Heroic Public Speaking 2015. Key Takeaways Day 1

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Heroic Public Speaking 2015

Let me start by saying I wish you all get a chance to be part of the Heroic Public Speaking event some day. I am in Florida to attend this amazing event and it’s even better than what I imagined! Yes, I flew all the way from India to attend this event and sure don’t regret it! FYI, the cost for the 3 day conference is from $3000-$5000 based on the VVIP status.Disclaimer: This is an account of my personal experience only.

Prepping of participants before the Live Heroic Public Speaking Event

Some 3-4 months into registration, Michael Port (Top Ranked Speaker and TV commentator) and Amy Mead (Top Ranked Public Speaking Coach) began preparing the participants for the event by sharing various resources, videos and other materials. (Since I signed up a month back I missed watching the videos in the scheduled time but the resources are amazing!)

A day before the event, there was a networking event at a pub – an opportunity to know people before the event. Good ice breaker! I met some young talented people including Jay and Lisa.

(I plan to dedicate another blog post to Jay sometime. He’s is a 23 year college student who is attending the event and has his own product coming soon. Talking to him and seeing his passion to learn new things, spending $4000 to attend an event when other kids his age ware having fun – I was impressed! Hats off to you Jay! Will connect you with @Ashwin_Ramesh as discussed.)

Of course, the day was full of takeaways but can’t jot them all down. However, here are a few I’d like you to read and absorb. Once back, will share examples and details.

Key takeaways from Day 1 of #HPSLive Heroic Public Speaking Live
  • Complete your words.
  • Apart from knowing a topic, you also need to know the techniques of powerful speaking. Even if you’re stuck, it’s the techniques that’ll back you up.
  • Tell your story to one person who matters.
  • Excited? Don’t say you’re excited, show it!
  • Don’t look down.
  • Don’t wander from the point.
  • When sharing your most important point, stand firm. Don’t move around.
  • Use your body language to illustrate significant points, measures, percentages, etc.
  • While asking people to do something, give clear and specific instructions.
  • Bring your personality to the floor. Be your natural self.
  • Don’t point. Use your palm to call attention to people.
  • Break the rules.
  • Articulate.
  • Build patterns.
  • Create contrasts, emotionally, physically and structurally.
  • Tips on reading a bio: Practice with the person who reads your bio. Your speech starts when someone reads out the bio. Shorten it and design it to serve the speech.
  • Stand in front of the lights.
  • Point, finish and move to the next topic.
  • Own your place and space.
  • If stuck, don’t lose focus. Stay with the moment.
  • Use stories.
  • When sharing your story, give the situation, conflict and resolution.
  • Great stories are those that come naturally, without your realization.
  • When talking about big moments, stand center stage.
  • Gaining the audience’s trust is critical. There are techniques to this, takes practice but can be learned.
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Chris Brogan & Suresh @ Heroic Public Speaking 2015
Day 1 – Exhilaration & Energy
Michael and Amy had mentioned that there’d be a lot of exercise so we were to come in comfortable clothing and shoes. I wore a jacket because it was cold but didn’t need it after a while!
Day 1 was as promised, Heroic Public Speaking 2015 – full of physical and mental exercise. We warmed up by literally jumping and running across the room. Imagine that with over 250 participants! The entire room was bristling with energy! And so the day unfolded:
  1. Michael and Amy arrived at 9:00am sharp. They started off with a few minutes of silence, just staring at us all. They then shared how lucky they were to meet and interact with us.
  2. Next, they called the entire team up the stage, thanked them and the speakers. Check out the line of speakers here: http://heroicpublicspeaking.com/live/.
  3. They explained the flow of activities for the day.
  4. Michael’s teacher started with games. He asked us to introduce everyone in a different way, unique to their style – the crazier, the better. I began my intro with Balle Balle :)!
  5. And then, we were sitting on the floor! Yes, the chairs were removed!
  6. Michael shared the importance of time. No one will be late for sessions after that :)!
  7. We were divided into groups and asked to share a story about the most important person in our life – remember that person.
  8. Again, we were divided into three larger groups and then one whole circle with all 250 participants. We had to create a combined story with one word per person.
  9. After a break, we had a powerful Voice & Clear Speech session. Amy started with the physical warm up session – jumping, running, literally, speeding up.
  10. Then loosening exercises for neck, shoulder, and hand; breathing through the lungs and more breathing exercises.
  11. And vocal exercises from jaws to tongue.
  12. Then a Word exercise – completing enunciation, in Michael’s words “chewing on words.”
  13. There were facial exercises – making crazy faces to release the tension in the face, jaw and mouth.
  14. And then, a specific speech for a purpose. The JFK speech, first sentence.
  15. Michael invited volunteers to come up on the stage to show and practice the breathing exercise. Three of us volunteered (including me). Believe me, going up that stage, standing in front of that audience was not easy! On top of that, making sounds resonating from nasal, skull and chest cavities … took some doing but with Michael showing us how to breathe and talk, we all experienced a significant difference.

Ta-da! #HPSLive pic.twitter.com/zk1BhbDdPs

After a break for lunch, next on the agenda was a live speech where 3-4 of us had to come up and make a speech, and get live feedback on how to make it more powerful.

This post is a small start. Will keep updating … Stay tuned!