Social Media Week Bangalore PPT. Digital Marketing for Start Up’s

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Social Media Week Bangalore Speakers Slides. Web Marketing Academy Hosted three Workshops, Panel on Digital Marketing, Remarketing.


It is our tradition in all of our talks, we first have a few minutes of Introduction session before the session, we will be amazed how much we can learn from each other and events like #SMWBangalore are great place to meet and network with like minded people and it is like an ice breaker.

Social Media Week Bangalore

Introduction during WMA’s Event









  1. Started how I moved from Chef to Digital Marketing, the interest started when my cousin introduced me to Yahoo chat in 2000
  2. My journey . 2002 where I had an opportunity to learn Digital Marketing in Florida
  3. Moved to India, started OME Community
  4. What made me quit my job as a Digital Marketing Manager for a travel company
  5. Thought would get a lot of students but it took more than 6 months to get my first student
  6. And where WMA is now. Thanks to my current students, Alumni, Staff and Friends
  7. Spoke about 3 Challenges Start up face
  8. 1. Answers (Content/Story telling/Information)
  9. Showed a video of how a 5 year old search You Tube. (We all consume content differently are you ready with your content in all format ? )
  10. How to come up with answers. See attached worksheet
  11. 2. Channels. Identify the right channel where your target audience are and know the advantages for each channel
  12. 3. Execute before that how to measure using Google URL builder
  13. And resources to help come up with content

 Suresh Babu’s Slide on Digital Marketing for Start ups in Social Media Week Bangalore

Social Media Week Bangalore PPT. Speakers Slide. Digital Marketing for Start ups by Web Marketing Academy from Suresh Babu
How a 5 year old searches You Tube using Voice Search

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Download the PDF worksheet here: Content worksheet