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Placements at Web Marketing Academy

How are the Placements at Web Marketing Academy?

Updated: December 2020 The Placement process at web Marketing Academy Web Marketing Academy Placements Process Last week, December 2020 I got a call from a mom who wants to know about the digital marketing course for her son. After explaining, she asked me this: “Are companies still hiring during Pandemic? What is the minimum package?” So I replied yes we are getting at least one or two requirements per week. In fact, the current batch students who were about to complete the course, out of five students, three already accepted the job offer from two companies, with a package of 3 Lacs and 2.5 Lacs The fourth student declined the offer and waiting for a better package The fifth student started her freelancing WFH. She got her first blogging project for Rs 4000 per blog post And I explained to the mom that learning the subjects is just 40% and the 60% depends on various factors like soft skills, communication, resume, thinking ability, creativity, presentation, social skills, projects, case studies, scenarios based question & answers, and, more We give equal or more preference at WMA, we prepare the students on these skills, handhold them, support, guide & mentor them (especially during the pandemic) And we have separate sessions for

  1. The Job interview prep
  2. Mock interviews
  3. Resume prep
  4. Online/zoom job interview etiquette (Recent and important one)
  5. Technical revision
  6. Digital Marketing Strategy

To my students, almost at the end of the course, I give them an assignment with multiple scenarios and ask them to come up with a Digital Marketing Strategy. (most of the time an interviewer will give them half an hour or a few days to come up with a sample plan) This is one of the biggest challenges for them. To help them, I have come up with this handy guide, sample resume & competency-based interview questions, and sample answers. Here it is please use this for your job hunt and preparation

  1. Sample Resume with useful Tips
  2. Competency-based sample Interview Questions and Answers
  3. Sample Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

How we prepare our students for placements

  1. Making sure the students are confident with concepts of Digital Marketing
  2. Implement the concepts in their live projects
  3. Encourage to make mistakes
  4. Learn/correct the mistakes with a mentor
  5. Case studies, discussions
  6. Learn from guest Industry experts during monthly meetups 
  7. Have the digital portfolio ready
  8. Submit project reports for each topic at the end a final report is submitted
  9. Report validated
  10. Start with Resume preparation 
  11. Mock Interviews
  12. Job requirements are sent to the students
  13. Encourage to fail in a few interviews (Teaching and Learning to fail is an important skill set we at WMA encourage right from the beginning)
  14. Take notes from failed interviews. Prepare for the final interview
  15. Land in their dream job
  16. Ongoing education even after landing in a job
  17. For those who are not looking for jobs, we will be preparing them either for their own startup or freelancing

Here are the latest trends we see at Web Marketing Academy: (During COVID 19) I got a call an HR from a Social Media Agency. She said,” Hi Suresh, I have emailed you the details about Job openings at our agency.

We are so happy with Supriya and Shiffa’s performance. In fact, Shiffa is the one who is coming up with proposals, presenting, and closing the deals.  (Supriya and Shiffa are alumni of Web Marketing Academy)
We are currently looking for only ALUMNI from your academy to join us for roles in digital marketing”
The role is Strategy Analysts and the package will be 7.5 Lacs

Some of our Alumni profiles: Students Placed in MNC's                                                       Students Placed in:

  • Accenture
  • Cognizant
  • Facebook
  • DDB Mudra
  • Infosys
  • Intuit
  • TCS
  • Start up’s
  • Organic Apex
  • Sachi & Sachi

Digital Marketing Campus Recruitment & Placements (This is the career path of WMA Alumni and their average package)

How good is a career in Digital Marketing in India

Digital Marketing Placements – Internal Data of Web Marketing Academy

A better way to ask is to see what our alumni who are working, started their own business have to say. Sajeesh Radhakrishnan says

Let me start with saying am an Alumnus of WMA. Before listing what WMA offers as placement solutions, let me clarify few things.

  1. I personally don’t believe or go with institutions offering 100% placements. Because it’s not the quantity but the quality matters when choosing a career.
  2. When you finish the course, you ‘ll be amazed at the multiple career/life options available in front of you. (Read point 2 of what WMA offers to know what am talking about).

Now that I mentioned what I feel about placements, now lemme list what WMA offers.

  1. WMA doesn’t offer 100% placement just to put it in the papers but provides life long career assistance. Even after 5 years am still receiving opportunities suitable for my experience.
  2. WMA build you as a digital marketing person than just teach you theories. So once you finish your career options expands from creative content creator to digital marketing consultant. I personally know students went on focusing creating just content and now running podcasts, create short films and video editing etc.
  3. You will have sessions with industry experts and CEOs on what industry expects and how you should prepare for interview and job as well.
  4. During the course, you will actively engage in creating contents, videos, podcasts (and participate in discussions), academic training to elite management institutions including IIM. So the exposure you ‘ll get build you for any career challenges than worrying about campus interview options.

Hope that helps.

Read the full answer here: https://www.quora.com/How-are-the-placements-at-WMA-Bangalore-digital-marketing/answer/Sajeesh-Radhakrishnan Organic Apex recently conducted a Digital Marketing recruitment drive at WMA, extended offers to 6 of our students, with the average annual package in the range of Rs.3.8 – Rs.6 Lakhs per annum for freshers. I extend my hearty congratulations to each of them for this wonderful achievement, and a huge thanks to Organic Apex for recognizing the talent and expertise of WMA-ites in digital marketing. From our existing students and alumni database. Here is a sample package:

  1. 0-1 year experience – Minimum of Rs 20,000 per month (depending upon the company, we have also placed students with a package of 4.5 Lacs per annum)
  2. With over 7-8 yrs of experience, alumni get a package of 20 Lacs – 40 Lacs.


Read our student’s testimonials/Reviews, or watch what they have to say about us here. Our Digital Marketing Courses will not only help you become a complete marketer but will guide you in building a stronger career.

Gunjan Vyas Now works with Google India His LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gunjan-vyas-5b772787 A recent question from QUORA: https://www.quora.com/How-are-the-placements-at-WMA-Bangalore-digital-marketing How are the placements at WMA Bangalore (digital marketing)?  Web Marketing Academy is Rated One of the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore for Class Room Training by our Alumni, Students So my next question to you is: Are you going to wait till the market opens up or Are you going to take this time to UpSkill, Upgrade your skills? Take the Next step Now: Three ways to Register

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