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3 Lovely Indian Ladies Rocking the Digital Marketing World

Be it in Olympics, Politics or Analytics, women are game changer in all aspects.

Tune into the FIR 65th episode of podcast network brought by the students and staff of Web Marketing Academy on 3 Women ruling their digital careers. Listen to the entire show here: FIR Podcast Network/Digital-India

Digital Marketing Career for Women in India

Aditi, a senior faculty at Web marketing academy talks about Women @ work

She talks from a perspective of a teacher as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by women.

Valuable tips from her are:

  • Need to make time for oneself for various day-to day activities including work.
  • Keeping pace with the technological changes while teaching the latest at the same time.
  • Be organized – helps to prioritize the work and executing it efficiently.
  • Support from family and friends helps women to outshine everywhere. Strive to be above average.

Aditi’s mantra to Excel:   

  • Get good training
  • Practice, Practice, Practice…
  • Read voraciously
  • Network with the community


Listen to the entire show or download the podcast 


How Ms.Monica  has gained a strong foothold in the Digital Marketing space.

Monica highlights about:

  • Increase in awareness of Digital Marketing among women and need for a conducive environment.
  • Scope, opportunity, Environmental constraints that affects the productivity of Women.
  • Achieving right balance in the family and at workplace.
  • Time management skills and discipline that are perquisites for a job.
  • Opportunities for women to pursue their interests by choosing different streams in the gamut of Digital Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing challenges from the Individual and Industry perspective.
  • Challenges women face in a freelance job and ways to overcome it.
  • Creating stimulating groups and discussing aspects of overcoming specific challenges of working from home.
  • Tips  on how to:
  1. Get into Digital Marketing
  2. Start practicing Digital Marketing
  3. Gain more experience for professionals who are already into Digital Marketing
  • Need to update the skill sets constantly
  • Shedding the inhibition and start experimenting with the latest trends in the Industry.

Finally, Monica quotes “Let your ego go as you grow



The session with Sejal highlights the importance of Women workforce in the 

Sejal started as a media planner at Madsion Communicatons, then moved into Branding & Marketing with The Times of India. She enhanced her career by moving into the IT sector, into Marketing, Communications & Digital roles. Currently she is working as a Global Social Media Lead for a Digital division of a IT MNC.

Sejal highlights the opportunities, challenges and constraints for women in Digital marketing space:

This digital era has brought about a certain mindset shift, opening up several opportunities for women who want to work.

The Digital era has brought about the concept of co-working spaces and flexi-hours enabling greater flexibility. Challenges to keep abreast with technology and the thirst to venture & explore new platforms.

Today its more convenient to connect with digital marketing influencers across the globe and also keep yourself abreast with the latest platforms and their use.

Some productivity tools that Sejal uses include her all time favorite Evernote, a task manager – to-doist, dropbox paper and Feedly. She highly recommends Steve Dottos channel DottoTech on Youtube, Carl Pulliens playlists on Evernote & To-doist to get some hands on tutorials on using these platforms.

She also knows that working with the right people is what makes all the difference in ones career. Someone who would be a mentor, provide the right guidance and is open to ideas and experimenting them. Someone who can teach you to fail gracefully and be successful humbly. She has been extremely lucky to have found such people in her career, and is motivated immensely to be like them as well.

Lastly, her advice for:

Beginners/ Freshers in the digital marketing space : Keep an open mind, get hands on experience working on tools. Keep abreast with all the latest happenings in the digital marketing field. Listen more & talk less.

Mid-level digital marketing professional – To know DM in & out. To understand the implications of analytics. To network and attend industry events, so as to increase your knowledge and be in the know.

Senior Professionals on DM: Be a guide and mentor. Share your professional experiences without hesitating, so others can learn. Participate as speakers in events to share your knowledge with others. Be open to experimenting & not scared to fail if something does not go the way you planned. Take your team with you, because if they dont grow you will not too.

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