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Blogs (originally called Weblogs) came into existence as early as the 1990’s, thanks to Justin Hall. Some of us may already know that but what if we told you that Women played a pivotal role in popularising blogs that at the time were mere web pages?

In our very first content marketing class at Web Marketing Academy, we learned about the history of blogging but what fascinated me, in particular, was the rise of ‘Mommy Bloggers’, the blogging phenomena that created a storm for almost a decade.

Mommy blogging (originally founded by Melinda Roberts) started gaining popularity around 2002 with the contribution of Young Mothers documenting their day-to-day activities and also sharing their DIY’s with the rest of the Young Mothers out there, creating a sense of awareness, support, and learning. Since the internet was a piece of cake everyone wanted to get a bite of, blogging quickly became a fad among Women giving birth (pun intended) to ‘Mommy Blogging’ and the rest is history.

Fun Fact: ‘Blog’ was the word of the year – 2004

With the rise and growth of Social Media, it is easier for Mothers to go about their Mommy-blogging with the click of a button, making it possible to share memories without space or time constraint, much like Mommy’s love.

We may nag about how our Mother’s follow us on every Social Media Platform and how they get excited when their pictures cross 10 likes on our embarrassing fat childhood pictures but that doesn’t kill the fact that our mothers are absolutely adorable even while trying to keeping up with us in the age of  Digital.

Spare a moment today and wish your Mother a very Happy Mother’s Day, from Yourself and all of us here at Web Marketing Academy.

  • by Shiffa Wahed