optimize – New FreeTool!

Earlier March 2016 google launched Google Analytics 360 Suite, a data management platform available for purchase. This basically enabled integration for analytics with marketing and advertising data for large companies. They offered many products under it and one of the product was Optimize 360.  This allowed companies to test different variations of their site and then tailor it to deliver a personalized experience.

Google in its blog, announced they are rolling out a new product called Google Optimize. It is a free version of Google Optimize 360.  As per their blog, it is “This free web and mobile-web testing and personalization tool help businesses improve their customer experiences and business metrics. Because it’s built on top of Google Analytics, businesses can use their existing information to experiment and personalize site experiences with minimal setup requirements.” Many big companies struggle with integration of data, testing and gaining insights. With this free version brands will be able to see which visitors are most engaged and allows them to do A/B testing. This, in turn, gives data that aids in creating engaging content and a great customer experience.

Many big companies struggle with integration of data, testing and gaining insights. With this free version brands will be able to see which visitors are most engaged and allows them to do A/B testing. This, in turn, gives data that aids in creating engaging content and a great customer experience.

The free Google Optimize product does look promising and SME companies should make full use of it. Getting data about most engaged users will definitely help brands create more targeted customer experiment.

Also, we feel consumers may invest in Snap’s Spectacles considering they are reasonably priced when compared to Google’s Glasses and seem to be simple to use. One just has to click videos or pics. But then, how convenient would it be for users take videos from the spectacle then transferring it to the app over just directly using the app to capture memories.

Also, it would have been better if Twitter would have rolled Moments to all users earlier considering they have stiff competition from Instagram and Snap. But this roll-out gives one more reason for users to stay on twitter. We also hope this roll out to all will increase engagement for users and brands.

Watch this space for weekly updates in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Updates 25 September 2016

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Week of: 19th Sept – 25th Sept

This week we will explore how Facebook is experimenting with ads in Live video. Let us also take a look at the difference in standard and expanded ads by Google AdWords. Also, read up on the new LinkedIn Initiatives.

1. Ads in Facebook Live Video:

The Facebook live video has received a tremendous response and now they  want to add commercial breaks or ads between these live videos. This presents a great prospect for advertisers.

As per the article by Adage, “These ads will be shown 15 mins into the broadcast and can last up to 15 secs or shorter.” Also “Facebook told advertisers that the video ads would be drawn from among promoted video campaigns already running on the platform, but some brands could opt out of having their ads appearing during live broadcasts.” Many brands have opted out owing to lack of data on performance and control

2. Google AdWords – Expanded Text Ads:

Google AdWords has recently introduced expanded text ads. This means they have increased character limits for the texts ads creating more space when compared to standard ads. These ads are also mobile optimised.

See below tables for comparing Standard to Expanded Text Ads

Standard ads must meet the following length requirements:

  Limit for most languages Limit for double-width characters
Headline 25 characters 12 characters
Description line 1 35 characters 17 characters
Description line 2 35 characters 17 characters
Display URL 255 characters (35 shown) 255 characters (17 shown)

Expanded Ad: must meet the following length requirements:

  Limit for most languages Limit for double-width characters
Headline 1 30 characters 15 characters
Headline 2 30 characters 15 characters
Description 80 characters 40 characters
URL Path fields (2) 15 characters each 7 characters each

But, we still don’t have enough data to see how this new feature impacts the performance of ads. As per “Variation in performance between Expanded Text Ads and standard ads can look quite different depending on if you’re looking at “top” or “other.” One travel client found that CTR on Expanded Text Ads was 32 percent higher when appearing in the banner but only 10 percent higher when appearing at the bottom of the page.

3. LinkedIn:

As per LinkedIn has rolled it’s 3 step initiative LinkedIn Lite, LinkedIn Placements and LinkedIn starter Pack.

  1. LinkedIn Lite: A stripped down version to ensure even 2G network users can also connect on this platform. This means faster load time, especially on mobile.
  2. LinkedIn Placement: This feature will allow students to take an assessment test online and get access to thousands of openings. Microsoft believes LinkedIn Placement will give a fair chance to students across the country even the rural areas.
  3. LinkedIn Start-ups: This one is for the small-medium businesses as well as start-ups. LinkedIn will provide, Premium hiring, Marketing and Learning solution in one package called LinkedIn a box. This is offer is on a first come first basis for most promising businesses.

Microsoft seems to aim at connecting and giving a fair chance to all, whether you are from a city or from a village. But the question that comes up is whether tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India aware of LinkedIn? Creating awareness for these new markets would prove beneficial.

As for ads in Facebook live feed does give a great opportunity for brands. But it is crucial to establish a connection with the video content and the ad that is shown. How does one control which ads are shown in which live video? Although they are still in an experimenting phase, it would be interesting to see how they come up with a strategy for brands to leverage this.

Marketers can use the extra space in the expanded ads format. But, this is a new addition and it would be better to test ads for both standard and expanded format. Analyse both their performances and see which one works better for the brand.

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Digital Marketing Skills 2016 2017

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Must Have Skills for a Today’s Digital Marketer

Skills for a Modern Marketer

Having nightmares before the Interview…? Especially if it’s your dream job and you want to give your best and you always feel as if there were some mantras that would affirm success in your interview, then nothing like it…

I am sure every one of us has faced the situations like this, no matter how well you are prepared. It was no different for me until I mustered all my courage to call my mentor Suresh (CEO-Web Marketing Academy – Bangalore), a day before my interview for a Digital Marketing Manager position.

“What is your USP that differentiates from other Digital Marketers? “. This thought has been lingering in me, until I spoke to Suresh… who gave a new dimension to my thought process and confidence.

Let’s walk through the essential skills and tools that are required in this Digital world (sic), which sets you apart from other Digital Marketers and helps to stay ahead of other competitors. So let’s login to the discussion “To stay ahead of your competition” on the Skill sets required for a Digital Marketing professional. This content has been created by Staff and Students of Web Marketing Academy, Bangalore.

This podcast speaks elaborately on below summarized points. These have helped me to overcome the challenges during my interviews and I feel this would be useful for anyone who is looking to make a career in Digital Marketing.

1. Content and Content Marketing

Content: Benjamin Franklin has rightly said… Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”. We need to accept undoubtedly that “Content is King”. But how is it related to Digital Marketing? The illustration below depicts the role of Content in Digital Marketing and the content creation lifecycle. Content has become a strategic asset for a person or a company and is an important component flowing across the digital, social and mobile web.

Fig 1: Role of Content in Digital Marketing

Role of Content

Fig 2: Lifecycle of Content creation

Content Creation

Content Marketing:  Focuses on creating, distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain customer/audience. Implement SEO for your content.

Content Marketing tools: Be it writing blogs / presentations / boosting the brand / poster creation / etc. you just can’t afford to miss the little tools which help us get the content created and shared.

  1. Canva – This one-stop graphical design platform gives a wide assortment of design tools for all business and personal requirements
  2. Adobe Illustrator-Enables the user with free hand drawing and develops creativity
  3. Adobe spark-Free visual storytelling tool
  4. Pic to chart-Visual representation has taken over the world of content
  5. Skitch – Take screen shots/access photos, edit, annotate by adding them to a simple palette of drawing. Comes handy when few sections of the images needs to be highlighted
  6. And many more

Last but not the least our mobile phones have apps like Instagram, YouTube and others, which serves as content creator and can be created and shared “on the go”.  

2. Adapting to ever changing trends in Digital Marketing

Change is the process of life and Digital marketing is no different. It’s for us to decide whether to change or get stagnated at a particular role or Job. In today’s world, Digital Marketing trends are rapidly changing and we have no choice but to accept and implement them in Digital Marketing strategy. The changes could emanate from the team, manager, or company but one need to be adaptable and has to follow the global mantra “Only constant in this universe is Change”.

Social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. help us keep updated on the changes and trends.

3. Speed

In this digital era content decays at a very fast rate. Information keeps coming and changes by the minute. Be the first one to adapt and make sure to create content that adds value to your profile. Snapchat videos can be created on the fly, which is a raw and unedited piece of content. Even this is fine, do not wait for the content to be scrubbed and polished before sharing it with others, else it may be too late and will become stale information. Is there a hurry to be the first? …certainly yes! So do it today and do it now…else you will miss the bus.

4. Learn how to overcome negativity

Thanks to the emergence of Social Media. Whether its Facebook or Twitter your every move is followed and tracked by people and they express their thoughts with Like/dislike, Emoticons, replies, etc. How to deal with negativity is a vital survival technique and how to overcome without being affected is a challenge which needs to be dealt wisely.

Be it your team members, seniors, family or social media, be open for criticism. Watch “Price of Shame” an inspiring TED talk by Monica Lewinsky, wherein she highlights the huge negative campaign that was heaped on her and how she withstood a culture of humiliation. Whether its Facebook

5. Obsession with certifications

Certification helps recruiters to shortlist your profile from many others, as it gives an extra edge while competing for a job. To summarize:

  • Practical knowledge is vital for Digital Marketing and implementing the acquired knowledge is what that counts during the job.
  • Case studies give lot of insights and help to come up with alternative solutions.
  • Introspect, decide and work on the aspects that you are not confident

Certification is not a ticket to the job, but just additional qualifier which brings much more confidence to the employer during interviews.

 6. Presence on platforms

Imagine your CV has links which shows your digital marketing presence on all media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, YouTube etc. Such a profile presents a very strong case and is one of the area which an employer would be interested in.

So why delay, go ahead and:

  • Share your thoughts on Twitter
  • Share your content on Slide Share
  • Record a video on topics of Digital Marketing
  • Go live on a classroom session/topic on Podcast
  • Share insights on LinkedIn
  • Be active on Quora
  • Start blogging frequently

Make your presence felt in as many Digital platforms as you can.

7. Be privy to Apps

Learn to use apps to make life easier. Mobile Marketing will be the next big thing and per recent survey the prediction is that in next five years 80% of the phones across the world will be smart phones.

Easier ways to keep tab on apps are:

  • Check Trending apps on Google play store
  • Check the usability statistics
  • Check the rating and reviews

Tune into the episode on the “First Podcast network “which have been bifurcated for different genres.

8. Presentation and communication skills

Let us take a scenario where during an interview if you are asked to present a topic related to what you have learnt in Digital Marketing, then you need to communicate very well with all the knowledge you have and that too in a convincing manner. So “Anything which isn’t presented well doesn’t sell”, whether its dish, product or person. The key points to remember are:

  • Work on the presentation skills
  • Effectively communicate in all discussions and interactions

Other references and Resources which are very useful are: Michael Hyatt blogs, Presentation Zen , “Everybody writes” – a book by Ann Handely, Presentation Tips by Gar Reynolds.

9. Analyze the predictions and get updated

A great way to keep up the pace with Digital world is to have an eye on the trends of the top tier companies. Look at the bits of information which helps to know which way the world is moving. Information may come in different forms and sizes like Quarterly reports, Patents filed, press releases, etc. Visit web sites which give prediction of social media and then channelize where you want to be in the digital marketing space. For example, Tesla’s interest in solar farm project, Apples foray into Health Segment, Googles VR project are few of the examples of things that may shape the world in coming days. It is better to keep watch on all interesting and newer stuffs happening around us.

10. Learn on the fly

It’s a digital era and everything happens instantly in this space. So it is “Now or never”. It is fine if there are few hits and misses but at least you are on the path of adapting to trends. Important things to note:

  • Record /document every bit of things that are done
  • Keep few of your podcasts and videos handy to show it to the interviewer. This serves as a proof of your presence on media.

11. Get things done

There are multiple solutions to each and every problem that comes in our way. Think and provide / suggest options of how to deal/ approach a problem. Don’t hesitate in taking risks, if required seek help. Nowadays it is preferred to get things done quickly rather than solving the problem in a perfect way which mostly takes longer time.

12. Make Mistakes and learn from it

Henry ford has rightly said that “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing”. Stop nagging for perfection, keep learning from mistakes. If you record your mistake and learn from it, that is even better as it brings in more credentials to your profile

In conclusion, Digital Marketers need to develop and strengthen their presence online by delivering value in the form of relevance and quality of their content. Content marketing and storytelling are as old as human beings. We always need to convey important information in useful ways. Social media is the latest evolution in the way we can share our stories. Go for it and make the maximum use of it to enhance your careers.

Author: Poornima Ravishankar

Editor: Madhur Phadnis