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The Importance of Videos & Live streaming in India

Posted by on Oct 3, 2015 in Resources/Guides | 0 comments

This Write up is from the FIR podcast Episode 15th brought to you by staff and students of WMA Cross post from FIR Podcast Network . To listen to the podcast click HERE Videos and Live streaming to rule the content marketing strategy How is video content disrupting the landscape of content marketing? We all know ‘Content is King’. Over-time people have consumed content in different ways. Some like to read, some like to listen and some like to watch videos. Content itself has evolved with various forms: text, images, infographics, podcasts and videos. Content which is an ancient topic and...

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Anish S. Ashok | Digital Marketer of the week

Posted by on Jul 11, 2015 in Resources/Guides, WMA Students | 0 comments

This week we have Anish with us as Digital Marketer of the week,He says my hometown may be its bitty,but it’s way more crank that your big city.He is from kerala,moved to bangalore for his studies and got passionated about computers and that passion driven him to choose digital marketing. Anish started his journey in digital marketing from April and worked on promoting his hometown which is well known for art,culture,tradition,food and especially for it’s tourism.He has his own website which talks all about kerala. Here is a tip that he has shared with...

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Digital Marketer Of The Week | Vignesh

Posted by on Jun 5, 2015 in Resources/Guides, WMA Students | 0 comments

Vignesh has been in Bangalore for over 2 years now and the amount of learning he’s had is significant. He works with a reputable company that deals with International companies. He started his career as a salesperson and has experienced some great success with LinkedIn. In this episode of the Digital Marketer of the Week, he shares this knowledge, the dos and don’ts of LinkedIn profile. Look out for his no-non-sense approach to creating a LinkedIn profile that will make a positive impact on your careers. As always, if you would like to be heard, please send us a mail to...

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Learning Digital Marketing the ideal way – Through Practise! (Part 1)

Posted by on Mar 20, 2015 in Resources/Guides, WMA Students | 0 comments

Learning Digital Marketing the ideal way – Through Practise! Update: This is a pre post, we will be updating the learnings and takeaways like a series of blog post, stay tuned for the next post with the step 1. It was a hot Thursday afternoon yesterday, 19th March 2015, when we decided to do something fun, something adventurous, and something that will remain in our memories for a very long time.  We were about to experience something absolutely new, we were about to learn the intricacies of running a restaurant business. More importantly we were about to help create an online presence for...

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Pay Per Laugh: Traditional Art Meets Modern Technology !

Posted by on Oct 19, 2014 in Resources/Guides | 0 comments

Pay Per Laugh 🙂 Follow up on last week discussion on Flipkart in our WMA Class, the Digital Marketing Students recorded the podcast and send it to FIR (For Immediate Release) podcast, where Shel Holtz & Neville played the recording in their The Hobson & Holtz Report – Podcast #777 while our students listening to the show, they came across Pay Per Laugh in their show and did some research on Pay Per Laugh and came up with this blog post. Thank you Shel & Neville It’s no joke that governments increase taxes once in a while and when they do people get disappointed for a few...

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