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OME Community November Meetup Videos, Minutes of Meeting.

“A Blogger’s Road Map to 1 Lakh”
Brought to you by Web Marketing Academy

When: Friday, November 22th 2011. 2:00 PM – 6 PM
Where: Room # 301, MBA Block, Christ University, Koramangala, Bangalore

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The OME Community Meetup started as usual with the introduction of the members, an overview. Srinivas Tamada is one among those top bloggers, who could reach the road map to 1 Lakh per month through Adsense & blogging starting from Rs 50. A Scripting Geek, who is the speaker for this month, shared his journey in blogging, ideas, tips & much more.

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He shared how he rolls out the script to the subscribers only after 18 hours, brilliant strategy to keep his subscribers list

  • His philosophy: ” Make People Fall in Love with Your Ideas “
  • Started blogging since 2009
  • His content is simple illustrations explaining complicated scripts in simple illustration
  • He spoke about the future of  Face book. Possible Face book search engine soon and Face book revenue sharing possibility soon
  • He choose Blogger over wordpress, Blogger is Google product, its fast and load time is faster

You will have to watch the videos for the rest of the content from a passionate Blogger.Thank you Srinivas, it was great to have you in OME and WMA .