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“Using social media is crucial but understanding the true value on ROI is to focus on social intelligence & Rise of Podcasting in India”

Social intelligence, Women’s role in IBM & Podcasting in India

Welcome to the 54th episode of Digital India Podcast on FIR Podcast Network. This show is ‘Weekly Updates’ brought to you by staff and students of Web Marketing Academy. At Social Media Week Bangalore, Sandy Carter and Kiruba Shankar shared their valuable experience and views on social intelligence, podcasting and influencer marketing. Sandy Carter, General Manager, IBM Entrepreneurs and developer ecosystems Social Business Evangelism at IBM and an author shares her views on Social intelligence, Influencer marketing as well as the importance of Diversity and women founder/ entrepreneurs.

IMG_0476At the SMWi Bangalore Sandy shared some great insights on:

1. The importance & benefits of understanding personality, sentiment tone of the customer.

When you understand one’s personality it helps marketing to them better ! how big data and social media come together.

2. The steps to find an authentic influencers are:

a. Topic – Identify which topic, subject or geographical area do you want toconcentrate on.

b. Search – Use at least 3 different tools to find the ideal influencer. Tools likeBuzzsumo, Grouphigh, Traackr, etc.

c. Validate –Research what topics they cover, are they subject matter experts, their followers, etc.

d. Correlate –compare them and understand which one suits best for your brand.

e. Engage – Speak to influencer about their values and how they correlate to your values and build a relationship with them.

IMG_0429Kiruba Shankar a Social Media Entrepreneur, Professor of Digital Marketing, Author of 5 books, Podcaster and an Organic Farmer. Podcasting although in its nascent stage technological advancement is bringing change and gradually increasing the popularity of podcasting in India. Once a person sees value in podcasting and how it benefits them they will latch on to it.

Some podcasts channels mentioned:

Tim Ferries

Seth Godin


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Guest : Sandy Carter and Kiruba Shankar

Host : Suresh & Monica

Editor : Bharani

Show notes : Madhur

Special Thanks : Ankitha & Naintara

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