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Digital Marketing Training in Coimbatore

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Why Digital Marketing Training in Coimbatore “Being Social in real life is the key to become successful in Social Media.”~ Suresh Babu Coming from a small village in Ooty, I spent the start of my career in Coimbatore, lived there for more than 6 years, moved to Florida came back and started Web Marketing Academy in Bangalore. I was recently doing some research on the scope and need for Digital Marketing Training from where I lived and started my career, Coimbatore. When PSG Tech invited me for a panel discussion, I was fascinated to visit there and share my experience in new media. Here is a...

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Day 1 – Students @ Web Marketing Academy (VIDEO)

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Day 1 – Introduction Class in Web Marketing Academy Students at WMA interact with Live Audience on the first day of Class. They share their experience, passion for learning Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Google Adwords. Students Share Their Experience on Day 1 – Live #PeriscopeeIt’s a Wonderful Feeling when our Students share their excitement on Day 1. They Share their joy to the world with #Periscope Loving it 🙂 Posted by Web Marketing Academy Bangalore, India on Sunday, September 20,...

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Digital Marketer of the Week – Manjunath

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Manjunath is the “Digital Marketer of the Week” A teacher is a professional and unlike any other professionals, the teacher too needs to keep up with latest developments in the field. Teachers like to be challenged, they like to learn new ways to be better at their professions. And also, a good teacher wants the students to learn. Trainers at WMA are no exception to the above. When a student comes back with a query, clarification or a challenging question, there is new found enthusiasm among the trainers and they take special interest in the student’s case. One such student...

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The Art of Socializing !

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Be Social “Being Social in real life is the key to become successful in Social Media.” ~ Suresh Babu   Here’s how Students Learn Social Media Marketing in Bangalore #Web Marketing Academy – Socializing in real life Share We had seen each other’s faces in the academy, maybe even exchanged smiles, but that was it. We didn’t know each other’s names because we were from different batches or different training timings. Let alone knowing each others’ likes and dislikes. We spend a minimum of 10 hours a week in the academy, gazing at the going-ons, yet we know nothing about each...

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Thulasi Manoj – Digital Marketer of the Week @WMA

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Thulasi – The Digital Marketer of the Week Share Motivating Stories of Thulasi Thulasi Manoj, a trainee is – always smiling and ready to help personality. With over a decade and a half of experience in the traditional advertising industry, she yearns to learn more about Digital Marketing, thus joining WMA. She is now turning out to be an avid blogger and the content bug seems to have caught on with her. Thus she makes her way to be the ‘marketer of the week @WMA. Here are a couple of her blogs – Motivated by Mentor, Suresh Babu, Thulasi is Ready to face the dynamic industry...

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Culture at Web Marketing Academy (Pictures)

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Our WMA Students and Alumni enjoy learning Digital Marketing. Every one who takes up the Digital Marketing Course spends more than 3 months in our Academy, this is just the beginning of their journey but all of our students and alumni are with us throughout the careers. Fun at Web Marketing Academy Culture of Web Marketing Academy Events & Activities at WMA Digital Marketing Class at WMA Industry Expert Discussions at WMA Before they join our courses, they are curious how is the culture, what is it like to be with WMA, so thought of sharing some of the pictures and what our alumni say...

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