Myths about Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is ‘THE’ next big thing in the field of advertising and marketing. It’s a very broad subject but I have simplified it for you in my previous article “Digital Marketing Simplified”. Misconceptions about ‘digital’ in digital marketing is plenty and in this article I am talking about a few and trying to explain the concept behind it.


  • Myth 1: Digital marketing is advertising on any digital screens
    Lot of people have this misconception. They think that digital marketing is advertising on TV or Digital Billboards or anything with a screen but it’s wrong. Digital Marketing is advertising online over the internet using various aspects like SEO, PPC, Social Media, E-mail, Mobile, etc. For more info on that you can read my article “Digital Marketing Simplified”.
  • Myth 2: Instant results because it’s Online
    This is a very common misconception people have when it comes to Digital Marketing. This is false because it takes minimum 3-4 months for you to get results. Although it takes that long to get the results, it can be measured though during that time period. Be it PPC, Social Media, E-mail, etc. you can measure every single one of them to see how it’s working out using various analytics tools. If you’d like to know few of the free tools that can be used for your digital marketing you can visit this link.
  • Myth 3: Costs more because it’s worldwide
    The truth is, it doesn’t. Compared to Traditional ways of marketing Digital Marketing is very cheap and much more efficient. In traditional ways you’ll have to target everyone who’s in a particular place or is subscribed to a particular channel, newspaper, etc. But with Digital Marketing you can target Demographically, and this gets your more results and less investment. And some of the aspects of Digital Marketing are free like Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc and SEO is another thing that’s entirely free.
  • Myth 4: Digital marketing is only for techies/engineers
    This is false. Anyone in the field of Advertising, Marketing, and anyone who’s interested in the internet platform like Facebook, Google, Analytics, etc can do Digital Marketing with a little bit of training.
  • Myth 5: Digital Marketing is only for Established businesses and not small scale
    Any sort of business can do Digital Marketing based on their goals and objectives. For eg – every small scale industries wants awareness so they can use SEO and Social Media to raise awareness for the product, large scale industries want conversions so they can use PPC, E-Mail, Mobile, etc. Basically any type of Business can do Digital Marketing based on what they aim to get out of it.

Now that the 5 myths of Digital Marketing has been busted it’s time for you to move into the world of Digital Marketing. If you have any more questions related to Digital Marketing feel free to write to us at

About the Author: Aditya Gupta is the Social Media Specialist and content-writer in Web Marketing Academy.