Social Media Marketing Workshop at Welingkar Institute, Bangalore #WEatSMW

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February 28, 2015, the fourth day of Social Media Week, Bangalore (#SMWBangalore) and Manasi and I were all pumped up about the social media marketing workshop we were driving on behalf of Web Marketing Academy at WeSchool in Electronic City, Bangalore (Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research). WeSchool is one of the few colleges in India that have incorporated digital marketing into the formal curriculum.

WeSchool decor for Social Media Marketing, Bangalore

SMWBangalore at WeSchool

We reached the venue in the afternoon, just before the events for the day started. Speakers for the day included online marketing industry experts such as Subhamoy Das (Head of Communication, Ebay PayPal), Anusha Shetty (CEO, Autumn Worldwide) and Nidhi Bhasin (Associate Director, Flipkart (Mobile)).

Social media marketing event at WeSchool

Rise of the Connected Class #WeatSMW – Anusha Shetty (CEO, Autumn Worldwide)

Nuggets of social media marketing 
To be honest, we were slightly apprehensive about the student’s interest and energy sustaining through all the events to the end of the day when our workshop was scheduled. But they more than surprised us.

As the day unfolded, we got to hear the industry experts share their experiences. I also had the pleasure of judging a mobile app ideation and strategy event that the students had put up. I was impressed at the thought and creativity put into the content, strategy and execution. Great effort @We_MPower!

There were also rooms the students had turned into social media rooms with each room dedicated to a social media channel. Again, very impressive display of thoughts, ideas and facts.

Social media marketing workshop
Since the topic of our workshop had been slightly volatile through the days, Manasi and I came up with some last minute improvisations. I was there more as a learner and Manasi (WMA trainer and digital marketing consultant @consultmanasi) is a fabulous person to learn from.

Social Media Workshop #We_MPower by Web Marketing Academy

Social Media Workshop #We_MPower by Web Marketing Academy

After a quiz on digital marketing news and events that the students participated in actively, the audience was divided into eight groups for some hands-on activities. Each group was asked to come up with a business domain along with a budget and resource plan. The premise was given by us ranging from local business, small and large B2B and B2C, rural business to JCB.

The idea was to have the students come up with plans for either building awareness or improving on existing market share.

I must say, the students did beautifully. Not only did a few of them come up with innovative ideas for the business itself, they came up with pretty neat marketing strategies. Budgets and resources were shaky but hey, most of these students were just in the first year of business administration! It was amazing to see how well they presented their ideas and the interactions that ensued.

Twitter feed from Social Media Workshop by WMA at WeSchool

Tweets on Social Media Workshop by WMA and other events at WeSchool

Manasi shared valuable tips and practices for each of the use cases and talked about the importance of preparing for the future. I added a few tit-bits of information based on my trysts in digital marketing.

The day ended well for both us and the students. While the students got value out of our learning and experience, we learned a lot of stuff from them. Rounding it off, Manasi invited the students to connect with Web Marketing Academy institute and faculty to enrich their digital marketing journey.

All in all, a wonderful experience!


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