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Digital Marketer of the Week – Manjunath

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Manjunath is the “Digital Marketer of the Week”

A teacher is a professional and unlike any other professionals, the teacher too needs to keep up with latest developments in the field. Teachers like to be challenged, they like to learn new ways to be better at their professions. And also, a good teacher wants the students to learn.

Trainers at WMA are no exception to the above. When a student comes back with a query, clarification or a challenging question, there is new found enthusiasm among the trainers and they take special interest in the student’s case. One such student is Manjunath. His zeal and passion for Digital Marketing, to learn it right from a scratch and to learn it right brings in the urge to give more to students. Manjunath is a serial entrepreneur and a social media newbie. Before he was a part of the WMA community, he was handling data analysis for staffing solutions and quality. He loves Google as a company and is taken aback with the algorithms it uses to display search results.
WMA"s Digital Marketer of the week  - Manjunath
His passion for digital marketing led him to learn on his own. Even now if a task is allotted to him, he completes it. If he is unaware of certain concepts to complete the tasks, he makes sure that he learns, implements and completes the task irrespective of the time, be it noon, late evening night, mid night or the whole night, just the right qualities to take him places. We are sure that Manjunath will grow fast and be where he wants to be.
Here are a couple of resources Manjunath has for you to go through and gain: – Spencer Haws
Manjunath is also an avid blogger.