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Why a Career in Digital Marketing for me was like the perfect date night!

Over the years, there has always been an evolution of current needs and the most demanded skill sets in an economy. Digital marketing seems to have a wild run with it. Here are 4 strong enough reasons to think of pursuing a digital marketing career if you want a life that is progressive and also have work that is enjoyable.

  1. In- Demand  

            The jobs that will be created are increasing in number as more and more businesses get online and there is currently a skill gap to fill for this profile. Gearing up for a career wherein the demand is greater than the supply is always a smart move. It is like being the guy with the guitar in a party!

Scope of digital marketing

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  1. No room for boredom!         

           Sometimes it is to good to believe that having a job where you actually want to put in the work and digital marketing is a complete whitespace for anyone who wants to have a creative job. And this blog that I am writing is a perfect  example of it. Here with a cup of coffee trying to let my creativity flow and allow me to write a compelling blog.




Picture Courtesy – DCU & WMA Events

  1. Getting a higher pay!

          For some, this is music to their ears. There is nothing wrong in it as well, everyone wants to have a higher pay for their work. To be a bit technical your work value of an hour can increase four folds given that you go ahead and pursue something specific you love. Here is an interesting survey for salaries  http://www.prosperity.ie/survey_2014.html.





Picture courtesy – DCU & WMA events in Bangalore

  1. Oh wait, you can kickstart your own gig!

           So many career path demands a work experience before you can actually get into starting something of your own. Though digital marketing provides a space that will allow you to start something before you even have set a foot in workplace. Though I would love to point out something which might act as a disclaimer! Not everybody finds this creative and it very much depends on your attitude towards the course and how you build out a skill set suitable to you. Nevertheless, like that dream date I hope this also becomes food for thought and gives you a reason to think of digital marketing.


Mohak kapadia

Contributor at WMA