Build Relationships Online not Links for Better Search Rankings

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Relationship Building Vs Link Building

Google Day India. Web Marketing Academy Gang in Google Day IndiaFor those who are into SEO, the year 2011 and 2012 we saw some major changes in the Google algorithm, focusing on high quality content, quality links pointing to your site.

Just want to share my thoughts and how we educate the students and attendees of web marketing academy in this topic off page optimization/link building  relationship building.

Off page optimization/ link building is widely used by the SEO community as a process of getting high rankings in search engines. Let’s look at the era of search when page rank was one of the signal to rank a website high.

Google for example looks at the number of website recommending your website. For example, in this post there is a link to SEOMoz White Board Friday video. Google looks at all the links pointing to SEOMoz blog and gives an overall score to that blog. Google not only takes the number of links pointing to that particular site, but authority of the site, (Quality of the site which is pointing to that site, in this case our wma site to seomoz) Rand explains in detail.

Why would someone give a link to SEOMoz website? Well to share useful information to those visiting our site. Also someone could quoted Rand, gave reference etc. Google looks at this link and says well WMA site link is ok, but the link from is much more valuable than WMA (again based on the quality/authority/popularity)

This is some of relationship building online. Site A is trying to build relationship with Site B. As Rand mentions in this video, it’s about earning links, we have to earn relationship with mutual understanding, trust and ongoing friendship. Yes it takes time, effort, hard work to build relationship.

Think about link building as relationship building, in real life, would you do the following:

• Asking a person whom you don’t even know to recommend you?
• How about hey, I talk good things about you and you talk good things about me (Link Exchange/build partner pages for the sake of linking)
• Comment that they are the nicest person and loved what they shared without even knowing what they shared (Blog Commenting)
• Paying money to be recommended (Link Buying)
• Paying someone to talk good about you (Link wheeling/article spinning)

You wont do this right, a website link is similar to relationship building, its not easy. We are fortunate to have good friends, business relationship with others and most importantly the OME community members. It took a lot of time and effort to build this circle and relationship and outcome is outstanding.

Earn Relationships. It’s totally worth it. Keep in mind Google’s algorithm is changing fast, in the next year or so Google’s signal for ranking a website might change significantly, we already see that now in the Google results. High Quality content is always the best ranking signal.

How can you earn good relationship by showing, caring, doing good useful things without expecting anything in return. Start doing this you will be surrounded with good relationships.

Watch this video from SEOMoz about Link Earning one of his best videos in 2012

And by the way, when we organized the Search Marketing Summit in 2011, I asked Gillian and Rand Fishkin to do a video exclusively for the event. Here is the exclusive video for OME Community:

In one of the upcoming blog post series, we will discuss about how to build relationship the right way.Would love to get to know you and see if I can be helpful. Please feel free to email me at suresh at web marketing academy dot in or call me at 9731388721.