Social Media = Awareness > Conversion

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Social Media is for awareness

Social Networking sites are something very popular with people these days and they spend most of their time on it. The number of social media platforms are only increasing by the day. Facebook, Twitter, G+. Linkedin are some to name a few.

So, why do people go onto Social Networking sites? Why do they spend so much of their time on it?

For conversations, updates, timepass, and to connect.

So what are the brands using it for?

Lot of brands create official pages on Social Media hoping to convert prospects to customers. But the truth is, converting prospects to customers through Social Networking sites is hard!People come to these platforms not hoping to buy something but to connect and converse. So, using Social networking sites just for the intent of conversions is something that might not work out well at all.

“Sales – the only word known by brands might ask, for what should we use it then?”.

Social networking sites are a platform that can be used by start-ups, MNC’s, SME’s, businesses, celebrities or anyone for that matter to create awareness, and engage with prospects by building conversations.. As you proceed with building conversations, you tend to engage at a better level with your prospects through the communication you share, and ultimately engagement is what matters. Why? Because if people don’t engage with you on Social Media platforms it means they’re simply not interested in what you offer or you are unable to communicate in an interesting fashion. Most of the times people who engage on your pages are loyal customers who’ll vouch for your products and services. And more often than not, people who complain about your products on your Social Media presence are people who actually care about your brand but are not satisfied with it. So, if you revert to them on social media then those people will become one of your ‘most loyal’ customers, only because you took time out to solve their problem/complaint.

So if you are a company looking at social network sites to sell, its time you reworked on your strategy. As a brand or a business, its worth it, to concentrate on engagement, because ultimately Social Media Platforms were built to engage with other users, get to know them and stay connected with them.

About the Author: Aditya Gupta is the Social Media Specialist and content-writer in Web Marketing Academy.