Heroic Public Speaking 2015 – Key Takeaways Day 3

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Heroic Public Speaking 2015 – Key Takeaways Day 3

Day 3 of Heroic Public Speaking 2015 was all about content. As is the case in all aspects of digital marketing that we train you in at Web Marketing Academy, content rules in a speech as well.

And so the day started – all about how to come up with content and how to structure it. We were creating content through the day.

Without going into too much detail, I’ll share pointers that could help when you write your speech đŸ™‚

1. How do you start?

  • Build a structure (framework) – Develop the story – Process – Content Mapping – Rehearsal.
  • What is the big idea? Your story starts with big idea.
  • What’s the conflict – challenges, struggle.
  • What was the solution – the change.
  • What were the benefits – by doing what was done, what did you and others get.

2. There are types of speeches:

  • Message based – Seth Godin Speeches.
  • Curriculum based  – John Janscth speeches.

3. There are types of audiences:

  • Fans.
  • People who are on other side of your view (they may not be interested in your view).
  • In between (in agreement with but also in doubt).

4. Your framework could also be dynamic:

  • Problem solution.
  • Modular.
  • Compare and contrast.
  • Numerical (lists).

You can use one framework or combine frameworks for your speech. If it is a keynote it will be different from a workshop or a speech or a panel.

5. Building the content for the story:

  • Create a script for the story.
  • Read the script several times.
  • Identify the words.
  • Note pauses.
  • Identify transitions.

6. Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse:

  • Do an open rehearsal.
  • In front of 10 or so people.
  • Then with a larger group.
  • Give attention to the technical aspects and dress.

Remember, rehearsal is an experience!