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  • One on One Classroom Training
  • Max 8 students in a batch
  • Fun interactive classroom sessions
  • Updated Curriculum

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This Course Includes

  • 200+ hours of Live Classroom sessions
  • Live Projects | Industry Cases
  • Placement Assistance
  • Weekday and Weekend Batches

COURSE FEES Rs. 49,000/- + GST 

  • Payable in easy Instalments
  • or  avail for Loan

Modern Digital Marketing Course

Web Marketing Academy (WMA) is a classroom Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore (Indira Nagar) providing one popular course “Digital Marketing Certificate Course” The course is designed for ambitious working marketing professionals, fresher’s, students, leaders, C-Suites, experienced sales & marketing executives, housewives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners looking to enter/upgrade/enhance their skills or to enter the new digital and social media industry. WMA provides practical hands-on training and education in Globally recognized Certificates in Digital, SEO, Google Ads, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics that make you stand out. NEW! Customized Digital Marketing Courses available.

You’ll get more than 200 hours of instructor-led one on one classroom training. You will learn to plan, strategize and measure successful Digital marketing campaigns following industry best practices and work on real-time live projects. Our job is to make YOU a confident digital marketer at the end of 3 months.

Each Digital Marketing Course module is led by an instructor who is an expert and practitioners in their respective fields. We do this through in class, whiteboard explanations, videos, interactive sessions, live project, and real-time Q&A during and after the course. For more details please contact us on 8792299538 or write to us at

The Learning Experience:

We learn through experience, by making mistakes, learning from each other with real projects. You will:

  • Get to practically create a website (No HTML knowledge required)
  • Work on a real live project as a group
  • Implement SEO, run Google ad campaigns
  • Create social media organic and paid campaigns
  • Learn how to tell a story in the different format of content
  • Create content, videos, blogs, run email campaigns, with easy to use tools
  • Come up with a successful Digital Marketing strategy/Plan
  • How to allocate the budget, find resources for all types of businesses
  • Measure the effectiveness of all digital campaigns take actionable insights through Google analytics, which give you the confidence and experience you need to face this competitive world.

By the end of the course, you have a portfolio/case study which YOU worked on during the course and that project is live. This is what your future employer or client like to see. You will be able to share the learnings, the mistakes you made and the story behind it.

Graduates say:

  • 96% More confident in Digital Strategy & Execution
  • 4 in 5 developed stronger leadership capabilities
  • 2 in 3 have progressed their career including new jobs, promotions, increased pay & responsibilities

Learn more about the Scope of Digital Marketing in India

Looking to train your entire team? we have a solution for that, A Customized Corporate Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing Course for Businesses.

200+ Hours of Hands-on Practical Classroom Training

Live Projects for each module

6+ Globally accepted Certificates

Interview Assistance

Upcoming Batch Details

12th December

Batch : Weekday

Days: Monday – Friday

Batch Time : 07:00PM – 09:00PM

Startdate : 12th December 2018

15th December

Batch : Weekend

Days: Saturday – Sunday

Batch Time : 10:30AM – 01:30PM

Startdate : 15th December 2018

17th December

Batch : Weekday

Days: Monday – Friday

Batch Time : 02:30PM – 05:30PM

Startdate : 17th December 2018

09th January

Batch : Weekday

Days: Monday – Friday

Batch Time : 10:30AM – 01:30PM

Startdate : 09th January 2019

Course Curriculum

Web Marketing Academy provides modern Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore or across India and gets you ready for Globally recognized Digital Marketing certificate programs. At WMA we help you develop the necessary Digital Marketing skills to become a representative of the change in today’s digital-first world. As part of the course, you’ll learn from the basic concepts, get to practice, implement them through practical assignments & gain hands-on experience by working on live projects in close collaboration with your batch mates and receive comprehensive instruction and assistance from faculty. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to develop a digital marketing strategy to be at the forefront of the competition. Read more detail about what you will learn in the module tabs.

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Digital marketing
  • Various channels of Digital Marketing and benefits
  • Digital marketing planning, budget allocation
  • Integrating digital with traditional marketing
  • Digital marketing plan for B2B, B2C, Start ups
  • Best practices
Module 2: Importance of Website
  • You will be creating a wordpress website
  •  For practicals & live projects
Module 3: Inbound Marketing
  • What is inbound marketing
  • Attracting customers through relevant & helpful content
  • Understanding customers journey
  • Inbound marketing methodology
Module 4: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Types of Search Engines
  • How Search Engines work
  • Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • (On-page/off-page optimization)
  • Latest Search Engine Algorithms
  • Google Panda Updates
  • Google Penguin Updates
  • Rank Brain (AI)
Module 5: Universal SEO (Blended Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEO for Images, Videos & other properties
  • SEO for Social channels
  • SEO for PPT’s
  • Local SEO – Google Map Listing/Google Places
Module 6: Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)
  • A free service offered by Google to monitor the website performance
  • Importance of search console
  • Why use search console
  • Who should use search console
  • How to use and analyse
Module 7: Content Development & Marketing
  • How to come up with a content strategy/plan Content
  • Calendar for social media
  • Content Management (Including content development) 
  • Content for social media
  • Content for website
  • Content for blogs
  • Content for other properties
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging for business
  • Video Marketing & Optimization
  • Live Videos
  • Facebook Live Broadcasting
Module 8: Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Advertisement
  • How to come up with a social media plan
  • Facebook – How Facebook works
  • Facebook marketing & Advertisements
  • How YouTube works
  • How to maximize your Video Ads
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Instagram, Live Videos (Facebook Live)
Module 9: Google Adwords (Pay Per Click)
  • Pay Per Click (Google Ad words)
  • Google Advertisements
  • Competition Analysis and strategies

Includes Google Digital Marketing Certifications:

  • AdWords Fundamentals

  • Search Advertising

  • Display Advertising

  • Video Advertising

  • Shopping Advertising

  • Mobile Advertising

Module 10: Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing explained
  • Email marketing tools
  • How to measure success
  • Managing your Email List
Module 11: Affiliate & Adsense
  • Overview of affiliate marketing
  • How affiliate marketing works
  • Benefits of Affiliate marketing
  • What is AdSense
  • How to sign up for AdSense
  • Make money from your website
Module 12: Case study
  • Web marketing in B2B, B2C scenario
  • Case studies of successful Digital/social media
Module 13: Google Analytics
  • Web Analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Digital marketing measurement models
  • Tools, reports and actionable insights from reports
  • Resources (How to keep up-to-date with the industry)


Google Adwords Certification

Google Analytics Certification

Content Marketing Certification

Email Marketing Certification

Inbound Marketing Certification

Facebook Blueprint Certification

Who should do the course

Sales and Marketing managers & execs:

This is for you if you are aiming at expanding your digital understanding, knowledge and develop digital strategy for your company. Irrespective of your role as Sales & Marketing professional, Advertising professional, Brand Managers, media planner, etc., if you are creating a Marketing campaign strategy without considering Digital is not an option anymore in todays Digitized world. It is a must required skill and one needs to develop an in-depth understanding of this channel to plan, implement & execute workable strategies around Brand awareness and Quality Lead generation. Even if you are a Digital Marketer and need to update yourself on the latest trends and updates as its an ever-evolving field.

Non-marketing professionals:

Looking for an exciting career change and make a shift into the most dynamic & interesting field which offers immense creativity and tests the analytical side of you. Moreover, one doesn’t require any technical knowledge to get started. This is booming job market and companies are focusing on digital marketing to expand reach and looking to hire Digital marketers.

Graduates / Students:

No matter what your academic specialisation is, if you are fascinated towards Digital Marketing and like to be then agent of change in this ever-evolving field which will give you opportunities to use your creative skills. Most colleges and universities are not equipped with the in-depth understanding of Digital media & don’t offer practical cases to get your hands dirty. The best way out is doing a full-time, classroom course and get hands-on-experience by working on live projects. Digital Marketing offers good scope and various job opportunities with industry standards pay packages. You can choose to join the IT industry, E-commerce, etc. or be a freelancer to earn the extra bucks while you are working. The options are endless.

Entrepreneurs / Business Owners:

Digital marketing is flexible If you are a small and medium business with limited or no budget. If you are looking at creative & innovative ways to reach out to your Prospective audience and convert them into customers, promote your business online, increase sales & ROI then this is a must to learn skill. We will ensure that you become an expert to manage all this on your own as you cannot have someone else doing it for you always.

Career Options

Social Media Management Roles:

These roles mostly responsible for managing various Social media networks of the company. You could be a:

  1. Social Media Coordinator – to manage a posting schedule for day to day posting on various platforms.
  2. Social media Strategist – whose job is to decide which social media platforms to use, what type of content to post and where, to maximise and attract relevant prospects, convert into leads & ROI. Also its imp to understand where the audiences are (data analyst can be of help here) & accordingly strategies the social campaigns.
  3. Community Manager – this role primarily responsible to manage relationship with current & future followers and manage the community of the followers with frequent engagements with your content. Monitor platforms or online forums with regular engagements, answer queries of followers, consider valuable comments and mitigate negative feedbacks and views.
Content Marketing Roles:

This involves Content creation, strategizing and managing the overall Content curation (basis the technology or publishing platform) process for the company. If you think you have the flair for writing or developing content then you may want to look of opportunities with the following entry, mid & management level titles respectively:

  1. Content Creator
  2. Content Strategist
  3. Content Marketing manager

This is one of the most imp Digital Marketing skill of 2018.

PPC or AdWords Analyst or Manager:

This role requires technical skills in paid media and a certification in Google AdWords. This role will run pay per click ads for the company or will manage PPC accounts of various clients in an agency or will have a team to manage for paid promotions & keep the budgets in check. Will also be responsible for AdWords analytics to check what works well & what not.

SEO Marketing Manager:

Having data insights & content creators is not enough! Company’s look for experts who can work closely with the above roles & use the insights, apply them in the content and then optimize for the search engine. With ever changing ranking algorithms it gets imp to rank high on the search engines. There are 3 specific search roles available in the market like:

  1. SEO Specialist – who optimizes content in coordination with Content Creators
  2. SEO Strategist – they work closely with the Data analysts to refines the SEO efforts
  3. SEO Marketing Managers – this role specifically help monitor, manage and track the SEO Performance of all types of content on the website.
Creative Management:

These roles are for people who are responsible for Visual content or Multimedia for a brand. They are people who create brand style & storytelling powers by producing visual content like, videos, images, Infographics, logos, etc. These Roles are:

  1. Creative Assistant
  2. Digital Brand Manager

People who closely engage with designers, copywriters, sales & marketing teams to come up with a Products and services vision, branding ideas, Ad Campaigns & messaging is titled as: 3. Creative Director (management level)

Digital Marketing Manager:

These are people who are responsible for reaching the relevant audience for the respective business. And analyse every metric about the way the audience consume your content on various online marketing tools and analyse ROI on the content spend. So you can categorize this into 3 levels (entry, mid & management Level):

  1. Marketing Data Analyst
  2. Marketing Technologist
  3. Digital Marketing Manager

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Our Story:

WMA’s Digital Marketing Program is the result of 15 + years of International Digital Marketing Experience from our Founder & Faculties. This programme is designed keeping the real industry need in India. Why we love what we do: The passion for digital, social media marketing and the need for internet marketing education helped us start Web Marketing Academy. Since 2002, for more than 16 years, our founder & instructors have helped some of the world’s leading companies maximize profitability through digital media marketing. We document our living history here because we believe in transparency. We recommend going thru our Facebook & Instagram page to see how our students learn and get an idea of our culture.

Learning Methodology

Digital Concepts

Key to mastering any subject is to get the fundamentals right. We focus and ensure that all the students are clear on the basic essential concepts of the subject before moving ahead.

Hands-on Live project

Theory learning gets complimented when one gets to practice, implement & derive desired results. That’s where live projects help where students get to practice and get familiar with various tools, interface and its real-time functionality.


All the learned & earned knowledge needs evaluation from industry known authorities and this is where Certification plays a major role. Its also a good thing to add on to one’s resume for job applications.

Placement Assistance

We help and support students in their job hunt & also assist them with resume preparation, interview questions, body language, interview handling tips, etc.

Reviews by Students — Rated 4.5* out of 5*

“I really liked their way of teaching Digital Marketing. Limited students per batch with a practical approach and mentorship. It’s totally worth of money and time spending here.”


“I feel this is the right place for anyone who is looking for making their career in online marketing.”


“My advice to anyone considering the web marketing course is ‘do it.’ Just do it. If you’re interested in marketing and how to communicate online, do it.”


“I came to Bangalore from Delhi just for this Digital Marketing course and must say, this has been the worth of my time and money.”


“Here you learn Digital Marketing with lots of fun and the faculties are ready to help any time even after the completion of course also.”


“Web Marketing Academy is the best digital marketing academy in Bangalore -India, Suresh Babu is Simply Awesome just talk with him you will find your Life and Career.”


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