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Corporate Digital Marketing Training
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We work with you to unlock your business’s digital advantage

Bespoke custom digital marketing corporate training curated for your industry by Web Marketing Academy to provide a complete in-depth insight into digital marketing and drive digital business growth.

High-Impact Training Solutions | Case Study Approach | Interactive & Experiential Trainings | Skill-based Assessments | PAN India | ONE on ONE Class Room Training | 100% After Program Mentorship |

Brands we transformed in India:  Decathlon, Myntra, Accenture, Cognizant, IIMB, Red Bus, ABB, BOSCH INDIA, FAG, HPE

We teach brands how to think like digital marketers

We help businesses transform & Improve your team’s digital marketing performance by as much as 75 % Year on Year! WMA’s  long term relationship approach uses an ongoing mentorship with the team to keep the team up to date and deliver maximum results

With WMA, Business Objectives, and goals templates system you and your team will be creating Digital Marketing strategies in no time

“If your team takes this digital marketing training they will be able to achieve the overall business objectives using the right tools, take actionable insights. Be it search, content, social media, or email!”

Who’s this Digital Marketing Program for?

  • Marketing managers & Execs
  • Non-marketing professional
  • C- Levels
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing and Sales tea
  • IT team
  • Graphic Designers/developers
  • Content team
  • Creative team
  • Marketing agencies
  • Revenue team
  • Lead Gen team

Industries that need Corporate Digital Marketing Training in India:

Health care | Ecommerce | Automotive | B2B | Education | Entertainment & media | Financial Services | Charities | Professional services | Retail | Restaurant | Sports | Technology | Travel | Telecommunication

Program Details:

Delivering High-Impact Modern Digital Marketing Corporate Training Solutions.

Customized Corporate Digital Marketing Training including:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Lead Generation
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Branding 
  • Personal Branding
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • You Tube Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Measurement Model
  • Google Analytics


Making Sense of Digital Transformation

The buzzword today in companies in most industries is – Digital Transformation.

Getting the business ready for the digital age is the most important priority for many organizations today. 

“Make Digital Strategy as the very essence of your business-growth objective”

Before unlocking success in digital-business growth, let’s understand what entails in order to bring about a digital revolution in your organisation

  1. Clear Digital-Business Strategy (Purpose): Having a clear and defined digital objective and a strategy is very essential to initiate the transformation process.
  2. Digital Tools & Techniques (Process): Enabling the organization with the right tech solutions & tools for effective and efficient execution of the digital strategy.
  3. Digital Talent Execution (People): Achieving business growth through next-level execution by digital talent is crucial to sustain the digital strategy and achieve the objectives

While organizations today focus on enabling technologies, they miss out on working on a clear digital strategy and enabling their teams for effective execution.

While digital transformation will be different for every organization, in the general context, digital transformation is defined as the use of digital technology in key areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how organizations function and deliver value.

However, beyond the basic understanding of digital transformation, it is the cultural shift that is required by organizations to challenge the present and experiment with the possibilities of new digital practices and walk away from long-standing business processes. 

Get ready to embrace a Digital Ready Culture in your organization”

Our Story

We optimize people’s lives and make them a confident digital marketer

We are a Corporate Digital Marketing Training Company located in Bangalore delivering Digital Marketing, Customized Digital Marketing Training across India offline and online

We are humbled and proud to touch people’s life and career. That means a lot to all of us teaching here.

We teach and share experiences for aspiring students, working professionals, and brands. We do this with our passion and energy and a culture that brings us together as #WMAFamily.

About us means all of us including YOU

Instead of sharing about us, we encourage you to see what our students and the entire WMAFamily share through their social media stories. 



With WMA’s Modern Digital Marketing Transformation Program, we are building the generation of digital changemakers with our customized corporate digital marketing & social media marketing programs.

For those who like to still hear something about us, here it is….

  • We are passionate about creating valuable training solutions that result in meaningful business impact or make an impact in your professional career.
  • For the past 20 years, we have turned more than 3000 executives into confident digital marketers. Conducted more than 3000 digital marketing workshops for Universities and faculties across India including IIM Bangalore, Christ University, ISBR,
  • We are focused on making learning fun, interactive and engaging, Our learning solutions have helped executives, leaders from Fortune 500 companies/brands like Myntra | Google | Decathlon | NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore | Accenture | Cognizant | HPE | Arvind | BOSCH India | Rittal India | Red Bus | FAG | ABB | on Digital & Social Media Marketing

It all started here….

Web Marketing Academy was founded by Suresh Babu in 2011. 

From a Chef to Digital Marketing,  Suresh babu started his digital marketing career in 2002 in Florida, then moved to India in 2008, during these eight years, Suresh learned a lot about digital not only online but also meeting networking with like-minded people in person. 

His mission was to evangelize digital marketing in India, he was looking for meetups, networking events, etc but nothing was there, so he decided to start a meetup, thinking that he will meet around 10 -15 people, however, the first meetup had more than 75 participants. That day they all decided to have monthly meetups, slowly it started a community of more than 15,000 passionate digital marketers, IIMB mentored them, conducted events in IIMB. 

Being involved in the community, Suresh soon realized the importance and need for proper education for Digital Marketing, those days it was not taught in MBA, when it is absolutely important, and thus came Web Marketing Academy, in a mission to evangelize digital marketing in India. 

Web Marketing Academy is known for:

  • Intensive Digital Marketing Course with specialized experts for each topic
  • Practical, live, hands-on, one-on-one training
  • High-quality, intensive training
  • Fun, interactive, lively sessions
  • Lifetime mentorship as anyone who joins WMA becomes a part of our WMA Family
  • We believe in sharing our knowledge with passion
  • Encouraging students to make mistakes and learn from them

WMA’s corporate digital marketing program has been designed for high-performing executives, and for any staff who are looking to train themselves and their team in web/digital marketing.

WMA’s Modern Corporate Digital Marketing Training Program

Delivering High-Impact Modern Digital Marketing Corporate Training Solutions.

With WMA’s Modern Digital Transformation Program, we are building the generation of digital changemakers with our customized corporate digital marketing & social media marketing programs.

Today, the main challenge that companies face is the lack of skilled digital professionals available to enable digital-business growth.

This program gives companies a comprehensive framework for aligning Purpose, Process, and People and steers the digital growth process positively with confidence. 

Our Corporate Training Solutions for your talent teams will assist you to build the digital capabilities of your teams from the ground up and transform them into digital leaders. 

Web Marketing Academy will conduct a detailed skills-gap/need analysis to assess and measure your team’s skillsets and design a program to address this gap and take your team to the next level of digital engagement and productivity through our specially designed and curated curriculum for your company and team. 

You will learn to 

  • Plan and develop digital marketing strategies for creating, managing, or engaging with multiple digital channels 
  • Understand the dynamics of digital marketing platforms /channels 
  • Make the maximum value for your digital presence as per your company objectives and goals. 
  • Enhance and develop traffic generation strategies and improve digital performance 
  • Skill Development: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Google Adwords, Web Analytics, etc.

Who should Attend: 

This bespoke training will be catered towards empowering your teams with the required skill sets.

Any of the following or a combination of teams can be nominated to attend the training program:

  • Sales and Marketing 
  • Advertising and Branding 
  • Communications 
  • CRM 
  • Customer Service 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • PR 
  • HR 
  • Business Development Team

Your team is unique to your business!

It’s important to assess and evaluate what specific challenges your team is facing and develop specialized training modules to cater to the requirements.

7-Step Skill-Building Digital Transformation Process

We enable your team and bring value to your business by providing digital transformation training programs that are specialized, tailor-made, and scalable. 

Through our intensive training, we deliver high impact result-driven skill solutions and frameworks to ensure you get the best return on your digital investment. 

Identify Research Develop Assess Implement  Review  Mentorship

  1. Identify

As part of the process, we will understand the business objectives and goals and the impact desired in the required timeframe. We will also analyze the business’s digital marketing performance gaps between ‘as is’ and ‘should be’.

        2. Research

The basis on our understanding of the requirement, we will conduct an in-depth study of the market/industry to understand the current scenario. We will evaluate the participant’s depth of the subject, skill level, challenges faced, and expectations of the training. We will do a SWOT analysis to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats you face, so that we can assess and develop a successful training curriculum.

         3. Develop

The basis on the research, we will design an individual and aggregate level training curriculum to form strategic ways in building digital capabilities and improving your teams’ performances.

A bespoke training program will be formulated to work on the existing skill-gap and an effective training module with interactive essentials will be designed to build competency and a thorough understanding of the subject matter, leading to empowering your team to develop the required digital marketing skills

          4. Assess

We will assess and measure your team’s skill-sets and competency through our digital marketing thorough pre-training assessment. We will understand the shortcomings and design activities that will address the skill gap.

           5. Implement

The interactive training programs will include practical and live assignments and a focussed approach involving case studies, group discussions, self-assessment, and activities.

            6. Review

After the training, scheduled dialogue with the team to review progress and assess the impact of learning and action plans. Whether it is to increase traffic, build engagement, drive conversions, we work with you to evaluate the learning to achieve the outcomes you are after.

            7. Mentorship

We believe mentoring should be an ongoing competency in our ever-changing world of Digital Marketing. Web MArketing Academy will follow up on a regular basis and provide support and feedback on an ongoing basis. 

This process is designed with one key objective in mind: to enable high-impact Digital growth in your organisation.

Why Web Marketing Academy?

“We work with you to unlock the digital advantage of your company”

We, at WMA, work with your teams to understand the present skill gap and focus on building the required digital, technical, and business skills.

We design and formulate customized Digital Marketing training modules for your teams keeping your organization’s challenges and requirements with a particular skill set at the forefront.  

We draw out a framework for developing the digital know-how and tools essential for transformation.

Our training solutions offer your teams a structured roadmap so that they can develop their skills suited to specific requirements.

With our bespoke digital marketing corporate training solutions, we build and transform your core teams into digital enablers and changemakers

Web Marketing Academy’s in-depth training modules can bring constructive and productive changes to your teams – people, processes, and platforms that enable them to fulfill their digital strategies.

Our mission: To evangelize Digital Marketing in India and empower the next generation of leaders in digital transformation. We enable them with the skills and expertise required to reach their growth potential, matched with the critical thinking and leadership capabilities.

Our core methodology includes:

  • Skill-Based Assessments and Evaluation
  • Tailored Digital Marketing Corporate Training Programs
  • Comprehensive Learning Process
  • Current Industry Relevant Content
  • Case Study Focussed Approach & Practical Learning 

We have been working with corporates since 2002, and draw upon our comprehensive experience across industries and business functions to deliver high-impact training solutions that drive digital business growth.

  • Trusted by 200+ leading corporates
  • 12+ years of delivering effective and efficient bespoke corporate training programs
  • 3500+ professionals/employees trained
  • 100+ training sessions held
  • 10+ Industry verticals <real estate / education / sports retail / ecommerce>

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