I always get a common question from most of the people who wanted to do the course is

Skills to Learn Digital Marketing

“ What are the basic skills. qualification necessary ” for Digital Marketer

I personally feel you don’t need to have any specific qualification or skills necessary.

  1. If you have the Passion to learn or Thirst for Knowledge
  2. If you know how to operate computer/Mobile
  3. If you know MS office/Any Office

These are the skills that are necessary.

As I have seen in over a period of years, there are lot of new updates and lot of changes that took place in this Space. As the concept Digital Marketing itself is new to the world it has become very dynamic and every day you will find a new update or enhancement in these Platforms. He/She should be ready to adapt to the new channels.

The Big skill that a person should have  is “ Adaptability, Passion to learn and Curiosity to Explore new things “

Apart from the above mentioned skills if we get in to each individual channel or Platform you might need to have few additional skills to become a pro.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation):-

SEO is all about understanding how Google ranks your websites in the search results, how Google understands your website and how to make the changes in the website to make it SEO friendly.

So, for SEO if you have basic knowledge about HTML, understanding about websites and how it works would be a added advantage.

Resources to learn basics of HTML :-

W3Schools is a best place to learn HTML on your own,



SMM (Social Media Marketing):-

Social Media Marketing is all about Story telling, how do you tell a story about your brand and create a impact in the users mind before he make a decision to buy a product.

For Social Media Marketing the skills required are being Creative, Story telling and you should be a good listener.

If you have the basic knowledge about photo editing that would be a added advantage.


Canva, Picmonkey, pixlr are some of the tools to edit pictures online.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing):-

SEM is all about promoting your business through paid advertising in search engines and other partner websites.

For SEM the skills you might need to have is basic mathematics skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as you will be dealing with money and numbers and mainly its all about common sense and presence of mind.

Content Marketing:-

Marketing is all about content marketing. Without this there is nothing in digital/social marketing. It is all about telling a story in a attracting, entertaining and engaging way. Most of the people think that content marketing is only about writing content i.e text. But Content marketing will also include images, videos and audio.

For content marketing you need to have passion of telling a story, few tips to start of with content marketing is to start with blogging, no matter what ever the topic it is try to write a few paragraphs about it, it can be your passion or your hobby.

Try to keep it simple, easy to understand. Start with mind mapping means, list down all the points whatever comes in your mind and start building a story around it.


For pictures or images you can use the same tools mentioned in SMM, for creating videos you can use Animoto, goanimate, powtoon, youtube video editor or movie maker.

Marketing Concepts:-

Few Basic marketing concepts are good to know.

Buying Cycle, Marketing Mix, Customer life time value, Brand equity, Brand identity, Brand positioning , customer behaviour, customer acquisition.