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Question: I am not able to tag business partners in Instagram Branded Content Feature?


In order to tag partners for branded content in Instagram, you should be a verified user or business account with over 10k followers.


Recently we tried to add Branded content in Facebook and we were easily able to use this feature which allows us to add or tag brands or pages within our Facebook page, however when we tried the same for Instagram, we were unable to add or find the option to tag or add partners for branded content.

Here is how you tag business partners in Facebook for Branded Content



But when we tried the same in Instagram, we were unable to tag the same business partner which we tagged in Facebook.

Ok, here is how you can add or tag business partner in Instagram

  1. Go to setting
  2. Select Branded content
  3. you will get this option: screen shot
  4. Switch on the require approvals


Source: Instagram’s new Branded Content: What it means for you