Wrap Up- Social India Conference Bangalore 2011

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Wrap up of Social India Conference, Bangalore

 After successful International Search Marketing Summit, February 2011 by Web Marketing Academy and Online Marketing Enthusiast Community, in aid of Akshaya Patra, The Social India Conference 2011 was held in Bangalore in support of The Akshaya Patra Foundation & Anant.

View Pictures of Search Marketing Summit India, 2011

Conference Mission:

To raise funds, raise friends, and learn more about social media best practices throughout the world. The 2011 Social India Conference is conducted in aid of the Akshaya Patra Foundation, with support from various sponsors and enthusiasts.

Akshaya Patra conducts the world’s largest NGO-run midday meal program and currently feeds nearly 1.2 million children every day. It caters to over 8,000 government and government-aided schools in 18 locations spread across eight states within India. The Foundation expects to feed 5 million children daily by 2020.

 Day 1 Pictures of Social India Conference here:

Social India Conference BangalorePlease note: I might not have covered the full sessions, please do add in the comment section

The day started with a good 200 + attendees. There was a good mix of attendees from across India. Employees from IBM, Wipro, Aditya Birla, VP’s, CEO’s , agencies and students from Christ University, Archarya B School and more. Interesting to hear from a mix of attendees. One thing I noticed was everyone was familiar with Social media including practitioners and managers for companies

Eric Weaver who was scheduled to present the keynote, unfortunately couldn’t make it for his session, was unwell, We all missed you Eric, however Eric was there for the event on Day 2. More on that below.

I was unable to hear Stefan Kolle presentation, Christopher Morgan Herrera wrote a good post on Day 1 of Social India conference here:  http://blog.gmrwebteam.com/social-india-conference-bangalore-india-day-1/

Here is what Christopher wrote about the first presentation of the day. “ Stefan Kolle, Founder of FutureLab, spent a good amount of time on this and it is something that we all struggle with in the marketing world. Acquiring loyal customers is not difficult with a good business and good business model, but getting them to discuss your brand and essentially go that extra step is a horse of a different color.

Doing the small things, though, is one big way to bridge that divide. Adding links in emails, blogs and even on business cards; making small fliers and placing them in the company’s physical location, saying, “We really appreciate your business… it would mean a lot to us if you would review our performance on <social site>”; educating clients on directly and sincerely asking people for reviews and recommendations; this is what it’s all about.

People like people and people like helping people; you just need to make access to these channels more accessible by feeding it to them directly. If you provide the links and ask them to review your business, odds are they’ll do it”

Source: http://blog.gmrwebteam.com/social-india-conference-bangalore-india-day-1/

Thanks Christopher for the wrap up of Day 1

Interview of Stefan:

Shashank Nigam from Simpliflying shared some videos of Airline Industry Face book contests

Customer educating one another thru Facebook contest, C2C customer education program

  • Screenshot of plane building process, Jumbled and asked Face book fans to put into order,  says got a lot of interaction
  • Typically customers  in airlines, you DM them
  • Where do you get the budget from ?

–          38 % comes from Corporate communication, Marketing 35%

–          25 % Ecommerce

–          Internal consulting helps

Q.  Can one small department create cult?

A. 150 to follow the cult, Malcom Gladwell, Customer support can create their own mini Cult

Simplyflying will sponsor 100 kids for next year

Next up, Valerie R. Wagoner, Zip Dial

Valerie started with a socialindia Dial zipdial  a missed call Live Feedback, These were numbers you dial to give live feedback for the conference. Thumbs up: 022 33010007, Neutral:022 33010008, Thumbs down: 022 33010a009

Sachet Economy in India. Facebook and social media Sachet Economy zip dial

Mobile Model Realities:

  • 700 million mobile connections
  • Cash on Delivery is the preferred model in India. Having both Online and Offline will work in India
  • Fonetwish – a new company, using mobile to update the status, Just dial *325#
  • Mcheck- Operator independent to transact lacs and smaller numbers too

Interesting to see her business Card:

Zip dial is toll free and simple, Free

  • The times of India used for Lokpal bill Zip dial, a call to action for Face book, Twitter and Zip dial number 40,000 responses, 100,000 followers, 7.6 million responses in Zip dial for this campaign.
  • Track offline media create targeted engagement. What is working and not working, all possible by using zip dial. Different numbers for various magazines to track responses, real time knowledge
  • Kingfisher, Bindass integrated zip dial using offline activities to drive online traffic. 080 300 500 21, example of engagement, zip dial game built on toll free dialing number. 65 % played once have played once again 96 % face book leader board. Book Cricket works completely offline. All activity is now on the web.
  • Gym, college fest, 1000 per month and live in 2 minutes, as easy as setting up a twitter or Face book account, calls for businesses
  • How can the Foundation use Zipdial?  Print, Brochure, Website, Donate

Zip dial for your Feedback:
Only a Missed Call:

022 3301 0007 – For Thumbs up

022 3301 0008 – For Neutral

022 3301 0009 – for Thumbs down

Give Valerie Rozych a missed call 080 300 88572

 Up Next, Kapil Gupta

Kapil spoke about Cricket, Bollywood. Cricket meets Bollywood.

  • Bollywood is # 1 for NRI’s says Kapil
  • Teachers brand, Never talk about teachers or Education in Teacher’s Brand
  • Cant use: Kiss-ass for Yatra
  • Acronyms Use caution when you use post social media

Gillian Muessig, SEOMom

Started off with a touching story of how they built www.seomoz.org:  If you share more you will get gifts. Gillian built a company based on that.In 1999 Rand Fishkin joined the company, New world economy. Proud Mom. Rand wrote online bio for The future of internet

Gillian says, “Opportunity to Obligation, Rand used to blog every single day, from

Blog to comment to engagement. Danny Sullivan invited Rand to come to smx and then got opportunities to present in conferences “

She said that 25 % visits to seomoz blog comes from Whiteboard Friday videos.

Rand Fishkin, SEOMoz at Pub Con , Las VegasOne interesting thought she gave to create content was to comment, use commenting in a smart way, write a blog post about the comment in your blog and ask them to participate. Rand is a great personality, I had an opportunity to meet with him and chat in 2006, in Pub con, Las Vegas.



The last session for the way was a panel discussion and attendees interactive session, where Kiruba Shankar took the stage and had a balanced moderation.

Day 2

Day 2 started off with compelling speakers lineup, first up was Eric Weaver, a great presenter, He shared some videos of Salty and how companies are using social media and he looked great in ethnic wear.

Kiruba Shankar

If you don’t know Kiruba, he is one the top business blogger, Author of 3 books, a podcaster and Farmer. A humble and a great influencer in India, known for engaging audience and making any session interesting. His presentation on Personal branding online.

Ground rules: Don’t mute your phones and if you see anyone sleeping in the session, take pictures and up in the slides

Authoring a book and research on people how they build a brand online.

Common sense 15 checklist:

Ask yourself are you doing it ?  If not when are you going to do it ?

Agreement, Give tips from each tip

  • Have your own domain name instead of company name .wordpress.com
  • Each one of you is as important as company brand
  • Who wants to be a speaker, most raised  their and Kiruba shared that everyone can be a speaker online
  • Interviews Seshant, he started with White Paper and send it to airlines
  • Use consistent username
  • Completeness of profiles in social media sites

My Interview with Kiruba Shankar during the event

Shauna Causey

SHAUNA CAUSEY has managed communications, community relations and social media strategy for companies, non-profits and elected officials. She’s worked for the Seattle Mariners, FOX, Fox Sports Net, Comcast and now manages social media for US retailing giant Nordstrom

She spoke about case studies of social media, stats on social media and more

 Finally Sean Moffitt, author & Founder, Agent Wildfire

Amazing presentation to end the 2 day, powerful and engaging speaker, most of his slides talked about stats and research.

  • A Practical Guide for Reinventing Business – What? A study of top 100 engaged brands and business how? A 10 step roadmap for business success in digital spaces
  • The real Wikibrands challenge…Global education industry $ 2 trillion annually, Global IT and Communications $ 3 trillion annually Global health care industry $ 4 trillion annually, Global energy industry $ 6 trillion annually, Global banking industry $ 7 trillion annually How do we reinvent some of these industries?
  • Forget Marketing’s 4Ps… Embrace the Wikibrand
  • 85% of people want companies engaging with their customers in social media – Twitterers are three times more likely to embrace brands than average population
  • Recipe for success 10 Factor #1 FOCUS– “Why are we doing this/what are we doing?” 3rd & 4th Top Reasons Why Organizations Fail In Digital

 Links to PPT’s

CEO of Me, Personal branding Online by Kiruba Shankar– http://t.co/ox49bsBQ


Social India – Wikibrands Presentation by Sean Moffitt: http://t.co/8isYEhOC

The SEOmoz Community Case Study by Gillian Muessig:http://t.co/o2oJorNe

Don’t Try this at Home or actually please do by StefanKolle: http://t.co/wbEcTR0M

 Eric Weaver presentations: http://t.co/gwOhziDmUsing social media to reach youth markets in India by Sanjay Mehtahttp://ht.ly/7rOou

Airline driving results from Social media by Shashank Nigam http://t.co/AsQXS8DF

Social is Serious Business by Narendranag: http://t.co/8i4e36iJ

Thank you

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