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Sample Digital Marketing Resume for Experienced Marketers

Recently One of our students completed the digital marketing course. She is smart, has over 10 years of experience as an anchor. She did the course for her business. Her business was doing great.

Unfortunately due to COVID 19, live events are not happening. She wants to try to get into some job for the time being.

However, she didn’t have any resume ready of course, resume preparation, mock interviews are all part of the course and we helped her to prepare the resume. Even though her experience is completely different from Digital Marketing, she was managing her own social media presence plus she has worked on some documentary and short films, finally, we came up with her updated resume

So here we go

Sample Resume Template & Tips for Experienced Digital Marketers

Resume order:

  1. Name & Contact detail, Project links
  2. Experience
  3. Leadership & Awards
  4. Education
  5. Certifications/Volunteering


  • Your resume should be simple. Preferably PDF format
  • Font size: 11 Times New Roman or Arial 
  • Use bullet points
  • Spell Check 
  • Customized for each JD (You can highlight specific skills)
  • Use action words like created, developed, designed, managed


❌  Have more than a 2-page resume

❌  Include skills that you are not confident about 

❌  Include declaration with signature, references

Download the Sample Digital Marketing Resume for Experienced Marketer (PDF)

Digital Marketing Resume Sample for an Experienced Digital Marketer

Sample Resume for an experienced Digital Marketer

Your contact details:

Your email address, phone number, and portfolio


  1. Most recent experience first. Reverse chronological order. Include your employer, position, and dates
  2. If you have experience in building websites, Alexa skill development, hackathon, competitions include that
  3. Use the Job description and write relevant experience. You can bold those experiences if required. 
  4. Focus on the results. Use metrics & examples with details. Use data, comparison to provide context. 
  5. Be as specific as possible. Expect questions out of this

 (Use this method: Accomplishments, Measurement by Doing. Convey the impact, backing up with data with results. Be specific )

Leadership & Awards: 

  1. Include relevant awards, recognitions, accomplishments. 
  2. Use the same method to be specific, backed up by data. 
  3. Include links if necessary, any ebooks, research papers


  1. School not required 
  2. University, degree, graduation date 
  3. Most recent education first


  1. Certificate and year 

Relevant activities:

  • Include relevant, volunteering work and anything relevant you want the employer to know about you

Good Luck!

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