Social Business Workshop

Hands-on Social Business Workshop with Eric Weaver

Having a Facebook page, Twitter ID, or LinkedIn presence is not a social media strategy.

With around 30 million Facebook users, more than 3 million Google+ users and 10 million LinkedIn users in India, companies struggle to keep a good social media strategy in place. Social Media is changing the way companies communicate online.

Are you ready to be part of this revolution and learn the skills you need to survive in this competitive marketplace?

World-renowned Social Media strategist Eric Weaver, along with Web Marketing Academy, the premier web marketing training academy in India, bring you the hottest Hands-on Social Media Workshop and learning experience this November.

Meet Eric Weaver

Eric Weaver for Web Marketing Academy, Social Business Workshop BangaloreEric Weaver is a veteran marketer and strategist who has helped drive awareness, revenue and loyalty for household brands across North America. As one of the very first digital marketers, Eric has helped firms like Brita, Clorox, De Beers, Ford, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Foods, Lincoln, Mattel, the Mayo Clinic, Procter & Gamble, RCA, the US Postal Service, and the Clinton Administration build and extend their brands online. He has provided strategic social media counsel to global brands like Hewlett-Packard, United Parcel Service, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Starbucks, Intel, KPMG and Nordstrom.

Real Hands-on training, we mean it! Bring your laptops to the workshop.

Eric Weaver will discuss what is happening in the worldwide social media phenomenon as well as taking you through step-by-step approaches for you and your company. He will teach you how companies are using social media, share case studies and his experience with social media throughout these years.

Eric Weaver has proven track record of awing the audience, as a keynote speaker in both the 2009 World Brand Congress in Mumbai, and the 2011 Search Marketing Summit in Bangalore.

This is not a conference but one full day of hands-on training. Only limited seats are available, where personal attention can be given and all your questions can be answered in a relaxed environment. This workshop is like a personal business consultation and mentor ship. His normal conference fee for a day is around Rs 2.5 lakh, but sign up before November 01st and you will get to interact and learn with him for Rs 14,500 (plus taxes).


First, the WHYs of Social Media for Business

– A review of the last five years

– Global impact of social media

– Implications for India

– Implications for the marketing profession

– Trends in consumer behavior

– How social media can impact business

– Why your boss might not understand the opportunity

– Why search and SEO are the least important things about social media

Next, the WHATs of Social Media for Business

– Where should businesses engage with their markets?

– Which activities should use social? Which shouldn’t?

– The EIA Model: Engagement, Influence and Activation

– Content: what to publish

– Content examples from global brands

– Engagement examples from global brands

– Newer channels like Foursquare, Google+ – can these help my business?

– Business blogging: still relevant? 

– Listening tools: differences between paid and free and what to look for

– Considerations of basic listening metrics

Finally, the HOWs of Social Media for Business

– Thoughts on employee governance

– Social for market research

– How to craft a social business strategy 

– Aligning activity with channels

– Facebook Fan Pages: how to set one up, how to maintain it

 – Breaking through the noise: proven tips

– So you want to be a Social Media Guru: tips on personal branding