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45 Tools Online Marketers Use & How you can Use it too..

OME Community September Meet up brought to you by Web Marketing Academy
Come join our monthly meet ups in Christ University, where we share tips, tricks and how to’s of Online Marketing. Over 450 active online marketing enthusiasts discuss and share tips
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Pictures of September Meetup :
1.       Welcome note: Swati
2.       Introduction: Suresh Babu, Founder WMA, OME Community
3.       35 Tools Online Marketers Use & how you can use these tools: Suresh Babu
4.       11 more tools: Shartaj
5.       Questions – Answers
6.       Visibility magazine goes to top participants
7.       Group picture & Adios!


Q: How are Google Insight & Google Trends different from an average Google search?
A: Google only gives results in form of websites with those keywords. The others help analyze, research & gain additional knowledge.
Q: Does Google Insight give demographic data?
A: Yes it does. If the domain name is given under the website option, then demographics are shown.
Q: How reliable are the Google tools?
A: They are close to accurate; It takes data used by users who have entered their details
Q: Can I customize my Ads, as per my requirements?
A: Yes. Exactly as per requirement depending on product, timing, geographical location, revenue, discounts & target market.
Q: What is the customer psyche on seeing same ads in separate websites? Can I use this technique for my Ads?
A: Trying & testing on different websites needs to be done to see how the Ad performs in separate sites. Tools like website optimizer or A/B testing could be used.
Q: During retargeting, or offering something on a discount can I enable/customize it based on time or give it a time limit
A: yes. It can be done
Q: Can we us Google Insights with filters of the type of Muck Rack?
A: Yes
Q: Isn’t Spy Fu an infringement?
A: No. It takes data that websites offer openly
Q: From where does get the data? What is its source of income?
A: They have internal archives & libraries
Q: Google Trends Vs Google Insights?
A: Google trends: day to day activity; exact data; has data for 3 countries-US, UK & India
Google insights: overall analysis

Google Mobile Friendly Update, Mobilegeddon in India

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Mobilegeddon – Google Mobile Friendly Update (April 21st, 2015)

Official blog post by Google Web Master Central Blog (India)

According to Google Web Master Central Blog, Google has announced the Rollout and here are the few points from the Official Google webmaster central blog

Google Mobile Update

Google Mobile Update April 21st Blog post


1. Boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results
(MSERP, Mobile search engine results page?)


2. Google also used the words like high quality and relevant results where text is readable without tapping or zooming (No matter what updates are coming, high quality and relevancy is the key. Here’s more on what is high quality content by Amit Singhal Without tapping or zooming, how many times we get frustrated when we try to zoom we hit the wrong button, we will be fixing our website soon making the readable text without zooming or tapping.


3. Tap targets are spaced appropriately. According to Smashing magazine, Apple recommends a minimum target size of 44 pixels wide 44 pixels tall. Read the entire article on Finger-Friendly Design: Ideal Mobile Touchscreen Target Sizes


4. The page avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling – (e.g Flash content)

5. According to the blog post, these update:

      • Affects only search rankings on mobile devices
      • Affects search results in all languages globally
      • Applies to individual pages, not entire websites


6. Please note, the post says, Google will still use a variety of signals to rank search results. Atleast as of now the other signals matters, but that might change in the future

7. This point is interesting, ” The intent of the search query is still a very strong signal – so even if a page with high quality content is not mobile-friendly, it could still rank high if it has great content for the query” (Couple of things to note here. 1. As always Google gives results based on the intent of the search query, that is what we try to understand in our keyword research class at WMA and post on keyword research here # 2. High quality content, note it says even if the page is not mobile friendly, Content does matter. Focus on giving great value to the users in terms of content, it will always pay off :)


8. To check you can examine individual page here with the mobile friendly test  or check the status of your entire site through the Mobile Usability report in Webmaster Tools.( Make sure you check all the pages not just the home page)


9. Another quote from the post.” If your site’s pages aren’t mobile-friendly, there may be a significant decrease in mobile traffic from Google Search But have no fear, once your site becomes mobile-friendly, we will automatically re-process (i.e., crawl and index) your pages” Mobile friendly guide ( Please note, there will be a significant decrease in mobile traffic from Google, so let’s pay attention !)


10. You can submit via webmaster tools but as per the post Google will automatically re-process

Read the entire article on Google Mobile Friendly Update here

Mobilegeddon  – Google Mobile  Friendly Update FAQ

Google also wrote a blog post on FAQs about the April 21st mobile-friendly update 

Stay tuned for the next detailed post of FAQ’s on Google Mobile Friendly Update

About Suresh Babu

Suresh is the Founder of Web Marketing Academy, Internet marketing training, certification and consulting academy for corporate and students in Bangalore. He also Founded Online Marketing Enthusiast Community, a community of passionate online marketing enthusiast conducting monthly meet ups in Bangalore.

Suresh works closely with NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore helping startups with online marketing strategies. Prior to this, Suresh worked in the Florida for 8 years helping small businesses in web marketing, blogging.

His blog:

Google +

Digital Marketer Of The Week – Archan Vaggar

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Archan has been involved helping big brand names setup shop here in India. He has worked with popular MNCs but his thirst to learn something new and exciting lead him to WMA.


He likes the peer-group learning that he gets at WMA. He’s impressed by the fellow students that have come with varied experiences.

He likes Adwords certification. He’s enjoyed data analytics and looks forward to google analytics.

The tangible, measurable aspect of digital marketing is something he prefers. He also thinks


He’s involved in 3 different projects – 1 at his organization, 1 with WMA – Kings Kafe & Kitchen and another of his own.

Looks like Archan has teaching in his blood – his parents have been involved in teaching and training.

Archan suggests learning in a group setting – peer level learning can have a positive impact on your learning process.

His 2 cents: Be curious, blog, update your LinkedIn.…t-2-months/

Digital Marketer of the Week – Manjunath

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Manjunath is the “Digital Marketer of the Week”

A teacher is a professional and unlike any other professionals, the teacher too needs to keep up with latest developments in the field. Teachers like to be challenged, they like to learn new ways to be better at their professions. And also, a good teacher wants the students to learn.

Trainers at WMA are no exception to the above. When a student comes back with a query, clarification or a challenging question, there is new found enthusiasm among the trainers and they take special interest in the student’s case. One such student is Manjunath. His zeal and passion for Digital Marketing, to learn it right from a scratch and to learn it right brings in the urge to give more to students. Manjunath is a serial entrepreneur and a social media newbie. Before he was a part of the WMA community, he was handling data analysis for staffing solutions and quality. He loves Google as a company and is taken aback with the algorithms it uses to display search results.
WMA"s Digital Marketer of the week  - Manjunath
His passion for digital marketing led him to learn on his own. Even now if a task is allotted to him, he completes it. If he is unaware of certain concepts to complete the tasks, he makes sure that he learns, implements and completes the task irrespective of the time, be it noon, late evening night, mid night or the whole night, just the right qualities to take him places. We are sure that Manjunath will grow fast and be where he wants to be.
Here are a couple of resources Manjunath has for you to go through and gain: – Spencer Haws
Manjunath is also an avid blogger.

The Art of Socializing !

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Be Social

“Being Social in real life is the key to become successful in Social Media.” ~ Suresh Babu


Here’s how Students Learn Social Media Marketing in Bangalore #Web Marketing Academy – Socializing in real life


We had seen each other’s faces in the academy, maybe even exchanged smiles, but that was it. We didn’t know each other’s names because we were from different batches or different training timings. Let alone knowing each others’ likes and dislikes.

We spend a minimum of 10 hours a week in the academy, gazing at the going-ons, yet we know nothing about each other. How ridiculous could that be? In this era of Facebook and Twitter where we share our personal photos in seconds and all the “sweet moments” of our lives messaged in less than 140 characters – do we really consider spending some time getting to know others? In other words, are we REALLY social?

Breaking News                                                                                                                                                      

The students and the staff of Web Marketing Academy started their Monday like any other – excited, fresh and looking forward to learning something new. Learning something new, they did, with fun and style – that’s what this story is all about.

There was breaking news at a little past noon on April 6th, 2015. Our CEO Suresh Babu decided to take us out for lunch – ALL of us – the students and staff – together.

We were excited; no we were stoked to spend time together with everybody currently involved with WMA. And to have lunch at Kings Kafe & Kitchen at Marathahalli, this was great!

Get, Set, Go!

Social Media Class at Web Marketing Academy . Real SocialiseThe moment we got the news, we packed our bags and ran out the door. We had to co-ordinate with a couple team members before we left our office at around 2 pm. 2 cars, 8 bikes and we were off in a flash. Suresh ensured the people who traveled together in the cars or the bikes were people who hadn’t known each other in the past.

That was a smart move because during the travel, each had their chance to talk, know a few things about each other. When they finally arrived at the restaurant, it seemed like the seed of friendship had been sown. We traveled in Suresh’s car; we had 5 people in it. During our introduction, Suresh got to know that the student Meenakshi was from the same school as his spouse was. There was an instant connection. The conversation proceeded and a sense of friendship bloomed.

Unfamiliar Territory

Social Media Real Time in Web Marketing Academy BangaloreAnother smooth move came at the restaurant. Suresh ensured that the people who were seated next to each were someone they didn’t know before. At one point, there were a few confused glances wondering why this seating arrangement!

I mean we feel comfortable sitting next to people we know, don’t we? We could talk to them, share a smile or even perhaps exchange a couple desserts on the plate. Nope, that wasn’t meant to be.

We all found ourselves in unfamiliar territory. New restaurant, people we’d seen but never really interacted with. We have to admit, it was strange.

Ooh la la – the delicious food!

Socializing at WMA BangaloreThere were a few minutes prior to the luncheon, we had the opportunity to learn a few things with our ‘new’ partners, next seat. And again, like we found seeds of friendship sown during our travel to the restaurant, we felt a level comfort on getting to know each other a little bit.

Then of course, it was lunch time, we had some delicious food – mixed vegetable salads, potato fried, sweet corn soup, biryani, stewed vegetables, chicken gravy, paneer butter masala, chapattis, pizza, buns – you name it. I mean it was a feast! And while eating, having conversations with someone new next to you – someone who’s just become friends – is a great combo. Everyone should try it!

Did I mention the Desserts? Oh yeah, those were yum too!

And then Suresh’s story

After the exhausting session of eating, we were summoned to a meeting with Suresh.

Quickly, the chairs and tables were rearranged to give us a feeling of social setting. And right in the middle of the crowd was Suresh – with his stylish linen shirt and the casual jeans as he began to speak.

He gave a brief about his childhood, his employment, and his entry into the world of digital marketing. He also spoke about how he was this shy, introvert who wasn’t comfortable talking in public. And here he was now, grabbing everyone’s attention and imagination. He was telling his story.

Back to the beginning

Social Media in Real Life Suresh then explained the reason behind why ‘strangers’ were asked to ride pillion, he explained why the funny seating arrangement during lunch. Well, this luncheon had an ‘Objective’. And the objective was to get people to know each other, to understand each other – even a little bit. The objective was Socializing. We are all in the field of Digital Marketing – and we talk about Social Media Management and understanding the customer behaviour and so on, and so forth.

The point Suresh was trying to drive home was that – with all the latest and greatest of technology we shouldn’t lose the personal touch that makes us human. (The Social Element, the normal stuff like talking to a person, breaking bread with someone, the network, the community, the sense of togetherness, the hang out, real hangout)  And the foundation to our success in Social Media lies in our ability to meet people, interact with them, understand other’s likes and dislikes – in simple terms be sociable in real life and that my friends can rub off on your Social Media Management success.

Sometimes it isn’t easy. It wasn’t easy for Suresh either. He was scooted towards the direction of meeting people, speaking in public and sharing the knowledge and skills with strangers. It took time, but he made the efforts – today he is a success, someone who is making a mark in the Digital marketing space in India. So work at it, and the success shall be yours too.

Suresh tried this creative approach to make the lunch on a random Monday, a fun learning experience. And boy, did we all enjoy it – not just the delicious food but learning a great life lesson.

This entire week in Web Marketing Academy is going to be Be Social in Real Life Theme

Until next time, keep socializing.

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About the Author :

CM Manjunath is currently a trainee at Web Marketing Academy. He is a Digital Marketing Enthusiast who has a flair for providing value through writing.

You may check out his blog at:

Launched Digital Marketing Podcast – India

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Launched our New Digital Marketing Podcast – Digital India Podcast

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This Podcast is produced by students & staff of Web Marketing Academy BangaloreDigital Marketing Updates, Podcast India by WMA

Digital Marketing Podcast by WMA Students & Staff

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Digital India Podcast Episode 01 – Amazon Affiliate Marketing

WMA’s New Digital Marketing Podcast – Digital India Podcast. Weekly Digital Marketing Updates. News, Trends. Interviews with Digital Marketers, Students & Staff.

This Digital Marketing Podcast is produced by students & staff of Web Marketing Academy Bangalore.

Have an idea, topic to discuss, send us an email

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Thulasi Manoj – Digital Marketer of the Week @WMA

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Thulasi – The Digital Marketer of the Week

Thulasi Manoj. Digital Marketer of the Week at Web Marketing Academy Bangalore

Thulasi Manoj. Digital Marketer of the Week

Motivating Stories of Thulasi

Thulasi Manoj, a trainee is – always smiling and ready to help personality. With over a decade and a half of experience in the traditional advertising industry, she yearns to learn more about Digital Marketing, thus joining WMA. She is now turning out to be an avid blogger and the content bug seems to have caught on with her. Thus she makes her way to be the ‘marketer of the week @WMA. Here are a couple of her blogs –

  • Motivated by Mentor, Suresh Babu, Thulasi is Ready to face the dynamic industry of Digital Marketing with ease, thanks to WMA –
  • Attending the staunchly recommended Social Media Week, impressed by Himanshu Arora of –
  • Classes  – down to earth faculties, fun, complicated subjects broken down to look as simple as ABCD and more –
  • With a staunch recommendation Thulasi takes up Adwords Certification and gets her certificate –
  • Making SEO a cake walk, faculties teach complicated subjects with ease, making it even easier to learn and understand-
  • Less than three weeks into the course, Thulasi is a part of the team conversing with CEO’s, Five star chefs and leading the way for strategy and plan on live projects –

Here is a snippet of Thulasi Manoj speaking about her experience

Please share if you find it useful

Web Marketing Academy, started in 2011 has come a long way. As dynamic as it is in the digital marketing world, WMA too improvises on its techniques of teaching. Today we are proud to say that WMA is a well recognized academy in the digital marketing space with Founder CEO, Mr. Suresh Babu being the most sort after as guest speaker, judge, trainer and mentor.

WMA has integrated two new concepts into its extensive syllabus – real, live projects at professional level and soft skills training. This not only ensures that the students get their hands dirty on timely deliverables in the digital world but also ensures that the students brim with confidence making them capable for the ever challenging digital marketing world. Ensuring that Website is a strong marketing tool, strategy and plan for social media, developing quality content videos and audios independently are some of the key qualities inculcated among students at WMA. Here is Thulasi Manoj, one of the trainees who got it all right in the first shot!

Thank you Manasi, Bharani & Manjunath. You all rock :)

Learning Digital Marketing the ideal way – Through Practise! (Part 1)

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Learning Digital Marketing the ideal way – Through Practise!

Update: This is a pre post, we will be updating the learnings and takeaways like a series of blog post, stay tuned for the next post with the step 1.

It was a hot Thursday afternoon yesterday, 19th March 2015, when we decided to do something fun, something adventurous, and something that will remain in our memories for a very long time.  We were about to experience something absolutely new, we were about to learn the intricacies of running a restaurant business.

More importantly we were about to help create an online presence for their business– from scratch.  How cool is that?

Live Digital Marketing Project at WMA

Live Digital Marketing Project Journey


Unlike other customary projects that are done for namesake with no real learning or value addition, we knew right from the start that this was going to be different.  This was going to be a real project, based on a real business.  This meant hands-on experience of what we’ve learnt so far at WMA!

Live Digital Marketing Project @ WMA

Our team of 8 students were accompanied by our trainer Mansi and Mr. Suresh Babu, Founder and CEO of WMA to 3 Kings Kafe & Kitchen, located at Marathahalli, Bangalore.  While 4 of us travelled with him in the car, the rest chose to ride the bike.

 45 Minute Drive, 200 Rupees – Team Bonding, Priceless!

It’s interesting how much we can learn from our conversations with batch-mates and trainers.  It was a 45 minute drive to Marathahalli from WMA.  During the commute we were able to discuss personal interests, family backgrounds and goals with the fellow-passengers a.k.a – batchmates, trainer, and the CEO himself – it was a great bonding experience.  Understanding where the person’s coming from always sets up for a cordial relationship.  So, this car drive to Marathahalli was in itself a learning experience.

Our batch of 8 students is not only from different backgrounds, but from different parts of the country – including Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad.  Imagine how varied and interesting would our experiences be and sharing snippets of those during a car journey made it worth the while.

Suffice to say, this is a bonding experience that will serve us well during the business project.

Lost and Found

While the bonding was happening in the car, our batch-mates on the bike were lost.  Since they weren’t sure about the location of the restaurant, we had to communicate, coordinate to reach the destination which we did eventually.  Boy, were we happy to see each other after the 45-minute drive!


 Background about the 3 Kings Kafe & Kitchen

Suresh and Rajarajan Paul, the restaurant owner of Kings Kafe & Kitchen were long lost friends from late 90s. One fine day, Suresh found Paul in Indiranagar and they reunited. Rajarajan Paul was Executive Sous Chef  The Leela Palace Bangalore. With the renewed relationship came an opportunity for helping a friend create online presence for his business.  Suresh being a wise man used this opportunity not just to help his friend but also provide the trainees of the WMA Digital Marketing course an opportunity to apply what they’d learned in the course.  He realized that this project could provide exposure to the students of the course.  This would not only look good on resume, but once successfully done, a real business project like this can change the way students think about Digital Marketing.

The best and the most ideal way to learn Digital Marketing is through practise.  – Notice the spelling of the word “practise” – that’s a verb – an action word.


Finally at the Doorstep of 3 Kings Kafe & Kitchen!

At around 2 pm, we reached  3 Kings Kafe & Kitchen, our feelings after we reached the place were of excitement, for two main reasons:

  1. We were about to learn how to take a business online, practically. And to overcome some of the challenges that might arise doing that.
  2. More importantly, the delicious food that we were about to consume!

Rajarajan Paul, the owner

One of the things that grabbed our attention was Paul, the restaurant owner. Without a doubt he was one of the best things that happened to us. He was filled with energy, and his words were truly motivating. He spoke extensively about the history of 3 Kings Kafe & Kitchen, the way business operates as on date, the challenges faced, the successes he’s had and so on.

It was a joy for us students to meet Paul, who exuded that kind of energy and we were even more motivated to do something of value.

Imagine the amount of positive impact this exposure to real business and entrepreneurs have on a fresher who is just stepping into the world of Digital Marketing. Truly incredible!

The Menu

Post the delicious lunch and conversation with Paul, we had a fair idea of how 3 Kings Kafe & Kitchen operated. We asked questions, clarified and made efforts to understand as much as we could.

We realized the importance of understanding the various aspects of this business before we could provide solutions. Understanding was the key to our success and we did our best.

After learning about the history, the operations of 3 Kings Kafe & Kitchen, we moved to understand the menu. This was important because we would be able to promote products that were unique to this restaurant effectively.

And then there was Brainstorming

Our brainstorming session was interesting. The amount of knowledge shared not only by the trainer Mansi, and Suresh but also within us trainees was commendable. Everyone was expressive of how to approach the online marketing for 3 Kings Kafe & Kitchen.   And getting those different perspectives is worth the weight in gold.

Check out the photos and videos, you will know what we mean.

The takeaways:

As Digital Marketing practitioners now, we are more confident than someone who knows Digital Marketing in theory or just practised with a dummy website. We already are a step above in the ladder and our resumes will reflect that.

There were a number of takeaways from our visit to 3 Kings Kafe & Kitchen, here are just a few:

  1. Our biggest learning was that, as a team we could be stronger if we communicated and understood each other’s perspectives
  2. Before offering solutions/approaches/strategies to solve problems, we should understand the business objectives, as well as its challenges
  3. The importance of communication cannot be stressed enough here, not just with your team members but also with your Clients. We were lucky to have interacted with Paul.
  4. Sharing views, expressing your ideas in a group setting is important, so when we were brainstorming in the conference room, it got the best out of us.

These may be just a few takeaways, but from a newbie perspective WMA arranging a real business to use our skills and learning is truly special. A potential trainee should consider this question before joining any training, especially Digital Marketing: will I be able to handle a real business with the skills I’ve learned during training. Is there a way my training institute will help me practise that?

Because, the ideal way to learn digital marketing is through practise and WMA offers opportunities to do that.

I Personally like to thank everyone being part of this live project. The journey was amazing for me too, one side seeing my old friend and the other side my students learning from each other, great feeling ! The batch as a team will be posting the progress and key takeaways from the participants perspective in the upcoming blog, Stay Tuned, you dont wanna miss that. Best of Luck Team.  Thanks Manjunath walking us through the entire journey as you were present with us – Suresh Babu

About the author:

CM Manjunath is currently a trainee at Web Marketing Academy. He is a Digital Marketing Enthusiast who has a flair for providing value through writing.

You may check out his blog at:

Prerana Channahalli – WMA’s Digital Marketer of the Week

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Web Marketing Academy an institute that garners marketing enthusiasts, helps educate and infuse the importance of digital marketing, introduces ‘WMA Marketer of the Week’. Here we identify an individuals’ contribution, engagement and their association with Digital Marketing.

About Prerana Channahalli – WMA Alumni:-

This Week’s WMA Marketer of the Week is Prerana, a passionate individual with a background in engineering & a certified MBA, who has previously worked in an IT company as a product marketer and holds an experience of about 3 to 4 years. She believes her movement into the digital space was to understand every aspect of marketing & strongly believes and recommends that one has to have a 360 degree approach when it comes to understanding marketing and more importantly, to become a better marketer. While she talks about a 360 degree approach to marketing, there’s no doubt that she’s a complete individual herself, a mother, wife, daughter and now a proud Digital Marketer.
Here’s an interesting blog written by Prerana on “Impact of a name change in the Digital World”.

You can contact Prerana Channahalli on her LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Podcast with Prerana:-

Here’s a Podcast conducted by WMA, where Prerana talks about her experience and journey as a digital marketer and shares some of her tips and areas of interest in the field of marketing.


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Everyone starts out with nobody listening to them and nobody to listen to. How and who you follow or listen to determines what Social Media will become for you.

The question about brands/businesses moving into social or not, is now arguably the most vital question for many company heads to answer. Social has always been part of our lives, as individuals, friends, team-mates, colleagues or the cliché of asking your neighbor for house hold help. Remember that gratitude is never forgotten, it’s the same when it comes to Social Media. Many brands are forgetting this sense of gratitude and customer support while catering to the wrong questions or issues. When brands and businesses are busy scratching their heads on what platforms to choose? Or what content should they put out? Is my competitor present/active on these platforms? Who is he/she following? All these questions, strategically makes sense but socially it really does not.

There are plenty of ways to leverage through changing demographics, campaigns, hashtags or something that’s already viral, but to play this to your advantage, that’s what you would call ‘smart advertising’ rather than labeling it as ‘lazy advertising’. The overarching problem is that everyone sees and uses social media from a different perspective, and if youdon’t start in the right spot is when you are going to lose the game before it even got started.The objective for Social media is simple, it’s to be social. It’s all about sharing stories to create bonds with other like-minded people. It’s all about the content you put out. Content-marketing based firms will always find an edge or the attractiveness to go beyond and to go viral.


Again, when it comes to going viral I say that it has no formula. It strictly should not be a predetermined thought or an outcome. It’s more of a ‘happening’, a gift you sometimes uncover for not predetermining an outcome or even thinking about it for that matter.

There’s content all around us, it’s everywhere but the way you use it to your benefit is what will claim you to the top. Your company’s digital future will always be about enabling better decisions making, with respect to your end users

Let me state some examples to help you understand better.


  • Alex from Target

Never underestimate the power of teen girl fandom. They hold the key to make anything or ANYBODY go viral. Teenagers have now become the gatekeepers to modern trends. With the internet and social media, teenagers have more access to that information than ever before.

Here a classic example of how a hashtag (#AlexFromTarget) can create some ridiculous buzz and how Target actually benefited with this viral insanity. How a 17year old was shot to fame.

Visit this link for more info.

  • #TheDress

This probably has to be one of the most ridiculous element in something becoming viral. Stated with a picture of a dress that was shared on many social accounts, where people were going berserk trying to guess the color of the dress. To be honest, a lot of individuals thought it was stupid & quite the waste of time, while some brands took in their stride to capture this trending hashtag to their advantage. It’s quite the marketing genius and how they took control of the social macro environment is testament to the fact the content can be created out of nothing to something.

Visit this link for more info.

  • Flipkart’s #BigBillionDay

Talk about a major controversy in the ever so debated E-commerce industry in India. Flipkart seriously paid their dues with this. So much was promised and yet nothing was delivered to the sky high expectations of the customers. The hashtag was used immensely on all major platforms and Flipkart had their backs against the wall, but competitors were quick to react and their sound ears predicted this sale and took advantage of the issues and the hashtag to flop the flip in Flipkart.

Visit this link for more info.

Here’s a detailed Case Study on everything that went down during the big sale week in India.

  • #WontGiveItBack and #MaukePeChauka

World cup is the biggest avenues to advertise, but when was the last time an ad went so viral that people started sharing it with a hashtag and started actually putting out some serious positive reviews and acknowledgment in favor of it. Started by the media agency, Bubblegum wrap is one of the most uniquely designed ads, that plays on the psychology and sentiments of Indian cricket fans and what could be a dicey situation, turned out to have an amazing response on Social Media channels like Twitter and Facebook, with different hashtags for different matches. Kudos! To the team.

Visit this link for more info.

About the author: Kaushal BK is Social Media Strategist at WMA and a content-writer.