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India New Land of Opportunities, Mumbai dabbawalas & Anti-Privacy!

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For US Internet companies, India is the next China.  India is the new land of opportunties.  What do I mean by this…listen to the podcast!

Prime Minister Modi’s overall message to Silicon Valley who regularly posts on Twitter and Facebook: Help India become Internet Powerhouse.

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Online tiffin services: A threat to Mumbai dabbawalas?

Dabbawalas, literally meaning ‘box carriers’, have been plying Mumbai’s streets for well over a century.

But now many of the meals inside the tin containers that clatter against each other as they hang from the dabbawalas’ rickety bicycles are handpicked on the Internet by busy professionals enjoying a wealth of choice.

The New York Times reported in 2007 that the 125-year-old dabbawala industry continues to grow at a rate of 5–10% per year.  Is that about to change?  Listen to the podcast to know more…



Recent anti-privacy social media policy (now being reworked)

The reasons on why Government came up with this, pros and cons along with possible impact on Digital India.

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On September 21, 2015, the government let out a draft National Encryption Policy that mandates people as well as businesses to keep a record of their Whatsapp or Google Hangout or Apple’s iMessage for 90 days (not delete) and hand them over when asked for security reasons.   

On September 22, 2015, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad  announced that the Government would withdraw the ‘Draft National Encryption Policy.’

DEITY issued an addendum to the draft encryption policy stating that mass encryption products currently used in web applications, social media sites and apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter were exempt from the purview of the draft policy.

Speaking to the press, Union Minister for Communications and IT, Ravi Shankar Prasad distanced the government from the draft saying that, “I wish to make it clear that it is just a draft and not a view of the government.” The minister added that citizens’ concerns were noted that he had written to DEITY to withdraw the draft.


Nowhere in the world is the onus on citizens so that governments can track what private messages . (

This policy does not support Digital India –       More bureaucratic, lack of transparency, corruption, kills innovation, causes lags, reduce business agility.

What about apps like Snapchat? Or Periscope?

Vague language & conflicting messages – will What’s app usage be legal because it used end-to-end encryption (

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All citizens can send their comments on the draft policy to by October 16 and give suggestions

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