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September -2011 OME meet



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45 Tools Online Marketers Use & How you can Use it too..

OME Community September Meet up brought to you by Web Marketing Academy
Come join our monthly meet ups in Christ University, where we share tips, tricks and how to’s of Online Marketing. Over 450 active online marketing enthusiasts discuss and share tips
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Pictures of September Meetup :
1.       Welcome note: Swati
2.       Introduction: Suresh Babu, Founder WMA, OME Community
3.       35 Tools Online Marketers Use & how you can use these tools: Suresh Babu
4.       11 more tools: Shartaj
5.       Questions – Answers
6.       Visibility magazine goes to top participants
7.       Group picture & Adios!


Q: How are Google Insight & Google Trends different from an average Google search?
A: Google only gives results in form of websites with those keywords. The others help analyze, research & gain additional knowledge.
Q: Does Google Insight give demographic data?
A: Yes it does. If the domain name is given under the website option, then demographics are shown.
Q: How reliable are the Google tools?
A: They are close to accurate; It takes data used by users who have entered their details
Q: Can I customize my Ads, as per my requirements?
A: Yes. Exactly as per requirement depending on product, timing, geographical location, revenue, discounts & target market.
Q: What is the customer psyche on seeing same ads in separate websites? Can I use this technique for my Ads?
A: Trying & testing on different websites needs to be done to see how the Ad performs in separate sites. Tools like website optimizer or A/B testing could be used.
Q: During retargeting, or offering something on a discount can I enable/customize it based on time or give it a time limit
A: yes. It can be done
Q: Can we us Google Insights with filters of the type of Muck Rack?
A: Yes
Q: Isn’t Spy Fu an infringement?
A: No. It takes data that websites offer openly
Q: From where does get the data? What is its source of income?
A: They have internal archives & libraries
Q: Google Trends Vs Google Insights?
A: Google trends: day to day activity; exact data; has data for 3 countries-US, UK & India
Google insights: overall analysis

Social Media Day Bangalore 2105. Podcast

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The World Social Media Day Bangalore 2015.

Podcast with Speakers

Social with The Mind Reader, Omni Channel Consultant & Professor

Listen now

Key Takeaways from The Social Conclave:


Pictures of the event:


CEO Hangout Bangalore. Social & Mobile Marketing Summit Videos

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CEO Hangout Bangalore 2015. Social & Mobile Marketing Summit Videos

Bangalore CEO Hangout Summit 2015 started with Suresh Babu Founder & CEO kicking off the session with him asking the participants to introduce themselves to one person in the room whom they never met before. Socializing in real life followed by his story on the Journey of becoming a CEO.

The entire talk was #periscoped live broadcasted by Suresh. Follow him to get updates, live broadcasts on Digital, Social Media marketing here: Suresh Babu Periscope

Pictures of the event:

Last Week had an opportunity to share my story in CEO Hangout with around 50 CEO's I shared the challenges of a CEO,…

Posted by Web Marketing Academy Bangalore, India on Saturday, July 18, 2015


Step by Step Tutorials for CEO Hangout Bangalore 2015

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Suresh babu, CEO Web Marketing Academy Bangalore Presentations, Tutorials in CEO Hangout, Social & Mobile Marketing Summit, Bangalore 2015.

Periscope Tutorials

Google Photos Tutorials

Podcast using Opinion App

Podcast – Ph.D in Social Media. Career in Social Media – Digital Marketing

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Cross post from FIRPodcast Network

Podcast – Career in Social Media Marketing

Web Marketing Academy staff & students are few of the most active podcaster from India. Suresh Babu who started his podcasting series since 2006, encouraged the students & staff of WMA to get into podcasting in India. There are two podcast from WMA:

  1. International Audience – For Immediate Release (FIRPodcast Network) We report a weekly updates on activities from India, from Digital marketing, social media, e-commerce, start ups and more
  2. National Audience – Digital India Podcast  weekly updates on Digital Marketing across the globe

Welcome to the fourth episode of DigitalIndiaPodcast on FIR Podcast Network. This show is ‘weekly updates’ brought to you by staff and students of Web Marketing Academy. Today is 29th of June 2015.

Listen to the show here:

Behind the scenes of Podcasting in Web Marketing Academy

More podcasts you can play right from your computer

  1. Careers in Digital Marketing
  2. Interview with Dr Kshubhu Panyda, Ph.d in Social Media
  3. Flipkart Big Billion Day Case Study


20 Blogging Tips & Bonus Tools

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20 things you must do when you start Blogging

Blogging is all about sharing your passion with the world. While the blog does take time to grow, it’s important for the first time bloggers to chalk out a plan and follow it religiously even when you have little to no audience. It not only does pay off during the long run but also helps you figure out your strength & weaknesses at an early stage.


Early days of blogging can be daunting and exhausting as you have to single handedly work on lot of aspects. Over load of tasks is bound to distract us and overlook fundamental stuffs that are essentially MUST DO. So I decided to create a checklist of “20 things you must do when you start Blogging”

Below list may have simple fundamental elements that you would already know, but we often ignore them and worry about bigger picture. So get your basics right and ensure you have ticked on all the tasks listed before you take the next leap.

  1. When you are picking up a theme for your blog from wordpress or any other medium, ensure the theme is mobile friendly.
  2. Install a Back-up plugin and schedule for automatic backup service, this saves you from losing data at grave times. [Recommended Tool: Backup Buddy]
  3. Write 3 types of ‘About’ section i.e.
    a. Tag Line – (that says it all)
    b. Short description about your blog in a line
    c. About You – (write in detail about your background that’s interesting or inspiring and connects your passion to start the blog)
  4. Register with all the Social Media Channels with your Blog Name. Ensure you get the same handle name across all the channels or at least nearly the same.
  5. Add the following to your blog sidebar – Social Media Icons to follow your page and an Email Subscription box.
  6. Write posts mentioning about established brands, provide an outbound link and tag the brand when you share the post on social media channels.
  7. Write series of posts and provide a link to each other within the content. (Inbound linking is as necessary as outbound).
  8. Length of the content is very important. Some prefer short, some long form content. Please test & measure.
  9. After publishing the post, track all the comments and respond back. This not only helps you engage with your audience but also retain.
  10. Pictures definitely speak louder than words, hence put an effort to get good pictures or purchase and edit using tools to make it visually appealing. [Recommended Tool: Canva]
  11. Install an SEO plugin and never skip to do SEO for every post you publish. [Recommended Tool: All in One SEO]
  12. Start being active on 1 social media platform that works best for you. Grow the user base, learn their behaviour and chalk out a plan to keep them engaged. Then move to the other.
  13. Enrol to a Social Management tool, which helps you manage all your social media channels efficiently. [Recommended Tool: Hootsuite]
  14. Activate an Email service and start collecting the email id’s. Best way to reach your audience and make your presence felt is through Newsletters. [Recommended Tool: Mailchimp]
  15. Create a schedule for – Publishing blog posts, sending newsletters and posting on social media channels.
  16. Request established bloggers or influencers to give an opportunity to guest blog or mention about your blog in their article as and when it is suitable.
  17. Install Google Analytics tool and learn the basics of how to analyse the traffic data.
  18. Make a habit to check for content plagiarism periodically. [Recommended Tool: CopyScape]
  19. Install plugin to block spam messages. [Recommended Tool: Akismet]
  20. Very Important – Blog consistently!

Happy Blogging!

About the Author: Sneha has been an IT engineer in the past but her strong inclination towards designing took her to blogging, where she shares her passion for home styling. She enjoys unleashing her creativity and bring alive dull spaces. Follow her work at

Anish S. Ashok | Digital Marketer of the week

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This week we have Anish with us as Digital Marketer of the week,He says my hometown may be its bitty,but it’s way more crank that your big city.He is from kerala,moved to bangalore for his studies and got passionated about computers and that passion driven him to choose digital marketing.

Anish started his journey in digital marketing from April and worked on promoting his hometown which is well known for art,culture,tradition,food and especially for it’s tourism.He has his own website which talks all about kerala.

Here is a tip that he has shared with us: LEARN WITH GOOGLE
We always like to here feedback from you at


Snap Chat Guide. How Businesses in India can Use Snapchat

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Snap Chat Guide (VIDEO) 

A quick guide on how to get started on #Snapchat.Background track credits:”RetroFuture Clean” Kevin MacLeod…

Posted by Web Marketing Academy Bangalore, India on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Social Media Day 2015, Bangalore – My Experience and Takeaways

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A shot of The Social Conclave participants and speakers

June 30, 2015 was World Social Media Day. At Web Marketing Academy (WMA), excitement had been building up for days. Dr. Khusbhu Pandya, who started The Social Conclave in 2014 to celebrate the day was heading to Namma Bengaluru this year. WMA joined hands with her to make the event a huge success (And so it turned out to be!).

Like to Listen to some of the Audio Interviews from The Speakers ? Here we go: Interviews from Speakers

The Social Media Conclave (@thesocialconclave, #TSC2015) was a wonderful opportunity for our students – aspiring digital marketers and social media marketers – all pumped up to meet and listen to some of the top influencers in the field, network, learn and build relationships. Our students weren’t going to miss the chance!

Social Media Day begins
For me, the day started with the usual Bangalore traffic. I reached Christ College at 9.30am, headed to the 10th Floor of the MBA building; same place we had the Unlearn Digital Marketing meetup months back. Khushbu was already there with her team and people were trickling in for registrations.

Bangalore’s traffic delayed some of the speakers but that did nothing to dampen the spirit of the audience. Manasi K G, WMA’s podcast lady, communication maestro, trainer and digital marketer started off with a quiz around the digital sphere. I fared no better than the last time but a lot of people in the audience were super informed.

Manasi hosting #TSC2015

The audience was a mix of Christ University students, WMA students and alumni, digital marketing enthusiasts and practitioners. Accordingly, the speakers addressed topics at higher levels as well as basic.

There was a lot to learn and much to share but on this post, I’m going to stick with key takeaways.

Rohit Varma: How to stay relevant on social?
Rohit shared his own journey in digital marketing and his passion for nature and wildlife photography.

On the social media front, he shared some key points:

  • Brands must know how to follow you.
  • Customer segmentation is key.
  • Current social media implementations suffer from gaps – improper strategy, lack of topical thought leadership and value, consistency of volume, too much or too little marketing.
  • The 5Cs & 1A continue to be relevant – Conversations, Context, Communities, Campaigns, Channels and Analytics.

Shakthi Vadakkepat: Social for Good: Making the Change & Being a Change
Creator of and a social media analyst among other things, Shakthi talked of things close to his heart – social for good. He cited three examples:

Shakthi pointed out the lack of encouragement for such initiatives in India. People are doing good work and leveraging social but we need to support them in letter and spirit, examples being Tweet for Blood @TBNIND, @BloodDonorsIn, @Ahambhumika, and others.

On the social execution front, his tips included:

  • Look for the right things to do.
  • Focus on consumer analysis – move to content design – select channel – and get going.
  • Use the 140 character limitation of Twitter wisely and creatively.
  • For brands that are flamed, face up to mistakes and gather your fans as armor versus adopting a defensive mode. Case in point: Nestle’s Maggi.

Shakthi at The Social Conclave, Bangalore

Suresh Babu: Social for Humans – The Art of Socializing
What can I say about Suresh that you don’t already know? Suresh shared his life story that included cosmetic surgery at some point of time coz’ no way will I believe that the pictures he shared of his earlier self were real!

He talked of his journey from an introvert inhabitant of Ooty to cook on two cruise lines to cashier in the US to blogger to corporate professional to Founder & CEO of Web Marketing Academy. In his trademark style, he started off by getting everyone on their feet to mingle and network.

I loved one of his questions: “Can you hear me or am I too loud?” The shy Ooty boy has certainly come a long way.

Suresh shared some moments of self-realization and hard-hitting truths:

  • the time he was reprimanded by a friend for having an inferiority complex,
  • the effort of facing up to stage fear as well as lack of confidence,
  • and the joy of receiving appreciation for sharing knowledge to an audience he believed was well above him.

Suresh on socializing

Ritu David: Social Business: Leveraging Social Across the Value Chain
Beauty and brains, and lots of it … that’s Ritu David. She talked so much sense that I became an instant fan. Best of all, she shared key pointers on the application of social media across industries and the criticality of social data in decision making.

Some of her suggestions included:

  • For production chain – get employees on a social hive for higher engagement, transparency and participation.
  • For HR – connect with candidates on social media and check them out on personal and business pages; look for thought leadership, attitude, and behavior signals.
  • For manufacturing – mine product forums for feedback; check out social media networks such as Fiverr.
  • For optimization – Use your social data for insights; move offline resources to digital.
  • For crisis management – Crowdsource solutions; leverage your fan base for support and ideas; talk about a larger problem in the industry to divert attention from a specific brand.

For me, the main takeaway was to stop focusing on popular social media platforms alone; avenues such as product forums, Quora, blog comment sections, etc., are also important places to engage and convert.

To overcome typical challenges that preempt social media campaigns in board rooms, Ritu suggested using data as your arsenal, showing quantifiable returns, and a pilot run with passionate team members.

She also talked about how Fiverr, Trip Advisor are all Social Media Channels

Here is an Audio Interview with Ritu David:

Ritu David at The Social Conclave, Bangalore

Nakul Shenoy: Entertaining Act on Magic of Social Media
Nakul Shenoy’s event was strategically moved to after lunch and it worked! Though Nakul shared some of his insights on social media, and his own life journey that started with, the fact that he’s a magician, hypnotist and mind reader pretty much led our expectations.

He had us mesmerized (and freaked out per Manasi) with his mind games – he actually guessed a random word a guy picked up from a random book on a random page! He was able to come up with the name of a place one guy wrote down on a piece of paper in a sealed envelope! We were stupefied and more than just impressed! Hat’s off to you, Nakul!

One thing he said about brand presence on social stays with me: Whether you are there or not, others are going to talk about you.

Here is an Audio Interview with Nakul Shenoy :

Nakul Shenoy mesmerizing #TSC2015 audience

Ganga Ganapathi: Why does Social for Business have to be so hard?
Ganga Ganapathi, VP at Ogilvy and a most charming lady, handled the tough question of why businesses find social so hard to drive. She talked of:

  • Micro-level interactions of choice that define user behavior on social.
  • Transference of ownership.
  • Need-gap fulfillment.

She discussed the weightage given to Likes vs. Shares (2x) vs. Comments (4x). That led to some debate but the fact stood out: Comments are most valuable to brands because they are stronger signals of engagement and interest.

She also emphasized on how brands must work on building trust, empathy and friendship on social rather than always pitching their products or services. Content is king but conversation is key – is how she summed it up nicely.

Dr. Falguni Vasavada Oza: Data Never Sleeps – A Brands Dream or A Nightmare?
Dr. Falguni from MICA, Ahmedabad took the stage like the seasoned teacher she is, pulling people in with the force of her knowledge, humor, and charisma. She talked about how data never sleeps in a 24×7 virtually connected world brimming with happy and unhappy consumers.

The world is emotionally fragile” was her take on how brands are able to engage target audiences via videos and other formats that appeal at emotional levels. A case in point was the Salty character from Knorr campaigns. Seriously, you need to see some of the messages on that Facebook page to believe it!

She advocated reinvention of content to keep audiences engaged, without losing the thread of familiarity and comfort – heritage value. “Fascination leads to familiarity which leads to fatigue.” She also talked about the diminishing attention span of millenials – equaling the time it takes for a gold fish to blink! Before you set your stopwatch, it’s in nanoseconds.

She also talked about the social consumer patterns of today:

  • Content consumption – anytime, all the time, online and offline.
  • Conversations – across platforms, virality, quick and easy access to peers.
  • Tokenism – 5 minutes to fame, word of mouth.
  • Feedback – instant and immediate, positive and negative.

When it came to revisiting marketing with the 5Ps, her emphasis lay on Pace versus Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Response time is the most important factor that helps brands build and retain relationships with target audiences today.

Here is an Audio Interview with Dr. Falguni:

Dr. Falguni at The Social Conclave, 2015

Prasant Naidu: State of Social Media Marketing 2015 – Undiscussed Cases of India
One of the most awaited speakers, Prasant Naidu took the stage – unassuming and humble, disclaiming any skill in social media. But the stories he shared and the work he does at were enough to keep people interested despite it being the last event of the day.

He talked about the good and bad aspects of strategies and the attitude of many Indian players to go only with the tested and tried. The playing ground has changed and the smartest innovators are winners. He walked us through the campaign run by brands such as Lenovo, Mountain Dew’s “Naam Bante Hai Risk Se”, Mahindra Gusto, #RCBInsider, #Taxiforsure, and others.

His advice for the social media marketers? “People are very smart. They want real stories of real people. That’s what works.

More Pictures of Prasant Naidu in Web Marketing Academy

Prasant Naidu, Christ College, Bangalore at The Social Conclave

The day ended with fragrant eChai in the canteen of Christ University. I took a yellow smiley ball home (don’t know how I came about it but thanks!) and a head full of information and ideas. A day well spent … and I even reached home in record time! How’s that for a splendid end to a splendid day?

Podcasts and sessions with the speakers will be shared soon. Follow WMA at @sureshbabu_ or Facebook for updates.

About Monica

Monica is a digital marketer, blogger and technical writer. She has helped small businesses with content development for the last 5 years and is now extending the value with online marketing. Her goal is to introduce more businesses to this exciting and profitable marketing medium. She is a regular blogger for WMA.

Connect with her on Linkedin or Twitter for digital marketing assistance or to say hello!

Sri Hari | Digital Marketer Of The Week

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If you want your voice to be heard on our podcast, all you need to do is email us at

Until next time…have a good one!

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Periscope Tutorial & Guide. Live Mobile Broadcasting App

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Periscope Your Way to People’s Hearts – A Quick How-to

Periscope is a live video streaming mobile application for iPhone and Android 4.4 and above. It allows you to broadcast live video (real-time) to your followers or the entire world. You can share events and activities as they happen, interact with viewers, and receive hearts (likes)! You can browse other live or recent broadcasts (available for replay for up to 24 hours after the live show), save videos, and follow other broadcasters!

How is Periscope different from other video streaming apps?

Live video streaming is not new. We have apps like Skype, Meerkat and Google Hangout. However, Periscope is integrated with Twitter and is much easier, cleaner to use and manage. The slightly older Meerkat is Periscope’s closest competitor and has a significant user base from its popularity at SXSW 2015. But with Twitter’s clout and financial backing, Periscope could well be the winner.

How to get started on Periscope

Here’s how you get going:

Step 1: Download and install the app: Download the app on your mobile phone from Apple’s

iTunes or Google Play Store on Android smartphones. Install it.

Step 2. Sign up. You can use your Twitter login to sign into Periscope. Periscope will pull your

Twitter bio by default (You can edit it.). Or use your phone number to sign up and then build

your bio. Other things you see on your bio are followers, following, and blocked broadcast

settings. User name can only be changed once.

Step 3. Launch the app. Click on the mobile app icon on your phone.

Step 4. View, broadcast or search. The home screen of the app has four buttons:

The first TV icon takes you to live, featured and recent broadcasts. Tap on the one you

want to watch. Watch and interact. You can chat by tapping “say something”. You can

like the broadcast by tapping on hearts. A left swipe allows you to share the telecast and see the number of viewers.

  • The globe button takes you to a zoomable map where you can see live periscope sessions across the globe. You have the option of viewing as Map or List.
  •  The Live Broadcast button is the one that allows you to take a live video and broadcast simultaneously.
  • The People button is where you add people, followers, etc. You can search for:
  • featured people (popular, most watched)
  • people you are following on Twitter
  • most loved people
  • specific user names

Step 5. Get ready to periscope: Tapping on the third button will activate your phone’s camera.

But first:Periscope Live Broadcast App

  •    – Give a title to your broadcast.

– Turn on your location (optional).

– Select private or public chat. Everyone can chat or you can choose specific followers to enable chat for.

– And, you can post it to Twitter by enabling the option.

Step 6. Tap on Start Broadcast. And you’re LIVE!




Tips on Periscope

Here are a few other tips that’ll help you get comfortable with Periscope.

On the broadcast

  • Keep the broadcast short and interesting from the first 5 seconds. Remember attention spans are getting shorter!
  • Make it personal, intriguing and short.
  • Make the title of the broadcast compelling as that’s what comes up on lists when people search. Use smileys or other icons to make it interesting.
  • Use a headphone to reduce background noise.

Deleting a Periscope broadcast

Go to the broadcast, scroll all the way down and tap Delete Replay.

While watching a broadcast

Tap the + icon to:

  • receive push notifications on public broadcasts, follows, invitations to broadcasts
  • share other people’s broadcasts with your followers
  • chat with viewers

Be social on Periscope

Share broadcasts, appreciate them with hearts, interact with other followers. Be courteous and respectful of others.

And some more tips

  • Save broadcasts to camera folder; auto-save is available.
  • Once you stop the broadcast, hold it for a few seconds for auto-save to work.
  • The first shot of the video (focus) serves as the thumbnail for the broadcast.
  • Ask followers or public to share, interact, and answer questions.
  • Reply to users one on one when you can.
  • Block spammy, rude or pervert users.
  • Share broadcasts with specific followers.
  • Use symbols in your title to make it funkier.
  • Notify followers before going live – on WhatsApp, emails, social media, etc.
  • Share the broadcast on other channels.
  • Double tap to switch front and rear camera.
  • Upload to YouTube

Know the Periscope Community Guidelines

Make sure you don’t violate any community guidelines on Periscope, such as:

  • No sexual content
  • No violent, illegal content
  • Respect all users
  • Don’t mislead
  • No spam

Check out the guidelines on Periscope.

Who can use Periscope?

Individuals and businesses for fun, work and branding.

How can businesses leverage Periscope?

Here are some ways businesses can use Periscope for:

  • Behind the scene shots
  • Answering a question
  • Making announcements
  • Broadcasting an event
  • Educating live, like a webinar
  • Conducting internal meetings on private broadcasts
  • Interviewing experts or customers
  • Showcasing their culture
  • Giving product demos
  • Showing how you solve a problem
  • Having customers talk about your brand or offering
  • Highlighting employee achievements

Hope you find these tips useful enough to get you started on Periscope right now! Good luck!

If you found this useful, please share it with your friends and family