Videos speak louder than words

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One of the best things about videos, is that people give their full attention while watching it, which makes it one of the best ways to educate and entertain people.

In this blog I’m gonna let the videos do the talking instead of me typing.

Here are a few videos based on different categories.

HISHE (How it should have ended) – Animation

This is one of the most popular channel when it comes to creating alternate endings for Hollywood movies/tv shows using animation.


The Richest – Top 10 related to anything

The Richest is a YouTube channel that’s all about posting Top 10’s for almost anything and everything. It’s simple, informative and short.


PES Film – Creative stop-motion photography videos

PESFilm is a YouTube channel that make stop-motion photography videos. It takes a lot of time to create a video like this since the whole video is made of individual pics and put together with a good soundtrack and it’s a fun thing to do and in this the possibilities are endless.


NPR Music – Music channel

This channel is fully dedicated to music and they do really good videos.


Vat 19Creative Marketing Ads

Vat 19 is an online shopping portal. The products they have are out of the box and the way they market it on their YouTube channel is one of a kind! It’s funny, hilarious, serious, and amazing because the products they market is very hard to advertise but the way they come up with a video and show it will make you want that product.


Out of the box creative videos/ads

These are a few random videos done by companies/people which are a bit out of the box.

About the Author: Aditya Gupta is the Social Media Specialist and content-writer in Web Marketing Academy.