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Digital Economy Guest Lecture by Web Marketing Academy

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Digital Economy Guest Lecture in Christ Institute of Management Bangalore – by Web Marketing Academy

Bangalore, July 6 2012 – Suresh Babu, Founder and Faculty of Web Marketing Academy was invited by Christ University, Kengeri Campus Bangalore to give a guest lecture on Digital Economy and its impact on Indian economy. The topic was ‘Transformation from Old Economy to Digital Economy’.  With more than 280 students in the session, Suresh started off the introduction how he everyone is part of digital economy and his role, how he started his career in digital since 2002.

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Here are some of the key takeaways from the Lecture:

  1. Definition of Digital Economy: Any activity or a network of activity using the internet/social media which has an impact in the economy, such as Job creation, society, change in lifestyle, e-governance etc.
  2. He spoke about how the Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, do business its influence in today’s lifestyle. He mentioned that the internet, social media is one of the biggest revolutions after industrial revolution.
  3. Setting up a business today is far cheaper, easier, faster than 20 years ago. These social media sites and tools have made it easier for anyone to start a business. He said that, these are some of the tools if used in the right way can give a significant benefit.
  4. He made it interactive by dividing the students into multiple groups and asked each group to come up with a business idea with these terms: Your business should directly or indirectly contribute to the economy, such as creating more jobs, change the lifestyle, change the way government work, social cause etc. For 30 minutes students discussed within their team and came up with some amazing ideas. They were asked to present their ideas. Some of the ideas were. Educating women in rural india, developing the agriculture using green technology, local businesses using local hand made products, women will be educated in arts and handicrafts and set up displays shops for tourists. The funding will be mainly through a Green Hotel Tourist Destination where the entire concept will be eco friendly theme for busy professional within 3-4 hours drive from city.
  5. Another business idea is about Waste Management and electronic waste and recycling
  6. Suresh then showed tools and resources to take these projects to the next level, how to use the free resources such as Google Engage program, free website registration and hosting for one year, using Google productivity for their ideas. Google adwords using Google coupons to start of with. Face book ads and coupons to get started with Face book ads.
  7. Using Google places to get listed and email marketing tools

Overall the students enjoyed the interactive session and got a lot of takeaways, Suresh will also be mentoring those students to take the ideas to next level by helping them set up their websites, market their ideas using Digital Media

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