Step by Step Affiliate Marketing Process for Indian Market

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Affiliate Marketing Expert Rachael in India

Step by step Affiliate Marketing Process for Indian Market

Choose your niche to be an Affiliate Marketer

      • Affiliate marketing In India- Travel, matrimony, books, flowers, electronic items, hosting works well
      • Keyword research- see if people are actually searching for what your planning to do
      • Track your competition; don’t choose what is already big
      • Secondary research on key-word needs to be done for choosing the niche

Product, category or brand website

      • Not much competition in India
      • For product, 10 websites needed, for category, about 3 & for a brand website about 1 website is sufficient

Choosing domain name

You  don’t have to be a huge merchant to be a brand website

      • When you add value, people remember you
      • Exact match domain names are easier to rank for in India
      • There are good chances for your domain name to be remembered if you have a brand name in the URL (e.g. Sky TV, Amazon)
      • Hyphenated names don’t work as much as non-hyphenated name but they could be a second choice

Website Hosting

      • Can be done with companies likeNet4, HostGate, IndiaLinlks, Znetlive, Hotcats
      • Such companies have data centers in India

Keyword research for Affiliate Marketing

      • On Google keywords research tool
      • Check domain names simultaneously
      • Choose India & exact match categories in Google KEYWORDS Search Tool
      • Example shown by Rachel
      • Look at Keywords trends
      • Refer Google Instant & Insights
      • Google insights… take the category search& look for consistent data
      • For advanced searches (for people from ppc area): Testing keywords can be done  via ppc to see what people are actually searching for; to be 100% sure
      • Measure impressions  & not click-throughs
      • Testing through a bad ad & discourage click-throughs

Keyword Research

      • High search volume
      • Long tail keywords ( these convert as it gives the user exactly what he wants)
      • SEO & PPC keywords convert differently

Creating the website

      • An adequate  domain name can be decided & bought
      • The hosting  can also be purchased from suitable vendors
      • You can hire a freelancer (e.g. to design it
      • If you want to create your website yourself, learn basic HTML (and create one through Dream Weaver), PHP programming  and image editing on Photoshop
      • Software can be purchased for free or at low prices from ebay,,,
      • Think authority with every page you create
      • Make your website trustworthy
      • Make your website blend with the merchant
      • You need to decide whether you want to have your website with one or many merchants

WordPress & Blogger

      • Search engines love blogs and so it is necessary to create a blog with your website
      • Blogs on WordPress & Blogger are easy to set up
      • They can be made to look like websites

[] &                                                  [ wordpress- website]

      • They have themes & plugins that help further
      • They are more SEO friendly, as they have unique/quality content
      • WordPress also permits free hosting, as long as your blog is not commercial


Driving traffic to your website

      • The chief vehicles for driving traffic to your website are SEO, PPC, Social media and Email Marketing

Tips for Affiliate Marketing SEO

Some wordpress plugins for effective SEO are:

  • Basic SEO strategy such as having a title/description with keywords. Having a good URL structure with keywords. Having a H1 tag and content with keywords. Links from other relevant sites
  • Head Space2 which controls almost all aspects of your site’s meta data
  • All in one SEO pack plugin helps you to create SEO friendly page titles & meta data for wordpress
  •  Create XML  sitemap and submit to Google webmaster tools
  •  SEO friendly images or images with alt tags
      • To create SEO friendly URLS, a format can be chosen from the ‘permalinks’ section under ‘options’ in WordPress
      • For effective Link building, make sure other relevant websites talk about your site
      • Those websites should link to the keywords that you are targeting on your website

Standing out from the crowd


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