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Periscope Your Way to People’s Hearts – A Quick How-to

Periscope is a live video streaming mobile application for iPhone and Android 4.4 and above. It allows you to broadcast live video (real-time) to your followers or the entire world. You can share events and activities as they happen, interact with viewers, and receive hearts (likes)! You can browse other live or recent broadcasts (available for replay for up to 24 hours after the live show), save videos, and follow other broadcasters!

How is Periscope different from other video streaming apps?

Live video streaming is not new. We have apps like Skype, Meerkat and Google Hangout. However, Periscope is integrated with Twitter and is much easier, cleaner to use and manage. The slightly older Meerkat is Periscope’s closest competitor and has a significant user base from its popularity at SXSW 2015. But with Twitter’s clout and financial backing, Periscope could well be the winner.

How to get started on Periscope

Here’s how you get going:

Step 1: Download and install the app: Download the app on your mobile phone from Apple’s

iTunes or Google Play Store on Android smartphones. Install it.

Step 2. Sign up. You can use your Twitter login to sign into Periscope. Periscope will pull your

Twitter bio by default (You can edit it.). Or use your phone number to sign up and then build

your bio. Other things you see on your bio are followers, following, and blocked broadcast

settings. User name can only be changed once.

Step 3. Launch the app. Click on the mobile app icon on your phone.

Step 4. View, broadcast or search. The home screen of the app has four buttons:

The first TV icon takes you to live, featured and recent broadcasts. Tap on the one you

want to watch. Watch and interact. You can chat by tapping “say something”. You can

like the broadcast by tapping on hearts. A left swipe allows you to share the telecast and see the number of viewers.

  • The globe button takes you to a zoomable map where you can see live periscope sessions across the globe. You have the option of viewing as Map or List.
  •  The Live Broadcast button is the one that allows you to take a live video and broadcast simultaneously.
  • The People button is where you add people, followers, etc. You can search for:
  • featured people (popular, most watched)
  • people you are following on Twitter
  • most loved people
  • specific user names

Step 5. Get ready to periscope: Tapping on the third button will activate your phone’s camera.

But first:Periscope Live Broadcast App

  •    – Give a title to your broadcast.

– Turn on your location (optional).

– Select private or public chat. Everyone can chat or you can choose specific followers to enable chat for.

– And, you can post it to Twitter by enabling the option.

Step 6. Tap on Start Broadcast. And you’re LIVE!




Tips on Periscope

Here are a few other tips that’ll help you get comfortable with Periscope.

On the broadcast

  • Keep the broadcast short and interesting from the first 5 seconds. Remember attention spans are getting shorter!
  • Make it personal, intriguing and short.
  • Make the title of the broadcast compelling as that’s what comes up on lists when people search. Use smileys or other icons to make it interesting.
  • Use a headphone to reduce background noise.

Deleting a Periscope broadcast

Go to the broadcast, scroll all the way down and tap Delete Replay.

While watching a broadcast

Tap the + icon to:

  • receive push notifications on public broadcasts, follows, invitations to broadcasts
  • share other people’s broadcasts with your followers
  • chat with viewers

Be social on Periscope

Share broadcasts, appreciate them with hearts, interact with other followers. Be courteous and respectful of others.

And some more tips

  • Save broadcasts to camera folder; auto-save is available.
  • Once you stop the broadcast, hold it for a few seconds for auto-save to work.
  • The first shot of the video (focus) serves as the thumbnail for the broadcast.
  • Ask followers or public to share, interact, and answer questions.
  • Reply to users one on one when you can.
  • Block spammy, rude or pervert users.
  • Share broadcasts with specific followers.
  • Use symbols in your title to make it funkier.
  • Notify followers before going live – on WhatsApp, emails, social media, etc.
  • Share the broadcast on other channels.
  • Double tap to switch front and rear camera.
  • Upload to YouTube

Know the Periscope Community Guidelines

Make sure you don’t violate any community guidelines on Periscope, such as:

  • No sexual content
  • No violent, illegal content
  • Respect all users
  • Don’t mislead
  • No spam

Check out the guidelines on Periscope.

Who can use Periscope?

Individuals and businesses for fun, work and branding.

How can businesses leverage Periscope?

Here are some ways businesses can use Periscope for:

  • Behind the scene shots
  • Answering a question
  • Making announcements
  • Broadcasting an event
  • Educating live, like a webinar
  • Conducting internal meetings on private broadcasts
  • Interviewing experts or customers
  • Showcasing their culture
  • Giving product demos
  • Showing how you solve a problem
  • Having customers talk about your brand or offering
  • Highlighting employee achievements

Hope you find these tips useful enough to get you started on Periscope right now! Good luck!

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