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Social Media Training for Doctors

Social media expertise is vital in today’s world.


Where do patients search for experts?

Search & Social Media


Where do patients discuss doctors?

Social Media


Where can doctors connect with the community in their area of expertise?

Social Media


Where do recruiters look for Doctors?

Social Media


Where does a doctor establish his credibility?

Google/Social Media


Can a doctor establish his personal branding?



Can he do this ethically?


Web Marketing Academy in collaboration with Bangalore MedTrain LLP, has developed a social media training program to help doctors understand and use social media channels professionally.

The course will be taught over 20 days approx

Ten sessions of 1-2 hrs on alternate days.

You will learn


Ethical use of Social media platforms

The Concepts & User Behaviour Online

Understand the social media landscape & its use in healthcare

Understand the dynamics of Social Media

Personal Branding 101

Online Reputation Management


Content and communications online

Tools, Case Studies and Insights

Basics of Social Media platforms and how to use


Who should Attend:

Doctors keen on understanding the power of social media in influencing their practice


Training details:

  • You will be taught concepts which are immediately actionable
  • Alternate days one-two hours per  day 
  • Adequate time to practice and research the lessons
  • Sessions will be reviewed before the next class

Social Media Basics

  • 15 Hrs (Charges Rs 19000/- only; Restricted to 30 participants only)


Social Media Advanced

  • 15 Hrs + 10 Hrs of Deep Dive (To be Announced)

Social Media Mastery

  • 25 Hrs + 5 Hrs of Ads, Insights, and Analytics (To be Announced )

Date: Beginning of every month

  • Time: 7 PM alternative weekdays


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