Digital Marketing Trends to watch in 2019

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning is transforming the way business run today

2. Voice Search, Voice Assistance like Amazon Alexa, Google Home is growing at a rapid phase

3. Voice shopping is changing the way we shop: Imagine ordering a product without seeing it. It’s unbelievable. That’s possible now! Your #alexa does all the shopping without you seeing it. Take a look at this video:

4. Technical skills are one of the most wanted skills for Digital marketing

5. Recently Google announced major changes to its advertising platform. Google Ads now adds AI artificial intelligence to its ad platform

6. We are living in a mobile-first to the mobile-only world, where people expect your websites to load faster and they want information whenever and wherever they are. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project from Google designed to make really fast mobile pages

7. Voice assistants like Alexa, Google Home, Cortana. Alexa skills, Google Actions are part of Digital Marketing

8. Customer Centric Approach, Customer-centric marketing backed with Data/Insights will help understand the customers better

9. Social Media is already part of our day to day life

10. User experience, the design is something every marketer should know

11. Personalized Searches will dominate as our mobile, assistance are all integrated with our personal devices. Every experience to be tailored just for them. Mobile searches for “——– for me” has grown over 60 % in the last 2 years: Source: Think with Google

12. Content is the core of digital marketer in 2018, and moving forward Customized Personalized Content will dominate

Digital Marketing Skills required in 2019

Today’s Modern Digital Marketers should constantly sharpen their skill sets. In the early days, it was the world wide web, then social media, then mobile and now Artificial Intelligence AI and machine learning.

The rise of Voice Search: “Half of all searches will be voice searches by 2020 according to Comscore while 30% of web browsing sessions will take place without a screen by that time according to Gartner. And smart speakers are set to be the fastest growing consumer technology this year” – Source: eConsultancy

Free Resources for you to get started:

1. AMP

2. Alexa skills kit

3. Google Actions

4. Understanding user behavior – Think with Google

What does this mean for a Digital Marketer?

A few months back, yes few months not years back, Digital Marketing was about learning skills like Content, Social Media, SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, but now its all about Machine learning, AI, Voice Assistance and more. Now a digital marketer should be updated every minute, AI is smarter than human, here is how Google Duplex works. A digital marketer’s job is to make things easy for the robots.

With so much demand plus the economy, the way we buy, communicate, interact and day to day life has changed due to the Internet and social media. Now Digital marketing/social media marketing has become a fashion and buzzword, so is the competition in this job market.

Let’s look at some trends:

A Google trend shows the growth of key term: Digital marketing. In the last 2 years, it has skyrocketed similarly the term social media has equally hiked.

Today Digital marketing requires a lot of skills than how it was a few years back. When I started my career in 2002, it was completely different.

Scroll down to see the list of skills required with accompanying free resources & tools.

The competition is high. Everyone wants to get into Digital marketing. From our internal data (students at web marketing academy) HR professional, sales & marketing, customer support, IT professionals, developers, web designers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, content writers, stay at home parents, fresh graduates.

So you want to know how good is a career in Digital Marketing? Buckle up!

FREE Resources for you to get started below

Update: April 2018: Thanks for all the upvotes and recommendations 🙂

Here are a few steps to help you get started:

1. Build your base/foundation:

Option a) To acquire any new professional skill set, you need 2 things Time and or Money. It’s an investment for yourself. You can take up a course like our 3-month professional digital marketing course. Ideally, you need at least 2-3 months to get at new skills for the foundation + your experience + Practical implementation

Option b) There are few blogs, websites, videos, podcasts you can listen and learn on your own. Attending meetups, webinars are good to start.

Free Resources to get started in Digital Marketing:

* Google Free Certificate course: https://learndigital.withgoogle….

* Google Free YouTube channel:…

* Hubspot academy:…

* Moz Blog:

* Search engine land:

* Podcast: Neil patel :

* Web Marketing Academy Blog:

* Digital India Podcast:

2. Practicing what you learn

Digital marketing is dynamic and constantly upgrading, to keep up to date you have to practice what you learned.

Study: Brain Science: The Forgetting Curve–the Dirty Secret of Corporate Training: have 24 hours to practice. This study shows that within one hour, people will have forgotten an average of 50 percent of the information you presented. Within 24 hours, they have forgotten an average of 70 percent of new information, and within a week, forgetting claims an average of 90 percent of it – Brain Science, author: Professor Art Kohn

3. Build your personal brand

What does that mean? You have to allocate at least 1 hour to practice in the initial stage. If you are learning about content for blogs, you have to create a blog, start to write content for that blog which is relevant, useful for the readers backed with stats, image etc or practice while you are learning even better.


* Medium, WordPress, LinkedIn Post are free to start a blog

* Canva, Pixabay are sites where you can create images in a few minutes

* Facebook live videos you can just aim and shoot with your phone. Show your expertise build your personal brand. It’s Free

4. Opportunity within your team/organization

The challenge is to implement what you have learned in your organization. Think about how to convince the upper management. Anything you talk about the competition will help. So do some research and come up with how well the competitors are doing in Digital/Social media space. Take screenshots and present it to the management.

Anything to increase the sales, revenue, ROI works well to convince the management.

Prove, show them what you have done and what you can do for the organization. Example. If you tell them, by implementing digital strategies, you can show an increase of even 1 % of the revenue you might get a chance. Don’t just tell, you really have to back it up with specific goals

5. What additional skills do you require to become a Digital Marketer?

a) Creativity – Why? If you want to stand out creativity is the key, be it an ad copy, image, video, blog post, email subject line. All of the activities you do in digital marketing requires creativity apart from an understanding of each channel, platform.


b) Writing – Why? Writing a blog post, emails will be part of digital marketing. Learn how to write, the process of writing, ideas for writing, editing, spell check, fact check


c) Content – Why? Just like writing content is one of the most important parts of digital marketing, the reason goes to social media or the internet is to consume content. You have to give what people are looking for with context. Content is not just text. Your status update, Facebook post, Images, videos, PPT’s, Podcast, Case studies, ebooks are all part of the content. So start developing content in multiple formats.

Resources: QuikApp: Canva Design school:

d) Learn basic code – Why? Knowing how to code simple HTML will make the job of a digital marketer easier so that you don’t have to rely on the IT person all the time and takes a lot of time to finish. In today’s world speed matters.

Resource: Code Academy:

e) Willingness to change – Why? The advantage of digital marketing is that you can always test and if something doesn’t work you can easily make changes. Learn to adapt.

Want to work in Facebook? Facebook 5 core values 1. Be bold 2. Focus on Impact 3. Move fast 4. Be open 5. Build social values

f) Number – Why? To measure the success or failure of a campaign you need to have a basic understanding of number, analytics, excel skills.

g) Socializing – why? If you know how to socialize offline, it’s the same online, Social media being an important topic in Digital marketing, you should know how to socialize both online and offline.

h) Ongoing learning – why? Digital, social media is dynamic and it’s updated on a regular basis, you have to keep yourself up to date on the latest changes across the platform

Originally answered in QUORA: What is the next trend that needs to learn to build careers in digital marketing in 2019?


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