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Here is a warm welcome to the 18th episode of Digital India Podcast on FIR Podcast Network. This show is ‘weekly updates’ brought to you by staff and students of Web Marketing Academy This show gives you the latest updates in the digital marketing world in India

The race to be India’s next Bangalore.  In this story we look at some of the startup cities in India that are making waves.  Of course, Bangalore is well ahead in the race, it always has been.


Flip kart revs up engine ahead of its Big Billion Day Flip kart 2015.  Last year’s Big Billion Day was a disaster for Flip kart.  Are they well prepared this time, to check out what’s in the pipeline, this podcast gives you some insights.



History of Railways in India, Google providing wi-fi at railway stations and how it will effect Digital India.

In this discussion we look at one of the largest modes of transportation in India – Railways.  Google’s plans to provide wifi at the railway stations is going to take Digital India to the next level, and how!

Japan has agreed to modernise 400 railway stations across the country while participating in Indian Railways’ USD 140 billion investment over the next five years.
Modernising the railway stations.
Japan will assist Indian Railways in achieving its zero-accident mission.
They will also help in solving the issue of sanitation by working on the development of waterless and odourless toilets in trains and station.
They will provide assistance in development of a legal framework for high speed railways in India as well.
Google has announced plans to bring high-speed Wi-Fi to 100 of the country’s busiest stations by the end of 2016, and it hopes to eventually bring connectivity to 400 stations in total. Those 100 initial stations serve over 10 million riders a day, according to the search company.
The effort is part of Google’s well-publicized goal of connecting the “next billion” users to the internet. Other than providing a vital service, connecting more people online dovetails with Google’s ad business.

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