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Digital Marketing Festival Bangalore – 2014

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Don’t Miss out – The 3 Digital marketing events to attend in Bangalore this Jan and Feb ’14

What is the point of being a Digital Marketer if you haven’t updated with the current scenario and digital trends across the globe.

Actually its not that hard, we just have to make some time and a little effort; its easier to absorb information when interaction and discussion are involved and the best way to accomplish this by finding out What are the digital marketing events happening around your city?

Now … now, you don’t have to start Gooogling for events around Bangalore, here are the 3 major Digital marketing events happening in Bangalore this January and February –

  1. Online Marketing Enthusiasts (OME) Community – 25th Jan 2014.
  2. Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) – 30th Jan 2014.
  3. Social Media Week (SMW) 17th – 21st Feb 2014.

A brief on each:

OME workshop – YouTube for Business

Online Marketing Enthusiasts a.k.a OME Community have monthly meet ups on digital marketing trends happening around the globe and special workshops on SEO, SEM and Social Media marketing. OME community is the largest in India as far as the Digital Marketing sphere is concerned. They are still conducting monthly events at Indian Institute of Management and Christ University, Bangalore.

OME community was created by Web Marketing Academy (WMA) to facilitate idea sharing and interaction among industry thought leaders and the participants (comprising both the OME community and outsiders), so current trends and digital knowledge can be shared and debated upon. Since 2010 OME Community has conducted over 50+ Digital Marketing events in Bangalore, with the assistance of Web Marketing Academy, India.

The Monthly Meet-ups are conducted every 3rd Saturday of every month.

This 25th Jan, The OME workshop headlining YouTube for Business focuses on how to use YouTube for generating revenue, customer engagement and the overall benefits of using YouTube to leverage video content to work for you business.

This OME workshop is being conducted by Web Marketing Academy, India at Christ University this 25th Jan at 2:00pm.

SEMPO Bangalore Meet up 2014

Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization a.k.a SEMPO is the largest nonprofit trade organization in the world serving the search and digital marketing industry and marketing professionals engaged in it.

SEMPO India – launched in March 2007 with the aim of providing localized Search Engine Marketing information and services in India. The group meets monthly; who play a major part in SEMPO’s global blog, in local SEM events, and organizing networking events such as “SEMPO Search Wednesday.” Both local and non-local SEMPO members are welcome to join and actively participate in SEMPO India activities.

This months meet up features many thought leaders including the founder of Web Marketing Academy Mr. Suresh Babu, who is and always will be an evangelist for transforming Digital Marketing in India.

WMA is a key participant at SEMPO events, where they share current industry updates and what to look forward to in the future of Digital Marketing.

SEMPO Bangalore Meet up 2014

Is a daylong event aimed at bringing together the best minds from the Digital Marketing space to talk about digital advertising, including optimization and marketing issues. SEMPO Bangalore Meet up will feature a few technical sessions and a panel discussion. This event aims to explore the present state and evolution of Digital Marketing and Optimization on the 30th of this month from 9am to 5pm at Cognizant Technology Solutions in Manyata Embassy Business Park.


Social Media Week – Bangalore

Social Media week popularly known as SMW started in Feb 2009, with events happening all over the globe in over 20+ cities; SMW has grown to be one of the major events in Digital Marketing and Social Media engagement, happening only once a year in a particular city.

WMA being the Digital Knowledge Partner for this major event have compiled topics and industry thought leaders to discuss digital marketing shifts and challenges facing current social media marketing.

For what to expect, here is a taste of SMW-Mumbai

Social Media Week’s global theme for 2014 is “The Future of Now: Always On, Always Connected”, which focuses on 6 underlying principles that lead to a better understanding of this always on, always connected world:

Two sides of technology

The meaning of “NOW” today

Building purpose into every moment

Directing energy and focus for participation

The Networked community

Engineering sustainability

SMW – Bangalore will host renowned speakers from the industry and will be happening for 5 days starting from 17th Feb till 21st Feb at venues across Bangalore like Hard Rock Cafe, City Bar, Fava, and Barleyz.

These are the major events covering January and February, Be there to grow your knowledge, share ideas and network with like-minded people…

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