Digital Marketing Workshop for Travel Industry Bangalore

Web Marketing Academy proudly presents the Digital Marketing Workshop which will ensure you take away a digital strategy which will allow you to show results. Yes, we are talking about ROI!

Walk the Talk – Shall we? The curriculum.

  • When, What and How the travelers start thinking about their purchase
  • The Key influential advertising mediums.
  • Is your business information available where, when and the way your consumers are searching for you?
  • An insight into low cost to almost free tools to maximize on every buck you spend
  • Having a website is not your digital marketing strategy. A LIVE Case study and the pros and cons of an in-house digital  agency
  • You feel your competitor is already ahead in the game. How to outrank them?
  • Content and Inbound marketing are the key to your success. Are you there? Case studies to show you how this is the key to make Digital Marketing work for you.

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There was a time when Print, Television and Radio were the governing advertising routes.  But today, the way that the majority of businesses and individuals who receive and act on information has changed. To maximize opportunities providers need to embrace digital communication along-side their traditional marketing activities. This workshop will introduce you to an era where Digital Marketing has become the norm and you will learn how to maximize every rupee you spend to reach your customer. This workshop will teach you how Digital Marketing has become the norm and you will get a hands on experience to learn how to maximize every rupee you spend to reach to your customer.

Till the early part of the previous decade, I would dread to plan a holiday! The ticket bookings, the marathon search for a destination, the crazy search for an affordable and safe hotel, the list is endless.. Phew! And today look at me, in half an hour, I am done with all these and more!

Once upon a time, I would look into the paper to see which brand is on sale. Today, I get SMS alerts, location based coupons, deals where the brands themselves talk to me directly, and let me know if they are on sale or have any special offer for me.

Once upon a time I would wake up early to catch the news on TV, before I left for work. Today I have the entire newspaper on my mobile, tweets giving me timely updates of every breaking news. Once upon a time… Yes Its 2013. Time has changed at an increasingly fast pace. And so has the way the consumer absorbs information. This has asked of the advertiser who wants to speak to his audience, to look at more convenient, personalized, instant, direct, faster and easier ways to communicate with him. What they did once upon a time, will now no longer suffice for reaching his audience. And so you are here, to learn just what it is that will bridge this gap.

Once a WMAite always a WMAite

  • Instant Access to customized study material for your industry
  • Faculty Mentioning post the workshop!!
  • Complete access to the trainer, through emails and phone calls. What better than to hear what works from the expert himself, and that too in real-time!
  • Virtual Office 🙂 Yes! Networking with your peers, on a level far beyond the day to day worries of your business. Enhance. Talk. Share. An opportunity to be part of the exclusive travel community to share your ideas, experience etc with DM in your business
  • The workshop fee is inclusive of the membership fee for this elite group as well. This will help you access the latest trends in the industry, the latest training material, webinars, forums and lots more.”Digital Marketing Travel Workshop by Web Marketing Academy Bangalore