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Web Marketing Academy in conversation with Kiruba Shankar!

Kiruba Shankar's guest lecture at WMA

Web Marketing Academy welcomed and were honored to have Mr. Kiruba Shankar interact with our students and share his valuable experience!

He is a man of multiple talents with being a Social Media Entrepreneur, Professor of Digital Marketing, an Author, Podcaster as well as an Organic farmer! He also is a CEO of Business Blogging and F5ive Technology.

The discussion started off as Mr. Kiruba Shankar shared a very important tip- “the one thing that separates professionals from the also-rans’ is the constant ability to keep upgrading your skills”.

He also expressed his deep admiration towards the WMA when he saw that the event was being covered live on Facebook by three students, a classic testament as to why the academy is a great place to learn. Moving on further to talk about the digital field, as a professor the good element he noticed, irrespective of background and no matter what line of work one chooses, be it finance, marketing, tech, was that the digital media will continue to play an important role.

Web Marketing Academy students and our Facebook Live audience were encouraged to share their thoughts and ask questions.

Digital Marketing Q&A Session with Kiruba Shankar

  1. What are the skills required to be a Digital Marketing Consultant?

“Understanding” is the key word. As a digital marketing consultant, understanding the need and demands of the client is the first vital step. Success is reached if you can help him digitally to meet his objectives. Every strategy, technique, and trick known must be used to improve the client’s sales.

  1. What is the scope of Digital Marketing to help one become an entrepreneur?

Digital marketing isn’t very unique. There is nothing called exclusively digital. It is the same old traditional marketing concepts applied to the digital marketing as the marketing principles remain unchanged.

There are many companies great at marketing and has ‘n’ number of professionals working for the same. But what they mainly lack, is the ability to adapt to tie the digital world and the usage of newer technologies to put forth their thoughts and grab the public’s attention. Therefore, with drastic growth in newer technologies, the digital field has been beautifully embraced.

When you master the skills and adapt well there will be no shortage of people who will pay you for it. Then can you start your own firm?

  1. How will past experiences in traditional marketing help a person on digital grounds?

The luckiest souls in this field are the ones who have already had an experience in traditional marketing. Experience is what matters which is the most difficult thing to get in this real world. All that you need to do is, hold on to your past experiences and enhance the same using the digital. A traditional marketer clearly knows what the objectives are and what kind of audiences are to be targeted, hence digital gives you an extra shine.

  1. How will digital marketing impact rural marketing?

Mobiles phones are getting cheaper day by day.  Rural areas will soon have access to mobile phones with more features. Reliance jio, the big news today and other networks like Vodafone provide 4G data at cheaper rates, so video being a powerful medium will grow and spread widely. Villagers need not even know a word in English for this as there are information and videos available in all regional languages today. They are smart and quick in finding better employment opportunities. Rural marketing will be a great benefit for people on the both sides i.e marketers and villagers.

He also pressed upon the practical implementation of the knowledge they gain in class or elsewhere. It is important to put learning into action to know what would work or not. This mainly helps an individual learn and makes them think on what, how to do things better. Lastly, he signed off by saying feel free to make mistakes! Mistakes are obvious and necessary to learn and move forward.

We at Web Marketing Academy would like to thank Mr. Kiruba Shankar for taking out time to talk to our students and sharing invaluable insights with all of us.


Note: You can read more about Mr. Kiruba Shankar at http://www.kiruba.com/

Author:  Divya S

Editor: Madhur Phadnis