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Web Marketing Academy Bangalore Reviews

Facebook Web Marketing Academy Page by Tanya Singh: Totally love this place! 💗
Ratings★ 5 out of 5 (Link to Tanya’s FB profile)

So I met with a CEO in our Indira Nagar office yesterday and she said before she came to the academy she did her own research about WMA and looked at the ratings and reviews from Facebook & Google Plus.

Later she came to know that one of her friend has done his course with us and from the reviews she came to know about him. Some times reviews from Facebook might be tricky too, because anyone can review the page and we have some of them who dont even know us but still rate us. So if you are looking for ratings and reviews please go through all the reviews see if you have a picture, link. Do you see a pattern of reviewers? Ask for references to talk to those who reviewed, do some research on them who reviewed their LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, where all they have left the reviews.

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Overall Google Review for Web Marketing Academy: 4.6 of 25 reviews

Web Marketing Academy Reviews

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Web Marketing Academy Facebook Reviews


From Google Rahul Says,

Ratings ★ 5 out of 5
This is my personal experience…
Firstly I want to say thanks to Google, Because when I searched for Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore, Organically Web Marketing Academy appeared on result. Before my joining I was able to know Ads and organic results. as they have good SEO ranking and I clicked.
Then I went through website of WMA, I saw so many Ad-on things that I could not get in other institutes in Maharashtra or in Bangalore as well. Of-course, I was searching for Digital Marketing course, But I wished to learn more apart from just course.I got the things I wished for.
1) My communication was pretty better than earlier. Suresh and faculties over here always pushed and encouraged me.
2) I was part of every event in WMA. Because of that I met with new people. To talk with unknown person, it is a quite big challenge, I’m bit confident now.
3) I learnt Video Editing and filming from guidance of Suresh and Mohak Kapdia.
Apart from these, faculties over here are really fantastic they are always really cool and chilled.
One most important thing is that limited students in a batch(8-10max)
Because of this class will be more interactive and they take care personally.
I got good batch-mates. Literally enjoyed and learnt a lot.
Thanks WMA Family…


From Facebook Kosi Mani says, (Link to Kosi FB profile)
Place where u get connected completely to #digital platform. There r n number of institutions offers this course but they way they teach here is completely #innovative and different from what others do. No doubt faculties are the #best and #Cooperative. guys what else needed more than this. Simple in short, fun+knowledge= #WMA #webmarketingacademy
Facebook Web Marketing Academy Page Tanya Singh says, (Link to Tanya’s FB profile)
Ratings★ 5 out of 5
Totally love this place! 💗 Went all the way from Pune to study here and believe me it was worth every second. The faculty, the style of teaching, the birthday celebrations, there was not a single thing which I did not fall in love with.Also, did this course just after my bachelors degree and today I am the youngest in my companys digital marketing team. Digital marketing is a continuous learning process but WMA will definitely give you a good kickstart 😀
So, close your eyes and have faith in them, they are the best.
Facebook Web Marketing Academy Page Shubha Guruprasad says, (Link to Shubha’s FB profile)
Ratings★ 5 out of 5
Very friendly atmosphere and awesome staff. I would like to thank WMA for the great support and I am looking forward to implement what i learnt.The best place to learn Digital Marketing. Thanks again!
Ratings ★ 5 out of 5
Time spent here at the web marketing academy is one of the best experiences. The course is well structured and is the right direction for any digital marketing professional. Apart from the course everyone is encouraged to voice themselves giving you a huge boost in their soft skills training. I wish web marketing academy all the best for the future..
Ratings ★ 5 out of 5
One of the most amazing experience ever. Very exciting the way they teach and exposes you to a wide variety of opportunity and sparks a curious creative mind.
Ratings ★ 5 out of 5
Right place to learn digital marketing in India. The kind of mentoring and exposure is amazing. You get to meet a lot of people who are passionate about digital marketing. Best place to build your career in digital marketing.
Ratings ★ 5 out of 5
I was searching for a digital marketing course from two years and when I landed to WMA, I can say its the right Place to learn about A to Z of Digital Marketing. Always ready to answer your queries. Flexible Timings,Friendly atmosphere, Good mentors, Job Placements,Get togethers,Seminars and what not! You get to learn about all the aspects of digital marketing as well as the ways to get yourself updated. I would recommend WMA to all those who want to learn about Digital Marketing. Thank you Suresh,Somesh and Anoop!! Keep up the good work.
Ratings ★ 5 out of 5
Since I’m from Technical background, I’m little bit nervous about this field of marketing, after joining this coaching center with the help of Suresh, Ranjan and JP sir now i’m more confident about PPC and Digital Marketing concepts and learnt in and out of the PPC. Friendly atmosphere and the great knowledgeable persons like the above mentioned guys made me to learn the things quickly, one more great thing to say about this coaching center is they will teach you the easiest and some excel skill set and methods that can make your confidence level on PPC high. If any one passionate about the PPC and Digital Marketing join this coaching center, but don’t just come for sake of certification. If you are working professional then it would be like heaven. I’m not praising but i’m telling the facts which i was experienced personally during this course Hope this information would have helped you guys!! Thank You Very Much 🙂


” I now understand not just web marketing but a whole lot more. Apart from being a knowledge hub, WMA is surely one of the best places to network. I was able to meet and interact with highly qualified professionals in the field during my course” – Able Varun Joseph – Dubai


Daniel Dcosta Student of Web Marketing AcademyWeb Marketing Management Student Now works as Web Analyst at organic apex

“It was a very good experience especially for someone like me who came all the way from Baroda just for this course. I would suggest the Web Marketing Management program to everyone seeking a career in online marketing. The examples, illustrations, case studies and content in the course were really good. Studying at WMA indeed helped me get placed in a very good company. I wish WMA success in every thing it does ” –

Daniel D’costa, Baroda, Gujarat – Alumni, Web Marketing Management Course



Manjunath WMA Web Marketing Management Alumni “I would personally recommend to all online marketing professionals to take up WMA Certification course for their career up liftment.” –

Manjunath .G, Bangalore – Alumni, Web Marketing Management Course



Manjunath an Alumni of IIT, now works as Global Marketing Manager at Avankia Software Ltd


Vijay, WMA Student from PSG Tech Coimbatore” It was really an excellent course, you would feel  it by the way Mr. Suresh Babu teacher, and the way he breaks out the information. Really useful for anyone who would like to start their own business, and students who would like to pursue their career in marketing”



Vijay Ramkumar .M, B.Tech student, PSG Tech, Coimbatore
Alumni, Web Marketing Management Course


Varun Joseph Kurien, Able “Being a non-techie I wasn’t sure of what to expect from WMA and how they could help me understand the art of SEO. Surprisingly, they were in no hurry to run through the syllabus and get the course over with, even the silliest of doubts were addressed and dealt with. All thanks to the limitless patience shown by the tutors at WMA, I now understand not just web marketing but a whole lot more. Apart from being a knowledge hub, WMA is surely one of the best places to network. I was able to meet and interact with highly qualified professionals in the field during my course. And as promised, even after the course there is no lack of support. I would definitely recommend WMA for anyone who is interested in SEO, PPC, Affiliate or Social Media Marketing. And I wish WMA the very best in their future endeavors. WMA has given me a great insight in the field of internet and web marketing. I ‘m excited to practice what I’ve learned on a daily basis, not just as a profession but also in my day to day activities online I’m extremely happy and satisfied with the time spent at WMA, I look forward to attend all their offline meets such as OME and other conferences. Mr . Suresh and Mr. Ranjan have been an inspiration and hope for them the very best.” –

Varun Joseph Kurien, Bangalore – Alumni, Web Marketing Management Course


“Though I had online marketing experience from past 5 years, my knowledge on PPC was limited. WMA broadened my knowledge not only on ad words PPC, but also to correlate PPC with SEO and Social media. The extensive excel knowledge was another added value to the course. I would highly recommend this course for all online marketing enthusiasts learn online marketing with joy and flexibility ” –

Jaya Prakash, Yahoo India – Alumni, Google Adwords Course


“It was an excellent program even for people who do not know anything about SEO.  The course gives total insights of how SEO techniques work, case studies are extremely useful” –

Neeta Yenpure, Marketing Director, DSM,Pune – Alumni, SEO Management Course