Dr Khushbu Pandya @ WMA – Author & Ph.d in Social Media

From Finance to Author & Doctorate in Social Media. Meet Dr. Khsubhu Pandya

I have worked from Heart but never planned to be Social But I end up doing Thesis in Social Media. Khushbu loves to educate people on social media

Last week, my good friend Dr. Khsubu Pandya was in Bangalore, she has Doctorate in Social Media, Author, Trainer, Consultant & CEO of Konvophilia Communications.
We are lucky enough to come to WMA and share her journey and give some tips on social. Here is the outcome and I have the longer version of her insights, which we discussed in the podcast (audio file)

Dr. Khushbu Pandya talks about her latest book WEAVE and shares some of her experiences, thoughts and her journey on the completion of this book.

Her Inspiration and Motive behind writing this book:

Dr. Khushbu tells us her main motive behind writing and releasing this book, was educating users about the power, simplicity and importance of social media. She explains as to how social media has no barriers when it comes to any small or big company today and also stresses on how any company can break the shackles of traditional marketing and take a step beyond when it comes to social.

Her Findings, Thesis and Research:

Dr. Khushbu feels that social media is lagging behind in terms of the trust factor that people pose when compared to traditional marketing/media. She also mentions few barriers and problems that social media faces today, she feels news published through a newspaper or a news channel caries more credibility in the eyes of people today, than if it were to be published using social media. People on social media communicate through friends and forums, so they think it’s not authentic or as credible. She states an example of how people, mainly competitors use the platform to criticize executives or brands or their heads and falter company ratings and people feel this is not completely authentic and dependable and this is creating a huge mind block between traditional and social publishing.

Perspective on the current scenario:

She thinks today from 13yr old to 50yrs and above are all constantly involved and engaging or ecstatic about being on social media. The platform is highly entertaining and engaging for youngsters to ignore. Product Research for a company or Test marketing a product is a great way to test social media power. She feels there is large opportunities on social platforms to perform such things. When it comes to Market Research for a particular company, no matter how big or small the research is, Social Media is a very feasible and cost effective alternative.

What channels of social media are important in India?

Dr. Khushbu feels, to penetrate the Indian market, Facebook is currently the best due to its immense popularity, database and reach. She also feels a lot of people know platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc, but no one is seriously investing real time and money like they do on Facebook.

Will Social Media help in brand building or will it also help get customers and conversions?

She feels it’s a slow process in the beginning, just like making a mark on the consumer’s mind. It starts with brand building and eventually it would lead to sales. “Social media should not be looked into as a sales platform”, she feels sometimes just building a brand image or creating awareness is not enough to get sales. At the end it all comes down to how unique, useful and effective your product or service is. She feels it is vital to have a great product, understand its usability, culture of the company and then go ahead and look out for sales, as no efforts on either social or traditional can help you if the above factors are not in your favor. She points out that, in the end it all comes down to the basics and fundamentals of marketing.

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