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Mobile User behaviour in India


Onions won’t make you cry any longer!


You can now go online to buy onions at half the price. Localbanya, Meragrocer and others online stores offering onions at 40-69 rs a KG. Stores like freshfalsabzi, localbanya, Meracgrocer, grocermax and bigbasket are selling not just onions but a lot of vegetables at a price cheaper than the market rates. So this tells us we are going to get fruits and vegetables at our doorstep at cheaper rates and which is in turn going to make lives easier for us. You can read more about it- Click me


Broadband Growth largely happening in rural areas!


Yes you heard it right! The rural is getting tapped and it is Airtel which claims that they have stepped up their focus on 3G penetration in rural market and is seeing an incremental growth in it this sector.  


Dear Startups, start saving!


It is not as flashy as it looks and I was always a believer of tech bubble that is still around with a few startups who think raising money is easy and thinking if they do they will be able to scale at the speed of light. Days of easy money are ending as investors are looking into the statistics of startups and asking them the way all of the money is going to be allocated. Flipkart has been unable to close a deal since march and snapdeal settled for a valuation lesser than the initial tap.


Ironic! E-commerce players bet on offline presence.


This is as ironic as it gets, online stores betting on offline presence and I guess it is so because of the need of the hour. Pepperfry leased a 1800 sq feet and Firstcry is expanding the store count too. This is going to be a trend for survival soon and will play a major factor for online stores to understand their customers and give them a better analytics. Want to read more? Go here


 Mobile user behavior in India


The mobile market is growing four fold and is about to reach at  its peak in the next five years. So how are marketers going to ruin this opportunity? Though the way users consume content is different and some pop up ads can irritate and also give false stats for the company and the analytics of consumer behaviour that experts study can just be different from the actual reality.


Is mobile advertising really impactful?


So, smartphone users have increased four fold but does that mean the marketing impact is similar to the massive penetration of smartphones?

These days people are checking everything on mobile for example emails are read more on the phone rather than laptops. So, marketing can be impactful given that you do not interrupt the user but interest him.


The price factor!


Users have increased but there has to be a reason behind it. India is a price conscious market and brands like lava,micromax and many more have come up with amazing phones with an affordable price tag which has really acted as a catalyst for this monumental increase in smartphone users in India. The Government of India is also supporting make in India which has allowed foreign manufacturers to set up their manufacturing units in India and bring down their costs and in turn helping them understand the Indian consumers. This is also giving competition to major brands as they have to compete in a price conscious market.


Touch Tap Go!


The touch factor which smartphones have brought has revolutionised the way we see and treat phones  and also the way we consume all of the content.Everything can be obtained with a touch, want to order food? Groceries? Clothes? just about anything will come to your doorstep with a touch on that screen. A single tap and you can see a person miles away from you! Apple in this sense has played a major role in bringing this tech to life and making it amazing for the end user making it an ecstatic experience for the same.


Innovative Innovations!


This is always a crucial factor in the way users behave and get in sync with new tech. Companies like Samsung, Apple, Micromax and many more are always investing on studying the Indian consumer and innovate and constantly keep up with the need of the hour and roll out features which have pinned a point that tech innovations are here to stay.

Micromax in the very initial stage came up with a cell phone with a battery stamina of a month. They really understood the demands of rural problems of electricity availability.


Application of Applications.


Apps Apps Apps! You see a new app every microsecond and it is hard to digest but some of the apps are really addictive and some of them are extremely useful and play a vital role in our day to day lives,  

Apps like Foodpanda, Swiggy, Tinyowl make it easy for you to order a meal for yourself and this is handy when it comes to ordering something quickly.

Then there are Apps like Bigbasket, Grofers and a few more which make life so much more easier by letting you get groceries delivered to your place which is making it hassle free for the user and at the same time making him lazy as well.


Instant connect!

Well, this is self explanatory but it is really amazing how this has transformed the way we communicate. Whatsapp in this regard has disrupted the way we communicate and connect with our peers. Just the ease of communicating has made all the difference. The speed at which you can send images and instantly leave a message without any hassle.

So why does it make this great a difference? Remember the days when SMS was the only text exchange tool and was not free unless you had a plan? So, such Apps have disrupted due to the cost factor as welll and not just the user friendly experience.

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