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45 Tools Online Marketers Use & How you can Use it too..

OME Community September Meet up brought to you by Web Marketing Academy
Come join our monthly meet ups in Christ University, where we share tips, tricks and how to’s of Online Marketing. Over 450 active online marketing enthusiasts discuss and share tips
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Pictures of September Meetup :
1.       Welcome note: Swati
2.       Introduction: Suresh Babu, Founder WMA, OME Community
3.       35 Tools Online Marketers Use & how you can use these tools: Suresh Babu
4.       11 more tools: Shartaj
5.       Questions – Answers
6.       Visibility magazine goes to top participants
7.       Group picture & Adios!


Q: How are Google Insight & Google Trends different from an average Google search?
A: Google only gives results in form of websites with those keywords. The others help analyze, research & gain additional knowledge.
Q: Does Google Insight give demographic data?
A: Yes it does. If the domain name is given under the website option, then demographics are shown.
Q: How reliable are the Google tools?
A: They are close to accurate; It takes data used by users who have entered their details
Q: Can I customize my Ads, as per my requirements?
A: Yes. Exactly as per requirement depending on product, timing, geographical location, revenue, discounts & target market.
Q: What is the customer psyche on seeing same ads in separate websites? Can I use this technique for my Ads?
A: Trying & testing on different websites needs to be done to see how the Ad performs in separate sites. Tools like website optimizer or A/B testing could be used.
Q: During retargeting, or offering something on a discount can I enable/customize it based on time or give it a time limit
A: yes. It can be done
Q: Can we us Google Insights with filters of the type of Muck Rack?
A: Yes
Q: Isn’t Spy Fu an infringement?
A: No. It takes data that websites offer openly
Q: From where does get the data? What is its source of income?
A: They have internal archives & libraries
Q: Google Trends Vs Google Insights?
A: Google trends: day to day activity; exact data; has data for 3 countries-US, UK & India
Google insights: overall analysis

Life at Web Marketing Academy

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Learning Digital Marketing with fun at web marketing academy Bangalore. Students having good time at WMA, Indira Nagar, Bangalore office.







Job Placements. Campus Recruit @ WMA

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Campus Recruitment at Web Marketing Academy Bangalore


Ashwin Ramesh at Web Marketing Academy Bangalore


Following up our previous post on Why a WMA-ite is hired, here is a superb piece of news that I want to share with you.

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that Organic Apex from Chennai, very recently conducted a Digital Marketing recruitment drive at WMA, extending offers to 6 of our students, with the average annual package being in the range of Rs.3.8 – Rs.4 Lakhs per annum for freshers. I extend my hearty congratulations to each of them for this wonderful achievement, and a huge thanks to Organic Apex for recognizing the talent and expertise of WMA-ites in digital marketing.

Importance of Digital Marketing & Scope in India

Digital Marketing has now become a stream of marketing that cannot be ignored any longer. It is for everyone, you, me, huge business houses, small start-up businesses, medium sized companies, et all. Digital Marketing has a solution for everyone. The trick is in applying your mind to saying that story you want to share in the most interesting format with the right target audience, through the right medium for communicating your story.

The very fact that you are reading this, you may want to share this, you visiting our WMA page on Facebook or Twitter, you wanting to join our OME community on Facebook, all this and more, just go to show your interest and growing curiosity in the very world of Digital Marketing. This is what these students recognized and acknowledged and hence joined WMA.

Read our students testimonials, or watch what they have to say about us here. Our Digital Marketing Courses will not only help you become a complete marketer, but will guide you in building stronger career.

If you know anyone who can benefit from this, please do share

Wishing you and each WMA-ite the very best and a bright future ahead.

Suresh Babu,
CEO & Founder,
Web Marketing Academy (WMA)
Official Facebook page:
Handheld: + 91 9731388721

10 Reasons Why a WMA-ite is Hired

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Hiring Digital Marketing Professionals ??

Its very important to find the right set of talent for roles in Digital Marketing. At #WMA, we did a quick dip stick into our past and current batches, and have jotted down a quick list of qualities that a Digital marketer should have, or you must consider if you are hiring a digital marketer.

Qualities of a Digital Marketing Professional & 10 Reasons Why a WMA-ite is Hired


1. Very fresh thoughts, young and extremely talented
2. Very passionate about Digital Marketing, always looking at further enhancing their skills
3. They have had hands-on practical experience in Digital Marketing through the course at WMA. They not only learn digital marketing but practice and absorb it in their day to day life
4. Not afraid to explore new opportunities
5. Each student depicts an unique talent, like some have been expert storytellers; some were superb motivators – very crucial qualities to have for digital marketing.
6. These students showcased good communication skills
7. Most of these students are extroverts, an extremely important quality to look out for to excel in the digital social space. People skills offline or online, always come handy.
8. Effective team players – another quality that a good digital marketer should portray.
9. They live and breathe technology and are always up-to date with the latest platforms
10. Most importantly, they are fun to work with.

Some other vital reasons we have seen in students getting hired from WMA:

  • They go beyond the class room sessions, to participate in networking events, both online & offline
  • WMA gives them a platform to interact with other professionals from varied backgrounds, like engineering, management, hospitality, etc. This enhanced the creativity in a batch, encouraging different thinking and different questions. This exposure has surely helped gain different perspectives, allowing an individual to grow into a complete digital marketer.

Below are snapshots of a regular afternoon class at WMA. This batch is expected to complete their Digital Marketing course in the next 30 days. With this batch, our Lead Faculty – Mr. Somesh Kumar also initiated a practice of ensuring that along with the course, each student picks one Social Media Site like Tumblr, Snap Chat, Medium, Instagram etc and becomes an expert in the same. These students then share their learnings with the rest in the batch.

IMG_5874 IMG_5781 IMG_5855


IMG_5819 IMG_5803 IMG_5873 IMG_5872 IMG_5777












Thank you @Nilu Big Hair Loud Mouth for the pictures

I am happy to e-introduce you to a few of them:

If you are looking for passionate Digital Marketers here are some of their profile. And please do share




Shree Ranjani Dhevi


GauravGaurav Patil


Deb  Debashish Boruah


IMG_5866  Aditya Bhargava


vinay  Vinay Easwaran


IMG_5869  Satish Kumar


Kaushal copy  Kaushal B. K.


  • Richa Singh:

Here are some of the videos of students who are already placed:

Matt Cutts in Pubcon

Matt Cutts in Pubcon


About the Author: Suresh Babu  is the Founder of Web Marketing Academy and the Founder of OME Community. He educates and mentors professionals, students, small businesses, corporates and organizations with SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing Strategies through Hands-On One on One training sessions, workshops, meetings, seminars and speaking. Suresh Babu’s Google+ Page

25 Things I learned from renovating our office + Tips you can use

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25 things I learnt in the process of setting up the all New WMA Office @ Indiranagar 12th Main

4 months, & our new office @ 12th Main, Indira Nagar Bangalore, is finally ready. We were lucky to find a  place as spacious and  easily accessible as this. Do drop by, we would love you to come and see it. Google Maps Link:

IMG_1866 IMG_1263

IMG_1238 IMG_1233



WMA New Office IMG_1254






During these 4 months, I learned quite a bit about design, renovation, working with contractors, coordinating and getting our hands dirty. Here are a few quick learning’s, I would like to share with you if you are planning to move, renovate or build a new office.

1. Like SEO, getting close to having your perfect office is an on-going process. Be ready to launch at a fixed time

2. You will need to invest, sometimes even more than you budgeted for, if you are want the desired results, i.e. – the office to look the way you like it

3. Like every marketing campaign, the start is to do a good and thorough research. Research for good contractors. Word of mouth works and that is the best resource you can get to find a good contractor.
Resources: Put Me In Touch Facebook Page:

4. Spell out the expectations. Clearly communicate your expectations with the contractors, vendors

5. Measuring a marketing campaign at timely intervals is a good practice of a marketing manager. Similarly, in constructing a new office, timely interventions of measuring various factors like the quotes given for materials, etc helps.  Example would be in the case the old/ existing wires are worn out & they have to change it, an in time. Measurement of this would surely help speed the entire process.

6. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a time consuming process. And in the construction of an office, it could not be more true. Keeping a buffer, of at least twice the expected finish time, should help in realistically measurement.

7. We need to be fully aware of what is being offered and what we are paying for. So, read the contract carefully before you sign and clarify things up front.

8. Be careful of payment terms. In my suggestion I’d say that a known person taking full advance payment is acceptable, but to an unknown contractor I’d pay not more than 25% as advance payment. This is similar to a marketing campaign, where we spend an experimental amount on mediums/platforms lesser known to us, to sew how they perform and what the outcome is.

9. One. Should define their own terms & conditions. An example would be to give 25% as advance for a particular material, & balance once the material is there

10. Like each medium of advertising is specialized to deliver what its best at, similarly there are different specialized sources for different things. Find the time to locate them. Ready made materials like carpets, blinds, Glass etc have their own people, if you can dedicate some time to find these people, you can save a lot of money. They will bring the sample & install it for you

11. Let the experts handle what they are good at. If you are using glass partition, let the folks specializing in glass partitions take the measurement rather than the contractors. I learned this the hard way, the measurement given by the contractors to the glass people and ceiling dint match, & we landed up having to redo

12. Some things are best left for the last. Carpeting is surely one of those things.

13. Details matter. Whether you are building a marketing plan, or constructing a new office.

14. Like in your marketing plan, being hands – on, is extremely important even while getting your. New office constructed. I am not saying you should micro manage but just being there will make a lot of difference in detailing out things.

15. People skills matter. Treating people correctly can work wonders. A word of appreciation and sometimes doing little things, like getting something for them will work to your advantage.

16. Technology everywhere. Encourage your people at the office site to use whatsapp to share the progress of the project, samples etc. It was great to see people at my site doing so. Communication always helps.

17. Use visuals to show them what you expect. Pinterest, Google Images are handy resources.

18. If it is a residential area, ask them to stop by 8 pm or before. You don’t want to bother your neighbors while they are relaxing

19. Keeping a back up plan is as good to have on construction of an office, as it is to have while preparing your marketing plans. Always keep a plan B. In case you are not satisfied with the contractor, it will be a handy tool to execute without any further delays

20. Clearing up the mess of the day, in that day, is a good practice. Ask of them to clear the days scrap as and when they finish. This will show you that the work is progressing.

21. Keep 3—5 days for cleaning, moving and setting up

22. Dry runs are as important.  Conduct some meetings, classes before the final move in, so that you can see what is working, if there are any problems you can fix them before the official launch

23. Sign off with the contractor after completion. Let the deal be complete

24. Keep the contact details handy, not just the contractors’ number but those of the carpenters, painters, plumbers, etc

25. Lastly and most importantly, coordinating within their team is crucial; it is like integrating digital to traditional marketing. The goals, objectives, vision should come from the top and the same vision should be throughout the organization. Like Social media, it is a holistic approach

I am really grateful and thankful to my wife, #wmastudents #faculty, #friends and everyone who helped me & WMA.  – & this is the bonus tip – To always be genuinely grateful & thankful to people who have stood by you.


Social Analytics with Bhupendra,CEO Simplify 360

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Social Analytics with Bhupendra,CEO Simplify 360 in Web Marketing Academy Guest Lecture Series, April 2014

From our Guest:

I enjoyed talking at WMA class. I found it interesting to see people with varied experiences and interests were present, and were amazing batch of interesting folks. I enjoyed the interaction. Future of Digital Media and Social Media is extremely bright, and as industry grows, all good professionals of the industry will see extra-ordinary growth — Bhupendra, CEO Simplify 360, Bangalore

Knowledge Sharing & Keep takeaways from the session:

Session – Social media marketing and its role in India and abroad

Bhupendra CEO, Simplify 360On April 5, 2014, the co-founder and CEO of Simplify360, Bhupendra Khanal joined us for a discussion on branding and communication strategy in the digital world.

It started with introductions by WMA students and Suresh Babu introducing Bhupendra Khanal. The discussion was based on the three pillars of a marketing strategy: Brand, communication and marketing.

Here are the details of the Q&A session which happened:

What is a Brand and how can we create a Brand?

According to Bhupendra Khanal it’s all about “Story Telling”. He mentioned that for any brand to grab attention or to create recall it has to create a story, because people always remember stories.

He quoted the case of Café Coffee Day, as how they told the story about their brand and how they positioned themselves in the market. He quoted “Even though it’s a coffee shop, they didn’t focus on selling the coffee; they focused on selling the time”

Café Coffee Day positioned their outlets as the place to hang out when you’re meeting friends or going for a business meeting – That’s what we call as brand recall.

Social Media played a very crucial role in establishing the brand reputation of CCD – They came up with a print ad only when they had crossed 5000 crore mark.

Bhupendra also mentioned that Simplify360 helped a major telecom company to build its brand reputation with the help of social customer service. Their only goal was to beat the world’s most followed brand, another telecom giant. They built up their twitter profile which was in a way linked to the consumer care and with the help of social media command centre prepped up by Simplify360, they changed their Turnaround Time (TAT) to 6 minutes.

Talking about social media Branding and strategy building:

First thing Bhupendra suggested was that the marketer should first understand, what is the story that the consumer is going to relate to when he thinks about the product or the company – Even after the creation of the campaign what is that they can do best to reach out to the right audience,

Talking about media relations and brand communication:

As per Bhupendra, media and readers both are two sides of a coin. They share a simultaneous relation. Media only writes what readers like to read and readers only read what media writes.

Talking about his own company Simplify360, Bhupendra said that “we believe extensively in research and it has been our primary source of inspiration to work” – So he said that if you want media to write about you, either there has to be something consistently coming out, and hence you have to improve yourself in this process. Keeping in mind about readers and the media won’t be of any great help if you want to get noticed. You are either out of the loop or in the loop. The worst thing that you can do is call up a journalist and say that you have a great story to cover. No one would really call you back.

How Simplify 360 came into everyone’s notice?

Simplify360’s research team kept on researching about a lot of subjects. They kept on publishing about celebrities, IPL, Indian politics etc. The breakthrough happened when they were found by Economic Times and the research was published about Indian Elections 2014.

Bhupendra also added by saying that there has to be proper discipline and ways to find how things are made ‘operational’.

They maintain a strict strategy of publishing one research paper a week.

Powerful tip to build a strategy for social media marketing or even digital marketing:

Why and how to build up a great social or even digital marketing plan? This was the most interesting session and Bhupendra kept on emphasising on the words “story telling” as part of the social or digital marketing strategy. He described three simple steps:-

  1. Content
  2. Design
  3. Timing

Content- A content is always about a story that you would like to build around your product. There has to be different stories for different segments of product. There has to be different story for a technological product and other products. There has to be different communication approach to understand the product and the consumer behavior towards it.

Design- He further divided it into three different aspects:

a) Functional – usable, features

b) Color and look

c) Emotive aspect

Timing – The right time to launch and the right time to reach out.

He gave the example of Narendra Modi’s campaign which was aired during live cricket streaming for ICC T20.

Guidelines discussed for building up content strategy including KPIs and ROI measurement.

With every dollar spent, marketers are faced with the question of ROI and measurement of the content marketing activities.

The best way to measure social media effectiveness is to see the buzz that is being generated.

Three simple points to be followed which proves the success of all your campaigns are:

a) Engagement rate

b) Community size

c) Reach

Defining reach and use of different social platforms:

Businesses should understand which social platform would best describe their product and help build the community.

Giving the example of Simplify360, Mr. Khanal quoted that SlideShare turned out to be the best place for them as they give away a lot of research based presentations which is like a brief insight of their work.

Thus, if there is something to do with lots of pictures, then Pinterest would be the best place and so on. On asked what is the best platform to choose and is it necessary to be present, everywhere Mr. Bhupendra replied that as an organization there is no option to chose but be present everywhere, yet choose the priority over the other.

How social media helps in hiring? Are organizations/hiring managers really looking at our profiles?

With a big smile Mr. Bhupendra said, YES. Organizations and hiring managers are looking at Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media activity including blogs and opinions posted by you.

It has become very important to brand yourself and social media is the best way to do it. Simplify360 has hired lot of people looking at their profiles. One of the designers was hired when he shared his work on Flickr.

What is a research process and what’s the best way to do it?

In our case, research is basically the resource you want to share with the prospect or client or our readers. Resource, here means content that would be written.

So, this resource could be different to the media (reader’s perspective) and, different to the CMOs (insights).

The simplest way of doing a research starts with:

a)     Data research

b)     Cleaning the data

c)     Data mining

d)     Data presentation(resource)

Tip: Every data should be presented properly. A great deck can actually make or break the deal.

What is the Future of Social media in India?

Social media is all about sharing. In India being social is a part of our culture. Indians are most social after Brazilians and Koreans.

In Western countries people do not share much in person, so they need a virtual medium to find places, talk to people and most importantly socialise. Indians always have shared in person. Social Networks are only amplifying it.

So, be it Hi5, Orkut, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other emerging social media platforms,  Indians would never stop sharing and social media would always be part of us.

According to him the figure of 92 million people using Facebook will increase significantly, and with the growing economy there is possibility that Social Media Marketing may increase 50 times in the next few years.

What makes Simplify360 stand out in respect to others like Hoot Suite?

Hootsuite is a social media analytics tool which gives you free access, while Simplify360 is a complete social media business solution and provides advanced business solutions according to client needs in every area.

What are Simplify360’s major clients?

Simplify360 is working closely with 70 media agencies, 7 BPO companies and several enterprises including ITC Foods, Star TV, HDFC Bank, HGS Interactive, WPP, Havas and Publicis.

2500 Organic LIKES for a blog post in less than 2 Weeks ! How did we achieve this?

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Blog Post Title: 37 Tips on Getting Most Out of any Conference in India + How to Plan, Attend Social Media Week Bangalore. Link to the blog post:
Date published: Feb 09, 2014
Amount Spent:
Facebook ads : $ 20. Paid Likes(Engagement) : 400
Organic Facebook Page Likes: 2500


Blog Post - How we got 2500 Likes for this blog post

A quick summary:

  1. Research. Most important point to remember.
  2. Listen. To your potential clients carefully, pay attention to their problems and give solution
  3. Network. Attend events and effectively use the time and opportunity to meet new people and engage in relevant topic related discussions to get their point of view
  4. Relevant Content. Write content based on actual incidents, quoting the high points and pain points you faced or you experienced. useful content always pays off
  5. Appropriate Title. Come up with a good blog post Title ( Include statistics / promise/  emotions/questions)
  6. Related Image. Use a personalized applicable picture rather than a stock photo.
  7. Summary. Giving highlights and bullet points of the blog for a reader to quickly scan the post
  8. Promote. Good content needs to be promoted to get the eyeballs. Promote even if you have to boost your post in Facebook
  9. Shorter URL links. Before you share the blog post, use Google URL builder and URL shortner
  10. Share Reference Material. Learn to share articles, books, blog posts, reference materials, so one can learn from each other.

How we got started?

SMWBangalore was held between Feb 21- 27th 2014 , WMA was the Official Digital Knowledge partner and helped Social Media Week in their digital marketing strategy by ensuring a higher number of  registrations for the event.

As part of our Social Media Marketing to promote SMWBangalore, we explored the option of utilizing our blog too. Hence, after researching and talking to a lot of potential SMW attendees, we decided that the most relevant would be  a blog post which would give information about what to expect at SMW, how to plan for the events as they would span across 5 days and also since a lot of people would travel from outside Bangalore we decided to give some more information.

Disclaimer: Analysis and insights are my thoughts and based on what we did, it might work or may not work for you or your business. I just want to share what we did, how we did and the outcomes.

Facebook Insights for Blog Post

How WMA came up with this blog post:

So we put our thinking caps on and started asking certain questions – how can we give useful, relevant and important information to the participants. Some of the queries we pondered over included :

  • Which sessions should one attend?
  • Where to stay?
  • Are the locations close to each other?
  • How far do I have to travel each day?
  • Which hotels can be considered?
  • What about the dress code?

Marketing & Promotional activities we did for SMW Bangalore:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Facebook ads
  • Awareness
  • Blog posts
  • Email marketing
  • PPC
  • Offline – Posters in Universities

We covered the main query most people have in their mind – Why one should attend these events and what would they benefit from it:

  • Learning
  • Most importantly networking
  • To hire/hired
  • Business cards

Certain other topics we knew people wanted to know included – About Bangalore & the Venue

  • Traffic & Peak hours
  • Hotels located closer to SMW venues
  • Wi-fi in all these location
  • Plug points to charge the laptop, mobile
  • Weather
  • Recommend the best possible mode of travel

We knew that by giving these tips, those attending the event will be better prepared would get an idea of what to expect.

Google Analytics for How we got 2900 Facebook Likes Blog Post

Things that helped:

  • The Title for the post contributed
  • Using numbers 37 Tips on Getting Most  
  • Additional headlines such as  Tips, How to’s +
  • The Image used
  • Highlights and bullet points so the reader can scan the post
  • Bottom line useful information they can help them, their friends and family. So yes useful content always pays off
  • Coming up with good content is one challenge and promoting/marketing that content is the next challenge
  • Total amount spent on Facebook Ads: $ 20.00 and got 400 Engagements (liked, commented, shared)
  • Organic likes were way higher than ads


Google URL Builder for Blog posts

Resources which we found extremely interesting and that helped us too:

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk: The Secret to Networking? Leverage
  2. Why you suck at Networking:
  3. Networking Tips for Introverts:
  4. add/build your custom tags, shorten the URL with URL shorterner : Login with gmail to get more data so that you can track in Google Analytics
  5. If you like this post and think this will be useful for your friends & family, please do share

This is what we teach and share with you at Web Marketing Academy. So, if you would like to get started and take your Digital Marketing career to the next level, give us a call and we would be delighted to answer your queries.



Web Marketing Academy Bangalore Reviews by Alumni

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What our Alumni Say about Web Marketing Academy



12 Steps to Take Your Digital Marketing Career to the Next Level

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Mastering the Art of Becoming an All Star Digital/Social Media Marketer

Digital Marketing  – It’s Digital. It’s Online. It’s dynamic. It’s on-the-go marketing. It’s measurable. It speaks ROI. It’s today. It’s NOW.

The above facts are known and well established. They speak a lot of what digital marketing stands for. To achieve this, there is a lot that needs to be done.



The below post will help give an insight into what it really takes to get close to mastering the art of Digital Marketing and becoming a star in digital marketing.

Here is a quick synopsis of these points, for those of you who do not read (a sign a good digital marketer would want to change, starting now). There are a few resources and links included, and a tip from WMA which you may wish to follow.

  1. Relevant, detailed reporting and analyzing reports
  2. A good communicator can go a long way
  3. Industry leaders, a small list of must follows
  4. Attending Relevant Conferences. At least one a year
  5. Be a team player within your team and outside your team
  6. Build Content. Document everything you do, especially failures
  7. Learn at least one new skill
  8. Do one thing that you fear the most – daily.
  9.  Don’t forget to say Thank you/Sorry
  10. Be passionate and humble
  11. Share your knowledge
  12. You won’t be perfect in everything. Correct course as you go

1.  Relevant, Detailed Reporting & Analysis


Analysis Website Relevant reporting has been a long standing methodology to help analyze how well spent was the business money. To prepare reports, one must have a thorough understanding of the business objectives, goals/campaign objective.

In Digital Marketing, reporting and analyzing the reports is of utmost importance. There are various channels through which reports can be obtained, which give a clear understanding of how the campaign was performed, the target audience reached, the conversions (if any).

A WMA case-study:
Problem Statement:
A client of ours recently wanted to know how effective will Google ads & Facebook ads be, and how would ROI be measured?

Our Suggestion: What we told them was simple. We dint want them to spend their money on something they were unsure of. So we suggested that they allocate a limited budget and test these ads for one month, and based on the results, they can go for the execution of the complete campaign.

Our Solution: Based on research and industry standards, we came up with approximate website clicks, and ran Google ads, display ads & Facebook ads for the limited budget. At the end of the month, we were able to present a detailed report that showed the number of clicks, what was done to achieve their goals, visitor’s trend, location and what action they took including conversion and revenue from these channels. We analyzed these reports and gave insights on what could possibly work for future campaigns and also what would surely not.

Reference material to go through:

 ” Do Something Surprising: Don’t Puke Data Out “– Avinash Kaushik.

In this blog post “How to excite people about web analytics Avinash gives 5 tips

 Avinash’s posts will delight you and mesmerize you into the world of Analytics

WMA Tip for You : Focus this year of 2014 on analyzing and reporting that matters, instead of just sending downloaded reports to your clients. Eye for detail is what will help you get better analytics. It’s time to surprise your clients with some awesome reports and deep dive analysis into them.

2.  A Good Communicator can go a long way

IMG_0499The art of story-telling. How many times have we been told the importance of this? Here is once more. We cannot stress on this enough. It’s all about how you tell your story. Period.

Be it internal or external communication, learning to tell the story in the most interesting, charming and clear manner is the trick.



-     Join a local toast master club

-       Join a local meetup where you get an opportunity to talk to the group.

-       Join the OME Community.

-       Story telling resources:

-       Easily Learn 100 TED Talks Lessons In 5 Minutes-

-       Read this book:  Gary Vaynerchuk

WMA Tip for You: Content is of utmost importance. Focus on selling that content in the most exciting, motivating and clear manner. Keep it short and smart.

 3.   Industry Leaders, a small list of must follows.

Matt Cutts in Pubcon

Matt Cutts in Pubcon

Influencer’s. Motivators. Thinkers. These are people who have the ability to think differently. Do things differently. These are people to get inspired by.

-      Matt Cutts  –
-      Gary Vaynerchuck
-      Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal       -       Kiruba Shankar

WMA Tip for You: Following industry leaders and successful people helps us fine-tune the way we think, the way we speak, the way we present ourselves to the outside world. So let’s focus on learning from them, imbibing their skill sets, and practicing what they do best.

 4.  Attending Relevant Conferences. At least one a year.

SES Conference New Delhi

SES Conference New Delhi

Attending a conference to gain knowledge is as important as attending an event to interact with like-minded people and network with them.

Last October I attended Pubcon, where 2500 marketers meet for almost a week. It was my big opportunity to meet Matt Cutts  & interview him along with a few others


-       Pub Con   -

-       Social Media Week

-       Start up Saturday

WMA Tip for You: Attend a relevant digital marketing conference and atleast 3 events in this year. Grow your network by at least 3 new key contacts from the industry.

 5.   Be a Team Player within & outside your team

Digital Marketing Session in B Schools India

Digital Marketing Session in B Schools

Yes! It is all about socializing
. On the social world and in person too. A good digital marketer is a great team player. They interact with people, exchange ideas, learn and share new methods to how to best connect virtually with your target audience, industry trends, etc.


-       Managers Tool   –

-       Michael Hyatt –

-       Forbes –

WMA Tip for You: When you have team meetings, make it a point for everyone to share five things they learned something new that week and document that as an internal knowledge hub. Today digital marketing is not your team, it’s a holistic approach from customer support to HR. Also, meet one person a week outside your team and spend some time with them, encourage your team members to do the same too.

6.  Build Content. Document everything, especially failures

Digital Marketing in Christ University

Digital Marketing in Christ University

Documenting your progress is an excellent way to self-learn and unlearn. Yes, unlearn too. Document all your campaigns, the reports, the analysis etc. Make sure you document the process of doing all these too.


-       David Allen. Getting things done  –

-       37 Signals –

-       Rework book –

WMA Tip for You: Convert these documents into content. Into case-studies. Into success stories. Into how you learnt from your failures.

7.  Learn at least One New Skill.

Google Day

Google Day Auto

Apart from your regular learning, make it a habit to learn one additional skill. If you are an expert in SEO, learn web analytics, photo shop, social media, anything that will add to your networking skills, or your digital marketing skills, or your personality. Because a good digital marketer, should also be a good networker, a good content generator and a great story teller.


-       Google Analytics  –

-       Moocs  -

-       You Tube Edu –

-       Enroll in a creative workshop-photography, theatre anything

WMA Tip for You: Learn a new skill like Web Analytics in the first half of this year. Let the second half be a skill you pick up in story telling.

8.  Do One Thing that you fear the most – Daily.

This one is from Tim Ferris book the four hour work week. “What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.”
Timothy Ferriss


-       Tim Ferris  –

-       4 Hour work week –

WMA Tip for You: Don’t think. Just go for it.

& these are pretty much as straight forward as they could get…

9. Don’t forget to say Thank you/Sorry

10.  Be passionate and humble

11.  Share your knowledge

12. You wont be perfect in everything. Correct course as you go


Additional Resources:

13. Subscribe to these Podcasts (Listen to keep up with the Industry) :

  • Web Master Radio:

14. Listen to Audio books:


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WMA’s New International Venture – Fox Web Marketing Media Florida

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We are groAndy Fox, Bradentonwing. Web Marketing Academy proudly announces its first international tie – up with the Fox Business Group LLC, Florida to start a new venture. Like the belief of both the companies, the new venture will help increase awareness of Digital Marketing, Education in Digital Marketing, assist businesses in their digital strategies and grow their digital presence.

” This venture is launched to provide exclusive digital marketing training and workshops as well as other services ” Read the press release in The Bradenton Times here

About Fox Biz Group :

About WMA:




Social Media Week Bangalore PPT. Digital Marketing for Start Up’s

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Social Media Week Bangalore Speakers Slides. Web Marketing Academy Hosted three Workshops, Panel on Digital Marketing, Remarketing.


It is our tradition in all of our talks, we first have a few minutes of Introduction session before the session, we will be amazed how much we can learn from each other and events like #SMWBangalore are great place to meet and network with like minded people and it is like an ice breaker.

Social Media Week Bangalore

Introduction during WMA’s Event









  1. Started how I moved from Chef to Digital Marketing, the interest started when my cousin introduced me to Yahoo chat in 2000
  2. My journey . 2002 where I had an opportunity to learn Digital Marketing in Florida
  3. Moved to India, started OME Community
  4. What made me quit my job as a Digital Marketing Manager for a travel company
  5. Thought would get a lot of students but it took more than 6 months to get my first student
  6. And where WMA is now. Thanks to my current students, Alumni, Staff and Friends
  7. Spoke about 3 Challenges Start up face
  8. 1. Answers (Content/Story telling/Information)
  9. Showed a video of how a 5 year old search You Tube. (We all consume content differently are you ready with your content in all format ? )
  10. How to come up with answers. See attached worksheet
  11. 2. Channels. Identify the right channel where your target audience are and know the advantages for each channel
  12. 3. Execute before that how to measure using Google URL builder
  13. And resources to help come up with content

 Suresh Babu’s Slide on Digital Marketing for Start ups in Social Media Week Bangalore

How a 5 year old searches You Tube using Voice Search

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Download the PDF worksheet here: Content worksheet