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Web Marketing Academy Search/Social Media Industry Job Research in India for 2011

 In Association with Online Marketing Enthusiast Community India (OME Community)

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Web marketing academy founders are also the co-founder of OME community, India’s largest and most active community of digital marketing professionals.

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Special Thanks to Swati Swayamprava & Sumathi Yuvaraj for research and findings. Much Appreciate your hard work.


Executive Summary and Highlights

The search/social media industry job market research 2011 published by web marketing academy in association with OME community, researched more than 100 employers for search, social media job advertisements in India through websites such as Naukri and LinkedIn.

This report is based on the information provided by employers publicly through online job portals such as Naukri & LinkedIn.

As well as search engine optimization, search marketing jobs, this report also looks at the growing market for search, social media marketing career which is becoming increasingly significant in India.

With over 13 million broadband subscribers in India, the opportunity for digital, social media continues to grow and looks promising for the upcoming years



  • The service industries like IT followed by marketing & advertising are steadily looking to hire Online Marketing professionals. These people either have custom in-house SEO projects (for self-promotion & marketing) which would need these professionals or there are other client out sourcing requirements for which they need to hire the SEO professionals. Among the emerging industries are the BPO/ITEs & the Travel & tourism sector which are gradually switching to the convenient mode of online marketing & hence fast hiring professionals for the same.
  • From a total of 75 job advertisements studied, the highest demand is that for professionals with an experience between 2-3 years in the online marketing Industry. This is followed by the demand for marketing professionals who have experience above 4 years to a range of 7 years. Freshers with 1 to 2 years of industrial exposure are yet to be in demand in the current online marketing scenario.
  • The demand for online marketing managers is up during the month of July-Aug, followed by that of the online marketing executive & assistant manager in different industries.
  • The highest demand (50%) for online marketing professionals is from Delhi & surrounding areas. A total of 16 out of 33 jobs advertised were from the capital state, followed by Mumbai & Bangalore.
  •  It is interesting to note that even NGOs, retail & construction business are gearing up to market their services online.

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