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Digital Marketing Education in India

What is the current state of Digital Education in India? We discuss in details on the state of Digital Marketing Education in India

A Guide to Digital Marketing Career in India

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For those who want to get into Digital Marketing: (Newbie)

  1. Start a blog experiment with the interface. Free takes 5 minutes to setup WordPress, Medium, Blogger
  2. Attend meet Ups/events. Come visit our monthly meetups in Christ University. Link to get updates
  3. Meet people from the industry
  4. Get an Internship in any Agency. AIESEC
  5. Official blog. Google official blog/PPC/SEO
  6. Follow industry blogs – Social media examiner, MOZ etc
  7. Podcast/online video/Webinars
  8. Creative – Learn the interface – Google Photos, Canva etc
  9. Learn Excel – numbers (through YouTube , Lynda)
  10. Communication – In todays social media world Communication is the key. Improve your communication skills
  11. Slideshare –PPTs
  12. Video editing/Uploading
  13. Basics of Google advanced Power search
  14. Courses like Facebook Blueprint / Hootsuite University / Inbound Marketing Certification
  15. Follow industry leaders blog/Social Channels.


For Professionals in Digital Marketing: (Digital Marketing Practitioners)

  1. Keep Up to date with the Industry.
  2. Official Blog
  3. Apps – How to know? When they upgrade? What is new ?(update) When you see an new update release read whats new with the features
  4. Analytics – Interest in Analytics. Read this resources blog post for Digital Marketing Analytics
  5. Communication – Presentation skills. As a seasoned marketer, you will have to present your strategy to your boss, team, or clients. Improve your presentation skills with these resources– Nancy Duarte, Presentation Zen
  6. Know short-cuts-Use of tools/Apps
  7. Content – Multiple formats of content. Learn how to create short-form videos, GIF’s, Audio, Video, Long-form content, PPT, Ebooks, white papers, webinars
  8. keep Up with the new platforms- Augmented Reality Google Cardboard, Virtual Reality, Podcast etc.
  9. EBooks , Case studies etc

For Experienced Professionals in Digital Marketing: (Digital Marketing Experts)

  1. Real-time Content Generation
  2. Speaking Skills
  3. How to tell a good story? Crafting a story connecting to the business
  4. Learn a new act – Do something irrelevant.
  5. Creativity- be creative.
  6. Join art – drama classes
  7. Mentor Someone.
  8. Train your team to become leaders.

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Show Notes for Podcast – Digital Marketing Education in India


Digital Distress survey conducted by Adobe in 2013 and “3 steps for closing the skills gap” done by Focus research and the marketing automation institute (Source: Adobe)

  • 76% of marketers think that marketing has changed more in the past 2 years than in the past 50
  • 65% of marketing professionals feel more pressured to show the return on investment in marketing spend
  • 48% of digital marketers feel highly unprepared for digital marketing
  • 75% say that their skill gap has an impact on corporate revenue
  • 64% of marketers expect that their role will change in the next 12 months
  • 61% think that for most companies digital marketing approaches are a constant cycle of trial and error.1/3 of marketers cite a lack of training in new skills as a key obstacle to becoming the marketers they aspire to be
  • 46% of organizations spend less than $500 per year on marketing skills training.


For marketing students to succeed in the industry, they will need (at minimum) training in three key areas.

1. Content Marketing And SEO

2. Social Media

3. Lead Nurturing And Technical Skills


Based on keywords, the phrase “social media” ranks 10th among what job website Indeed.com calls the top career trends. Indeed.com relies on searches of millions of jobs from thousands of job sites to come up with this list.

1. Enroll in Hoot suite University.

2. Keep current.

3. Check out online videos.

4. Attend workshops and conferences.

6. Pick your colleagues’ brains.

Sejal’s thoughts – but are all these enough? they give an opinion on the end result / a viewpoint. but don’t really talk about the ‘how to’ bit.


don’t overlook the value of training and certification. Training can make the difference between productive and effective employees with ‘educated competency’ versus learning on the job by ‘trial and error.’ Most marketers don’t have formal digital marketing training with 82 percent learning on the job, according to Adobe’s Digital Distress survey from September 2013. Completing a specialist degree, continuing education course or certificate, workshop completion or certification demonstrates potential hires’ commitment and investment in the field as well as their ambition.

Seek out candidates with formal training or certification and with demonstrated digital-savvy skills and attributes for smart digital talent hiring.



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