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Resume Writing Tips for your First Digital Marketing Job

There was a time when digital marketing does not have even existed. But now that you understand the relevance of digital marketing, it seems that a job in this field fits your skills. Perhaps it is time for you to make a career in the trending digital world. But before jumping in, it is obvious that you must be able to produce an enticing resume. Here are some helpful tips when writing your first digital marketing job.

Showcase Your Unique Value

In order for you to make the first impression, it is important to create an effective resume. To do so, highlight and define your unique value. Determine the aspects that differentiate you from the others. Include whether you have the ability to create videos, compose odds and ends for compelling digital marketing strategy or maybe the ability to create catchy advertising. Whatever this may be, define it in your CV (Curriculum Vitae). If you have previous work, make sure that they are ready in case that the employer would ask for them.

Structure of Your Resume

Your resume is one of the factors that many recruitment agents would consider if it is impressive enough whether to continue or not when it comes to the recruitment process. Determine the structure of your resume. As mentioned, it must showcase your skills and would be able to outwit others. But, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to overdo it. Ideally, a resume should be at least a one –page document only. The aim here is to highlight your value proposition.

Design of Your Resume

Gone are the days where you submit a plain text CV. There are apps and online software that can help you with your design and layout. The design would reinforce the market value that will make the recruitment staff be interested in you. You can even use a free online resume making tool as your game changer. An online tool like Canva does not require a user to be literate with graphic design background or whatsoever. If you can drag your mouse and can use your keyboard, you’ll be okay. Of course, you need to bring out the artistic side in you.   

Your Digital Resume

Humans are visual creatures, meaning –you can easily get your focus on images. We can easily get annoyed, biased and bored if you are reading plaintexts. Just consider yourself for example. You prefer to watch the news to your widescreen entertainment set rather than reading your daily newspaper. The same goes with your resume, they will get easily bored and biased once they read your CV without a format such as chronologic order. They would not waste their time reading all the pieces of stuff you included from your resume.

Clean, Simple and Straightforward

Your aim here is to make the first impression. It is alright to think out of the box when designing a resume. Yet, do not overdo it. Keep it clean, use simple catchy elements and to the point as much as possible. Using 2 up to 3 different font style is ideal but always keep in mind to be consistent when using them. For example, you used 12 sizes Proxima Nova font style to your subheading. Make sure that the next subheading would be the same. Using bullet points and other typography would make the recruitment staff reading your resume. You may also want to use hyperlinks if necessary that directs them to your LinkedIn account or personal blog page.


Your objective should be the focal point of the resume. Make sure not just to copy and paste from a good CV you found online. It is wise to create your own personal objective instead. You can easily create one if you really know what you want to achieve in the digital marketing industry. This allows you to take the opportunity to showcase your potential selling your value and abilities. It is certain that you can come up with a good one since you are zealous about it.  

Use Icons

Instead of using plain text, how about using icons? This can add a bit of spice from your resume that does not look like cheesy. For home address, use location icon. For phone number or contact, you can choose a phone icon. The same goes for your email address and other relevant information such as Skype, Upwork account, Linkedin etc.

Degree and Training

Mostly, your degree should match the role of the employer’s needs. But when it comes to the digital industry, as long as you fit and match the skill set they are looking for, you can easily get hired the soonest time. In case that you have training which is relevant to the job you want, do not forget to include them. Plus factor training are CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), Digital Media Buying, Digital Advertising and Authentic Media Story Telling Masterclass.