Social Analytics with Bhupendra,CEO Simplify 360

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Social Analytics with Bhupendra,CEO Simplify 360 in Web Marketing Academy Guest Lecture Series, April 2014

From our Guest:

I enjoyed talking at WMA class. I found it interesting to see people with varied experiences and interests were present, and were amazing batch of interesting folks. I enjoyed the interaction. Future of Digital Media and Social Media is extremely bright, and as industry grows, all good professionals of the industry will see extra-ordinary growth — Bhupendra, CEO Simplify 360, Bangalore

Knowledge Sharing & Keep takeaways from the session:

Session – Social media marketing and its role in India and abroad

Bhupendra CEO, Simplify 360On April 5, 2014, the co-founder and CEO of Simplify360, Bhupendra Khanal joined us for a discussion on branding and communication strategy in the digital world.

It started with introductions by WMA students and Suresh Babu introducing Bhupendra Khanal. The discussion was based on the three pillars of a marketing strategy: Brand, communication and marketing.

Here are the details of the Q&A session which happened:

What is a Brand and how can we create a Brand?

According to Bhupendra Khanal it’s all about “Story Telling”. He mentioned that for any brand to grab attention or to create recall it has to create a story, because people always remember stories.

He quoted the case of Café Coffee Day, as how they told the story about their brand and how they positioned themselves in the market. He quoted “Even though it’s a coffee shop, they didn’t focus on selling the coffee; they focused on selling the time”

Café Coffee Day positioned their outlets as the place to hang out when you’re meeting friends or going for a business meeting – That’s what we call as brand recall.

Social Media played a very crucial role in establishing the brand reputation of CCD – They came up with a print ad only when they had crossed 5000 crore mark.

Bhupendra also mentioned that Simplify360 helped a major telecom company to build its brand reputation with the help of social customer service. Their only goal was to beat the world’s most followed brand, another telecom giant. They built up their twitter profile which was in a way linked to the consumer care and with the help of social media command centre prepped up by Simplify360, they changed their Turnaround Time (TAT) to 6 minutes.

Talking about social media Branding and strategy building:

First thing Bhupendra suggested was that the marketer should first understand, what is the story that the consumer is going to relate to when he thinks about the product or the company – Even after the creation of the campaign what is that they can do best to reach out to the right audience,

Talking about media relations and brand communication:

As per Bhupendra, media and readers both are two sides of a coin. They share a simultaneous relation. Media only writes what readers like to read and readers only read what media writes.

Talking about his own company Simplify360, Bhupendra said that “we believe extensively in research and it has been our primary source of inspiration to work” – So he said that if you want media to write about you, either there has to be something consistently coming out, and hence you have to improve yourself in this process. Keeping in mind about readers and the media won’t be of any great help if you want to get noticed. You are either out of the loop or in the loop. The worst thing that you can do is call up a journalist and say that you have a great story to cover. No one would really call you back.

How Simplify 360 came into everyone’s notice?

Simplify360’s research team kept on researching about a lot of subjects. They kept on publishing about celebrities, IPL, Indian politics etc. The breakthrough happened when they were found by Economic Times and the research was published about Indian Elections 2014.

Bhupendra also added by saying that there has to be proper discipline and ways to find how things are made ‘operational’.

They maintain a strict strategy of publishing one research paper a week.

Powerful tip to build a strategy for social media marketing or even digital marketing:

Why and how to build up a great social or even digital marketing plan? This was the most interesting session and Bhupendra kept on emphasising on the words “story telling” as part of the social or digital marketing strategy. He described three simple steps:-

  1. Content
  2. Design
  3. Timing

Content– A content is always about a story that you would like to build around your product. There has to be different stories for different segments of product. There has to be different story for a technological product and other products. There has to be different communication approach to understand the product and the consumer behavior towards it.

Design– He further divided it into three different aspects:

a) Functional – usable, features

b) Color and look

c) Emotive aspect

Timing – The right time to launch and the right time to reach out.

He gave the example of Narendra Modi’s campaign which was aired during live cricket streaming for ICC T20.

Guidelines discussed for building up content strategy including KPIs and ROI measurement.

With every dollar spent, marketers are faced with the question of ROI and measurement of the content marketing activities.

The best way to measure social media effectiveness is to see the buzz that is being generated.

Three simple points to be followed which proves the success of all your campaigns are:

a) Engagement rate

b) Community size

c) Reach

Defining reach and use of different social platforms:

Businesses should understand which social platform would best describe their product and help build the community.

Giving the example of Simplify360, Mr. Khanal quoted that SlideShare turned out to be the best place for them as they give away a lot of research based presentations which is like a brief insight of their work.

Thus, if there is something to do with lots of pictures, then Pinterest would be the best place and so on. On asked what is the best platform to choose and is it necessary to be present, everywhere Mr. Bhupendra replied that as an organization there is no option to chose but be present everywhere, yet choose the priority over the other.

How social media helps in hiring? Are organizations/hiring managers really looking at our profiles?

With a big smile Mr. Bhupendra said, YES. Organizations and hiring managers are looking at Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media activity including blogs and opinions posted by you.

It has become very important to brand yourself and social media is the best way to do it. Simplify360 has hired lot of people looking at their profiles. One of the designers was hired when he shared his work on Flickr.

What is a research process and what’s the best way to do it?

In our case, research is basically the resource you want to share with the prospect or client or our readers. Resource, here means content that would be written.

So, this resource could be different to the media (reader’s perspective) and, different to the CMOs (insights).

The simplest way of doing a research starts with:

a)     Data research

b)     Cleaning the data

c)     Data mining

d)     Data presentation(resource)

Tip: Every data should be presented properly. A great deck can actually make or break the deal.

What is the Future of Social media in India?

Social media is all about sharing. In India being social is a part of our culture. Indians are most social after Brazilians and Koreans.

In Western countries people do not share much in person, so they need a virtual medium to find places, talk to people and most importantly socialise. Indians always have shared in person. Social Networks are only amplifying it.

So, be it Hi5, Orkut, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other emerging social media platforms,  Indians would never stop sharing and social media would always be part of us.

According to him the figure of 92 million people using Facebook will increase significantly, and with the growing economy there is possibility that Social Media Marketing may increase 50 times in the next few years.

What makes Simplify360 stand out in respect to others like Hoot Suite?

Hootsuite is a social media analytics tool which gives you free access, while Simplify360 is a complete social media business solution and provides advanced business solutions according to client needs in every area.

What are Simplify360’s major clients?

Simplify360 is working closely with 70 media agencies, 7 BPO companies and several enterprises including ITC Foods, Star TV, HDFC Bank, HGS Interactive, WPP, Havas and Publicis.