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Web Marketing Academy Search/Social Media Industry Job Research in India for 2011

 In Association with Online Marketing Enthusiast Community India (OME Community)

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Special Thanks to Swati Swayamprava & Sumathi Yuvaraj for research and findings. Much Appreciate your hard work.


Executive Summary and Highlights

The search/social media industry job market research 2011 published by web marketing academy in association with OME community, researched more than 100 employers for search, social media job advertisements in India through websites such as Naukri and LinkedIn.

This report is based on the information provided by employers publicly through online job portals such as Naukri & LinkedIn.

As well as search engine optimization, search marketing jobs, this report also looks at the growing market for search, social media marketing career which is becoming increasingly significant in India.

With over 13 million broadband subscribers in India, the opportunity for digital, social media continues to grow and looks promising for the upcoming years



  • The service industries like IT followed by marketing & advertising are steadily looking to hire Online Marketing professionals. These people either have custom in-house SEO projects (for self-promotion & marketing) which would need these professionals or there are other client out sourcing requirements for which they need to hire the SEO professionals. Among the emerging industries are the BPO/ITEs & the Travel & tourism sector which are gradually switching to the convenient mode of online marketing & hence fast hiring professionals for the same.
  • From a total of 75 job advertisements studied, the highest demand is that for professionals with an experience between 2-3 years in the online marketing Industry. This is followed by the demand for marketing professionals who have experience above 4 years to a range of 7 years. Freshers with 1 to 2 years of industrial exposure are yet to be in demand in the current online marketing scenario.
  • The demand for online marketing managers is up during the month of July-Aug, followed by that of the online marketing executive & assistant manager in different industries.
  • The highest demand (50%) for online marketing professionals is from Delhi & surrounding areas. A total of 16 out of 33 jobs advertised were from the capital state, followed by Mumbai & Bangalore.
  •  It is interesting to note that even NGOs, retail & construction business are gearing up to market their services online.

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Why more Engineers are taking up Digital Marketing in 2018?

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It’s 2018 and more and more engineers, including mechanical, are taking up this course.

We noticed that 9 out of 25 students here were engineers.

Before we understand why they make this shift, I thought I should first understand why they pursued engineering in the first place

1. My parents and relatives advised me:

This is typical in India, right? You ask any parent and all they wish for their children is that they become either a doctor or an engineer. Most of us end up doing engineering because we didn’t have a choice.

2. No proper guidance/mentor:

Most of us wish we could find someone who could mentor us and guide us to make the right decision when deciding on a course. But very few are lucky to have found this.

3. Not enough exposure in schools/colleges:

We end up going to our city/village school where there isn’t enough exposure to the real world. I remember when I was doing my hotel management, I didn’t know or hadn’t even heard about IIM’s. That’s how unaware we are.

The list goes on and on….

Read one……. There are more resources below.

If you prefer to talk to one our of mentor we would love to give you insight and guide you in the right direction. Talk to Shwetha 08792299538 or talk to our CEO, Suresh Babu directly @ 9731388721

And here’s where Digital Marketing comes to the rescue.

Let’s understand better why engineers are choosing Digital marketing. Here are a few reasons.

1. The scope and opportunities:

I  have written a detailed blog on Scope of Digital Marketing in India and how to get started.

But when our students shared their views on this I felt it’s better to hear it from them as they’re going through this.

    • Sagar Sharma says, “There’s no creativity in engineering. On the name of innovation, they just teach us the age-old syllabus.”
    • Paul Louis pointed out that after engineering, you work with an MNC you have a defined job, designation and work which is monotonous.
      Paul kept changing jobs learning new skills hoping he could experiment and explore but never got the opportunity.
    • Manikanta Reddy says,”the industry is saturated and the growth is slow. There aren’t many opportunities to start or grow these days.
      With digital marketing, I’m constantly on my toes because the field is so dynamic and I get to learn and explore every day.”
    • Divya Lal emphasizes that “with Digital Marketing there is freedom. You can work from anywhere. You can be a freelancer too. One doesn’t feel limited”

2. Salary:

There is more than one way to do this. Let’s see them both:

a.) Opportunities in Digital Marketing

b.) Career in Digital Marketing

If you’ve read both the above resources, it’s self-explanatory as to why the field is attracting engineers more with each passing day.

3. The Career Path:

Internal Data (Web Marketing Academy)

Here’s something to give you a rough idea:

    0-1 years of experience: Digital Marketing Analyst

    1-3 years of experience: Digital Marketing Specialist/Expert

    3-5 years of experience: Digital Marketing Team Lead/Asst Manager

    5 years of experience: Digital Marketing Manager

    8 years: Digital Marketing Strategist

    10 year and above: Chief Marketing Office

To get a more detailed insight click here.

4. Start-up culture in India:

More and more youngsters in India are challenging norms and trying to start something of their own.

And by startups, I don’t mean just businesses but so many performing artists have taken to Youtube, Instagram, etc. to make their presence felt during the start of their careers. And digital is the first medium they rely on as that’s what helps them get started. They can reach out to their targeted audience and brand awareness is easier, faster and cost-effective.

This has encouraged them to follow their heart and start something they believe in.

And honestly, that’s how their audience recognizes them and associate with them. Imagine your favorite Youtuber stops uploading his videos because but performs offline. You’re bound to lose interest in his work. Same goes for businesses. If they’re not present online. You can’t associate with them.

5. E-commerce fundings:

E-commerce is slowly moving from luxury to necessity. Urban India is seen mostly dependant on these services be it online grocery shopping, transportation services or your regular online shopping.

This is a testimony to how well Indian companies/start-ups are doing.

They’re successfully attracting Global giants to invest in them.

6. Global companies coming to India:

Facebook, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, you name it and you see them establishing themselves in India.

Have you ever thought why a company like Dell India has an Instagram page or even an IBM?

Why would they need to be on Instagram? It’s what we would in layman terms call a ‘serious’ company.

They’re all online. Because we’re online. Everyone and everything is moving online these days. And the job opportunities are plenty and not monotonous.

7. Digital India initiatives by our Honourable Prime Minister:

‘Digital India’ programme is a flagship programme of the govt. of India.

With this initiative not only is the Govt. trying to digitize its own services like governance, banking, etc but ensuring that the masses are being educated to use these resources too. We’ve discussed the stories of cashless Indian villagesThis speaks about how ‘Digital’ is changing the course of things in India.

8. Smartphones:

We’ve all seen the dip in the prices of smartphones and increase in its sales. To someone not using a smartphone is a rare scenario.

Our parents or grandparents who feared the online world and called it not trustworthy have facebook accounts and are actively consuming content online.

That’s the power of the internet and this cannot be ignored.

From a Mechanical Engineer to Digital Marketer!


Meet Gunjan Vyas started to work with Google process, currently, he is the Manager, Programmatic Ad Operations in Hyderabad.

With Mechanical Engineering as his background, he came to Bangalore from Hyderabad to do his digital marketing course. His LinkedIn Profile 


9. Rural India Projects like UDAAN:

Online marketplace giant Amazon has not only established itself in India but is also taking extreme measures with its projects like ‘Udaan’ to be able to penetrate through rural India and makes itself available.

With ‘Project, Udaan’ Amazon is ready to go offline to ensure that the smallest of India’s villages can access it. They’ve tied up with many small traders to have Amazon-branded stores for people with bad or no internet connection.

This has earned the interest of various State Governments as well.

This is just one such example that is leading to a large-scale opportunity.

10. Digital Marketing is fun, who doesn’t want to do it?

‘Digital’ gives you so many free platforms to showcase yourself. It’s an opportunity to explore that side of yourself that you knew you had but didn’t know where to start.

These platforms make it easy for you to get started with very little or no investment.

Rahul More, another engineer found his passion for videography during the course and that’s what he’s pursuing now. ‘Digital’ helps him showcase this passion and also did you know he learned this digitally .i.e., online – watching videos etc with no formal training.

Anagha S, another current student did her engineering in Biotechnology. She was interested in Biology and wanted to be a writer.  It was during her job days she realized she had to do social media and SEO, etc.

She says, “after coming across tools like analytics I realized the power of Digital Marketing and how it can be applied anywhere. I stumbled upon it as a mistake during my job but find it to be very powerful.”

What can you do today?

Take the next step today before it’s too late. Now is the time.

In the next few years, Digital Marketing Courses are going to be expensive and more institutes will pop up with declining quality.

I’ve written a detailed post to help you find the Right Institute. Find a right institute Now!

And the good news

We have five seats left for the upcoming batch. First come first serve.

If you miss, you’ll have to wait until August. Call Shwetha: 08792299538 or email:

Workshop – Foundation of Design Thinking

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Foundation of Design Thinking

  • Customer Journey Mapping
Why Use Journey Mapping?
1. To deliver personalized, contextualized, and relevant messaging to customers who today demand that as the price of their loyalty.
2. “86% of CMO’s believe they will own the end-to-end customer experience by 2020.”
Speaker – William David McCann
David spent fifteen years with Scotiabank in Canada where he held leadership roles in sales, operations, compliance, customer experience transformation, and training.
David brings a well-defined approach to customer experience design and the experience of working across mature Western markets and high-growth markets in Africa and India. While still new to India, he has found that empathy and careful attention to human behavior have been all that was required to design a strong customer experience.
Enrolment Fees:
₹9,000 + GST
More Information:
Inquiries? Please Contact:
Suresh Babu
+91 8792299538

Foundations of Design Thinking – Customer Journey Mapping by David McCann

Thank you for choosing Web Marketing Academy:


If you have any trouble with the payment gateway, please call: 8792299538 or email:

Contact Details of Web Marketing Academy

Call Us: +91-8792299538


Please note, we love to talk to you and clarify all your queries, sometimes we might helping the students or in the class.

Please call during these hours: 10 AM – 7 PM

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Can I do Digital Marketing Course? I don’t have a degree

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Do I need MBA for Digital Marketing? I come from a commerce background or an arts background – Is Digital Marketing right for me? These are some of the most common queries that I have seen amongst those who want to pursue a course in digital marketing. 

Other Questions related to Digital Marketing Career:

  1. How to be a digital marketer without a degree?
  2. I don’t have a degree. Can I do a Digital Marketing Course?
  3. Is Digital marketing course right for me?
  4. Do I need MBA for Digital Marketing?
  5. Digital Marketing course for me who don’t have a degree

People often assume that they need to be from a technical background or have some technical skills at least to put on their digital shoes. On the other hand, a lot of those from technical fields feel that Digital Marketing is not for them as they have zero experience in marketing.

Before we understand the prerequisites to pursue this course let me share a few real-life examples of those who have made a career in digital marketing


Digital Marketing Job Placements with Web Marketing Academy Bangalore

Ashwin Ramesh turned entrepreneur when he was 15, starting his own back-end online marketing and web services firm E-business Initiative. He then went on to build and create OrganicApex, a specialized Digital Marketing firm with business units which deal with web services, products, properties and more.

Read his story here Featured in Your story: The Synup story: from cash-flow trouble to raising $6M to fund expansion.

Ashwin Ramesh, now 27, dropped out of college and since he never fancied being deskie, he was always ready to accept the mantle of entrepreneurship. Before Synup, he ran an online marketing consulting company. The idea for Synup came from the hitches he faced while scaling it.

You can look him up on Linkedin:


Rahul More, videographer & video editor for Web Marketing Academy comes from an engineering background. He is always busy capturing, creating video and image content & documenting it for WMA Events.

His story is rather interesting.

Rahul comes from a small village in district Beed in Maharashtra and was unhappy with the opportunities he got after engineering and he decided to start his own venture in traditional marketing. He was keen or inclined to focusing on digital billboards and hoardings. And so he began researching. During his research, he came across internet marketing that led him to pursue this course.

It was here that he realized his passion for photography and videography. He isn’t a professional nor has he undergone training for this but that is what he is passionate about and loves to do and does best.

Apart from this Rahul is working on Google AdWords projects and is always helping new batches with their projects.

You can look him up on Linkedin:


I am sure that these stories have smashed the myth that there are no such defined eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill in order to pursue this course.

So what is it that you need to get started with digital?

  1. Basic understanding of the spoken & written English.
  2. Familiarity with Internet surfing.
  3. Basic knowledge of MS Office – Word, Excel, Paint, Powerpoint.

and you are good to go.

I am not saying that your degree is pointless. Having one is definitely an advantage.

its an important factor in your job hunt as it serves the basic requirement and eligibility criteria for getting shortlisted for interviews.

Apart from that, having undergone a graduation course might help you get a better perspective of what you’re learning, and how you’re going to implement or apply it to an industry you work for or have studied about. Having spent three or four years completing your graduation (depending on your course, of course) gives you better insight about what you want to do with your life or how would you like to shape your career path.

Nevertheless, none of these are factors that directly influence your choice to choose to do digital marketing.

For how many of us are actually happy with our degrees, marks, and jobs?

Remember, you don’t just choose a course. You choose what you want to be.

Choose a place that helps you realize and fulfill your potential.

Skills can be learned and developed!

Hence, we here at WMA don’t just focus on imparting subject knowledge and it’s practical implementation to our students, but:

  1. On their overall personality development.
  2. Preparation for Interviews.
  3. Help them realize their passion.
  4. Encouraging them to follow their passion.
  5. Mentoring them – beyond digital marketing.
  6. Build confidence.
  7. Events like potlucks, etc. to make them more outgoing.
  8. Events to help them network with others in the industry.
  9. Explore new technology – like VR, Alexa!
  10. To do things right. NO SHORTCUTS.


We would love to answer all your queries related to Careers in Digital/Social Media.

Give us a call to find out if Digital Marketing course is right for you: Call: Mobile: +91-8792299538


Popular Articles related to Careers in Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing Guides



Resume Writing Tips for your First Digital Marketing Job

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Resume Writing Tips for your First Digital Marketing Job

There was a time when digital marketing not have even existed. But now that you understand the relevance of digital marketing, it seems that a job in this field fits your skills. Perhaps it is time for you to make a career in the trending digital world. But before jumping in, it is obvious that you must be able to produce an enticing resume. Here are some helpful tips when writing your first digital marketing job.

Showcase Your Unique Value

In order for you to make the first impression, it is important to create an effective resume. To do so, highlight and define your unique value. Determine the aspects that differentiate you from the others. Include whether you have the ability to create videos, compose odds and ends for compelling digital marketing strategy or maybe the ability to create catchy advertising. Whatever this may be, define it in your CV (Curriculum Vitae). If you have previous work, make sure that they are ready in case that the employer would ask for them.

Structure of Your Resume

Your resume is one of the factors that many recruitment agents would consider if it is impressive enough whether to continue or not when it comes to the recruitment process. Determine the structure of your resume. As mentioned, it must showcase your skills and would be able to outwit others. But, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to overdo it. Ideally, a resume should be at least a one –page document only. The aim here is to highlight your value proposition.

Design of Your Resume

Gone are the days where you submit a plain text CV. There are apps and online software that can help you with your design and layout. The design would reinforce the market value that will make the recruitment staff be interested in you. You can even use a free online resume making tool as your game changer. An online tool like Canva does not require a user to be literate with graphic design background or whatsoever. If you can drag your mouse and can use your keyboard, you’ll be okay. Of course, you need to bring out the artistic side in you.   

Your Digital Resume

Humans are visual creatures, meaning –you can easily get your focus on images. We can easily get annoyed, biased and bored if you are reading plaintexts. Just consider yourself for example. You prefer to watch the news to your widescreen entertainment set rather than reading your daily newspaper. The same goes with your resume, they will get easily bored and biased once they read your CV without a format such as chronologic order. They would not waste their time reading all the pieces of stuff you included from your resume.

Clean, Simple and Straightforward

Your aim here is to make the first impression. It is alright to think out of the box when designing a resume. Yet, do not overdo it. Keep it clean, use simple catchy elements and to the point as much as possible. Using 2 up to 3 different font style is ideal but always keep in mind to be consistent when using them. For example, you used 12 size Proxima Nova font style to your subheading. Make sure that the next subheading would be the same. Using bullet points and other typography would make the recruitment staff reading your resume. You may also want to use hyperlinks if necessary that directs them to your LinkedIn account or personal blog page.


Your objective should be the focal point of the resume. Make sure not just to copy and paste from a good CV you found online. It is wise to create your own personal objective instead. You can easily create one if you really know what you want to achieve in the digital marketing industry. This allows you to take the opportunity to showcase your potential selling your value and abilities. It is certain that you can come up with a good one since you are zealous about it.  

Use Icons

Instead of using plain text, how about using icons? This can add a bit of spice from your resume that does not look like cheesy. For home address, use location icon. For phone number or contact, you can choose a phone icon. The same goes for your email address and other relevant information such as Skype, Upwork account, Linkedin etc.

Degree and Training

Mostly, your degree should match the role of the employer’s needs. But when it comes to the digital industry, as long as you fit and match the skill set they are looking for, you can easily get hired the soonest time. In case that you have training which is relevant to the job you want, do not forget to include them. Plus factor training are CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), Digital Media Buying, Digital Advertising and Authentic Media Story Telling Masterclass.



Is Digital Marketing Course Right for me? What Course Should I do?

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What Digital Marketing Course Should I do? Is Digital Marketing Right for me?

Today more and more people are tuning and asking questions like these:

  1. Is digital marketing a good job?
  2. Who can do digital marketing course?
  3. Is there any scope for digital marketing?
  4. How do I get into digital marketing?
  5. Digital marketing course near me
  6. How to learn digital marketing?

Let me break it down for you:

  1. What course should I do? Is Digital Marketing right for me?

Answer: It depends on where you want to be, what you want to become? what your interests are?

If your interest is in sales, marketing, social media, content, creativity, advertising and you are the person who likes challenges, creativity then Digital & Social Media Marketing is something that you can choose. Here is a detailed blog post on Scope of Digital Marketing in India

Let’s look at some Google trends

        2. Is digital marketing a good job?

Answer: Absolutely

Internal salary data from web marketing academy. Read the entire blog post here: apart from the salary the job itself is challenging and gives a satisfaction of working on the latest social media platforms and technology.


      3. Who can do digital marketing course?

Answer: Anyone who has an interest in digital, social media can do this course. You don’t need to be technically savvy to do this course. Do you need to degree or background in Marketing? Well if you have a degree or background in marketing it helps but not necessarily


    4. Is there any scope for digital marketing?

Answer: Read my answer above: Scope of Digital Marketing in India

    5. Digital marketing course near me

Answer: Almost every place you can find a course around you. But finding the right Institute is a challenge. A detailed guide to find the right institute with resources: How to find the right Institute for Digital Marketing in India

       6. How to learn Digital Marketing?

Answer: By Implementing, testing and trying it out by yourself. You have all the resources for free today. Also, just like anything else Digital Marketing is not a short-term play. I have started my career in Digital Marketing as early as 2002. After 15 years in the Industry, I am still learning #DigitalMarketing every day. It’s an ongoing process. Another blog post on Where can I learn digital marketing skills for free

Download this free Guide to help find the right Institute

Digital Marketing Tools, Certification, Challenges, Pros & Cons

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Digital Marketing Tools, Certification, Challenges, Pros & Cons

I got a LinkedIn message from  Mukul Kaushik,  Growth Marketer – GetMeCab – LinkedIn Profile

He was looking for advice on Careers, tools. Here is the question:

Hello I’d like advice on career strategy I am working as a digital marketer and I handle all aspects of marketing for a startup that I work for whether its PPC, SEO, social, email marketing and I am keen to try different tools and I go for various certification too. How good would my career prove out to be if I carry on with the same interest and hard work? And what are some challenges I might face down the line? What do you see as the pros and cons for a long lasting career in this domain?

My Answer:

First of Mukul, pretty impressive LinkedIn profile. Looking at your profile, you are into the current role for the last 6 months. For a fresher in the field, pretty impressive. Keep up the good work.


  1. For someone like you, my recommendation would first go with the existing tools.Example: Google Adwords, Analytics, Google Search Console, (You are already working on these tools) Google Tag manager, AMP Project, Schema there are so much you can master in these tools. Try to master these inbuilt tools from platforms like Google, Facebook, Analytics, Adwords
  2. Once you know advanced techniques then you can go for tools like Ahrefs, SEM Rush, Moz, Hub Spot and more
  3. If you are handling a lot of clients and more data, then tools like SEM Rush, Moz can help. With existing tools you can do a lot
  4. However you can be familiar with apps like Canva, Google Photos, Hype Type can help save time for creatives. More on these tools here:
  5. Facebook, Instagram has inbuilt tools and third-party tools. Play with these tools

Certifications – Are certifications important, well to show to the clients, employers this will be useful, on the other hand having certificates alone might not help when it comes to practicals. If for example, you want to get into Cognizant, Accenture the minimum requirements will be a Certified Professional. However taking certificates also will help revise, validate oneself.

  1. I see you have already got some certifications. Good work!
  2. Go for some Creative Certifications. Learning from Pros and something not related to the subject, example: Learning about Public Speaking, Story Telling, Creative writing can help. With less than $100, 150 you should be able to get started: Resources:
  3. Learn some new skills like Podcasting, Video editing, Voice Search. Amazon skills, Google Assistant Skill. Resources:
  4. Anything to do with creative writing, creativity is worth

Interest and hard work:

  1. You are on the right track, you have the interest and working hard. Keep going. Love both interest and hard work, that’s all you need for now and you are young 🙂
  2. Show it to the world what you are doing. You must be doing great work unless its shared no one might know. So go ahead and share some of your work on LinkedIn or Blog post
  3. Came up with some blog post, increased revenue, built audience, share that story and how you did it


  1. You are passionate about what you are doing, Convincing your passion to your clients, co-workers, management might be a challenge
  2. New technical skills will be a challenge and opportunity.
  3. Dealing with haters online might be a challenge.
  4. When others don’t see your vision and idea you might get upset or distracted. Maintaining your cool will be a challenge. But I don’t think so this will be a big deal for you


  1. Digital & social media is going to advance. So there is a bright future
  2. We have free resources, tools more than ever before in 2018
  3. Opportunity to grow. Sky is the limit
  4. Building a brand for your self is easy, needs consistent outcome, hard work, and interest which you already have
  5. You don’t have to rely on anyone


  1. The landscape is growing at a rapid phase, keeping up with all the updates is both challenging and have its own disadvantages
  2. Privacy & security
  3. The industry is getting too crowded fast. Very few will stand out. It’s an opportunity for people like you
  4. Dealing with Adblockers
  5. Dealing with SPAM
  6. Dealing with fake accounts, hackers

Hope this helps. Wish you all the best.

What are the tools for Content Marketing?

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Tools for Content. Here are some of the tools & Resources:

  1. A clean sheet of paper & pen
  2. For research – Think with Google
  3. Wikipedia or any other reference material related to your topic
  4. Google trends – To find what is trending
  5. Facebook IQ – For Data Insights & research. Powerful consumer and Advertising Insights based on two billion people
  6. Twitter Research Blog – Case studies on brands
  7. LinkedIn Research Blog – Trends and research related articles
  8. QUORA – For blog post ideas
  9. Grammarly – For grammar
  10. Answer the public – A tool to find what people are searching for

    Content Marketing Tools

    Content Marketing Tools

Visual Search in India. Google Home Assistant

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Will Visual Search like Google Assistant, Google Home Take off in India?

It’s almost 2018, we saw a lot of Voice Search like Google Home, Amazon Alexa got started in the Indian Market, but how about Visual Search? Here is a video showing how Google Assistant can search Logos, Text, Book, Things, Businesses and more. A combination of Voice, Visual and Artificial Intelligence. How is it going to be in India?

I am bullish 🚀on these new and upcoming changes in the way we communicate, interact, buy, learn things. 👉First the #Internet, #socialmedia, MobileApps – 👉Now AI #artificialintelligence, #voice search, 🔈voice assistant like #amazonalexa #googleassistant 👍🏻 I see a lot of Digital Marketers focusing on what worked 10 years before like (link building, guest posting, #backlinks, article submission) the list goes on and on…These techniques worked (or never worked) 👎10 years back. 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 The whole scenario has changed 💫 My friends now it’s all about artificial intelligence AI, #google Facebook/Amazon is betting big time and it’s happening now ⚡️fast. #bangalore #googlehome ——————————— You better “LEARN TO ADOPT or Be left behind”👍🏻 ——————————— Tag someone who need to up their #digital and #socialmedia game.👈 ——————————— #garyvee #askgaryvee #jabjabjab #hugyourhaters #jaybaer @garyvee @jaybaer

A post shared by Web Marketing Academy🎓 (@webmarketingacademy) on

What it Visual Search?

From Google Blog:

Here are the key ways your Assistant and Google Lens can help you today:

  • Text: Save information from business cards, follow URLs, call phone numbers and navigate to addresses.
  • Landmarks: Explore a new city like a pro with your Assistant to help you recognize landmarks and learn about their history.
  • Art, books and movies: Learn more about a movie, from the trailer to reviews, right from the poster. Look up a book to see the rating and a short synopsis. Become a museum guru by quickly looking up an artist’s info and more. You can even add events, like the movie release date or gallery opening, to your calendar right from Google Lens.
  • Barcodes: Quickly look up products by barcode, or scan QR codes, all with your Assistant.


Growth of Digital Marketing in India

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Here are a few options & opportunities in Digital Marketing field:


  1. For your career in Digital Marketing: Build your base/foundation:
  2. For your business – Digital marketing is one of the fastest, easiest and cost-effective way to promote, market your business. With a limited budget, you can test, try and then spend.
  3.  Freelancing – Being in Digital/social/content you can get started as a freelancer. Sign up with for free at Fiverr/upwork

  4. Google Adsense – A Free & simple way to earn money by placing ads on your website or if you have a YouTube channel you can start monetizing. This used to be good a few years back, The Reality: If you get approximately 1000 views/per day you might get Rs 6000 per month from Adsense
  5. Affiliate – Become a partner of any e-commerce site, you be the affiliate (partner) when someone comes to your website/blog clicks on the product and buys the produce from that e-commerce site you will get a commission from them
  6. Amazon FBA: Fulfillment by Amazon – Benefits – Sell your product on Amazon for a minimum commission, everything else is taken care by Amazon
  7. Personal Branding – With Digital and social media you can build your personal brand by providing value in terms of content (text, images, videos, stories, inspiration, PPT’s) You can become an Influencer.
  8. Start your own – Will almost all free or low-cost resources available you can actually start your own business and market your business in all these channels. from b2b to b2c to e-commerce plugins, apps have simplified and reduced the cost of setting up a startup
  9. If you are an NGO – Several advantages to build a brand online and market through channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It’s about your story
  10. Events – Starting an event online, offline like webinars, meetups is easier than ever. Create a Facebook event, promote market and achieve resultsDigital Marketing Career Opportunities in India
  11. Author – Digital and social media has helped the author promote their books and reach out to the target audience. With all the targeting options like remarketing, custom audience, lookalike audience, you can pinpoint and target potential customers and measure every rupee you spend
  12. Showcase your expertise – Are you an expert in any field, create a blog, launch a Facebook live, upload videos to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat for free and show the world about your expertise
  13. Community – Want to build a community, engage them and share your cause. Without spending a lot you can with all the platforms. Connect online or offline
  14. Increase sales/Revenue – Of course, Digital marketing will help achieve your business goals. It’s cheaper, faster, measurable, efficient

Option a) To acquire any new professional skill set, you need 2 things Time and or Money. It’s an investment for yourself. You can take up a course of our 3-month professional digital marketing course. Ideally, you need at least 2-3 months to get at new skills for the foundation + your experience + Practical implementation

Option b) There are few blogs, websites, videos, podcasts you can listen and learn on your own. Attending meetups, webinars are good to start.

Read Suresh Babu‘s answer to What are the opportunities in the digital marketing field? on Quora

Upcoming Digital Marketing Event Bangalore – SEMRush Meetup

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Upcoming Free Digital Marketing Event Bangalore – SEMRush Meetup

SEMrush Meetup #2: The best techniques in SEO & SEM

Date: Friday, December 1, 2017, We Work Bangalore

Digital Marketing Meetup Bangalore

43, Residency Rd, Srinivas Nagar, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025 · Bangalore, Karnataka, 560025 – India


SEM Rush Meetup Bangalore
Do you want to learn the best SEO and SEM techniques? Want to avoid local SEO pitfalls? Want to network with like-minded professionals in Bangalore?

If you answered “yes” to all of these, our second SEMrush meetup will be held on December 1st at WeWork ( in Bangalore.

In this three-hour session, we will address advanced techniques for your SEO and SEM strategies.

We are hosting three digital marketing experts with over 14 years of experience in the industry. They will share with you some interesting techniques for ranking at the top of SERPs.

Guest speakers:

• Rahul K Pandey ( the Marketing Director at India’s biggest e-com company, Flipkart Internet. He is responsible for driving organic and paid traffic via various channels for ( Prior to his current role, he worked for Amazon India and several other agencies in the Delhi/NCR area. In addition to his 14 years of experience in digital marketing, he was instrumental in growing companies like iXiGO, LetBuy and others from scratch. He also offers free advice on various digital strategies – feel free to write him at [masked].

• Suresh Babu ( is the founder of Web Marketing Academy (, an internet marketing training, certification and consulting academy for corporations and students in Bangalore. He is the director of Search Marketing Summit and also founded the Online Marketing Enthusiast Community (, a community of passionate online marketing enthusiasts conducting monthly meetups in Bangalore. With a total of 14 years of marketing, teaching and culinary arts experience, Suresh works closely with NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore, helping startups with online marketing strategies.

• Himanshu Arora ( is a co-founder of Social Panga (

Seasoned digital marketing professional with 14+ years of experience in the industry both as a leading digital consultant and as a digital marketing trainer. In his capacity as a digital marketing practitioner, he is a co-founder of one of India’s fastest growing digital agencies i.e. Social Panga and has worked with biggest of brands like 3M, RIL, Metro Cash & Carry, Volvo, Hyatt, Canon, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Tata Motors, BIAL and more.
Himanshu is one of India’s few chosen Google product & sales partners/trainers for Google Adwords & has worked closely with Google in the development and growth of the product, as well as training professionals for using it.


6:00 – 6:15 PM: Registration and networking

6:15 – 6:30 PM: SEMrush introduction and keyword game

6:30 – 7:15 PM: Rahul Pandey: “New Technologies in SEO” (Progressive Web Application, AMP and App Indexing)”

7:15 – 8:00 PM: Suresh Babu: “Google Local SEO – Whats New, Tips & How To’s”

8:00 – 8:40 PM: Himanshu Arora: “Driving ROI through SEO & SEM techniques”

8:40 – 9:00 PM: Networking with snacks

The event is free of cost, but registration is mandatory!

To attend the event, please fill out the form HERE (

To join the session online, please register HERE (

Event partner:

LeadSquared ( a Marketing and Sales Execution Platform. With customers from all over the world and across sectors – education & training, financial services, real estate, hospitals and wellness centers, travel and leisure businesses, IT services & technology vendors and many more, the company works with some of the leading names in the industry – Byjus, Bharti AXA, UTI Asset Management, NIIT, Zoomcar, Happiest Minds, Vidyanext, Omaxe, HCL Technologies, Coldwell Banker among others

See you there!

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