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Daniel from Web Marketing Academy GraduationSEO Best Practices

We often hear people talk about why we should opt for white hat SEO techniques when black hat delivers results in a short span of time. They look at the ones that implement black hat seo and their results in a short period, and follow the same for better ranking.

It is human nature to follow a laid out path which we believe is successful. Most start-up and medium sized companies convince themselves to go for black hat/grey hat seo stating it is financially challenging to invest in a good Search Engine Optimizer. So, they choose to hire interns, who are forced to learn SEO on their own via a few links to some blog and expect better ranking. The amateurs are impatient to see the increase in the ranking and look for immediate results.  Now, we all know that finding authentic genuine information online is difficult, not to mention a great deal of research, but short cuts are always easy to find and adapt. The inexperienced SEOs depend on these shortcut methods and implement them without being able to differentiate them from grey hat or black hat SEO.

As expected, the results are sooner with better ranking for the site which makes the boss happy. Isn’t that what everything boils down to, “making your boss happy”? Yes, and in the process of gloating about their success in increasing the ranking, the newbies share this information along with their success stories but with no insights.

A few months later, the rankings sink dramatically and no one can conclude why. So, they turn to the net of information and join forums and discuss about it. But, what they don’t know is that the grey/black hat SEO techniques implemented by the intern/amateur SEO caused this unfortunate turn of events.

Long term SEO strategy is what we tend to forget while following grey hat. While white hat SEO takes time to deliver results, it lasts and focuses on the user experience. It is a waste of time to think and come up with complicated grey hat/black hat techniques while all we have to do is earnestly follow a few white hat SEO methods persistently to see long-lasting results.

Yes, white hat SEO isn’t easy, but it focuses on what users want, the same as the search engines. So, invest your SEO time wisely. Time and time again, we have seen significant results by just following white hat SEO techniques. It works wonders, and without giving it a try, one can’t conclude that nothing but grey hat seo works. Here is a blog post that Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz wrote:

My tips to you: Try, take the time to read, get educated and acquainted in white hat seo. Instead of reading any and every blog post, follow the ones that are trusted like Google official blog posts Searchengineland, Seomoz, and Inbound marketing and learn it the right way.

From my ten years’ experience in this industry I have seen people following black, grey hat SEO and I’ve always wanted to illuminate them on the right methods, and hey, I practice before I preach and here is the proof and We always teach White hat methods in our Courses.